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  1. There doesn't seem to be anything happening anymore in the Ottawa-Hull area. I'm from Hull originally, and I go back there very often. I keep looking for some nice smart gatherings taking place when I happen to be there, but... Anybody still keen on smart activities at all?
  2. Are these Us Ed available for purchase by Canadians?
  3. Sorry I did not make the gathering. I guess it was a bad idea to go for a "short" nap when I came back from work. 4 hours later...
  4. Ok, now that I'm done crying, I'm already back on autotrader and kijiji. I've already spotted others. I'M going to get my smartED, one way or another!
  5. I just phoned half an hour ago to buy the car, after doing enough footwork to walk around the equator and re-assure my husband that, no, I'm NOT buying a bunch of trouble. Guess what? The car sold a couple of days ago! I'm now banging my head against the wall for not following my instinct and getting it when I could. The price I'm paying for matrimonial harmony...
  6. 2) dragon sr. and dragon jr. (i.e. Estelle and André)
  7. Thank you SmartElectric, I very much appreciate any and all feedback about the car. I've never bought a used car before, much less an electric one --although the "main car"I currently drive is a hybrid Toyota-- so I need to educate myself about the ED smart. The best way I think to do that is to ask from people who actually drive them and know what they are talking about!
  8. I'm continuing my footwork re buying the used Ed drive I'm drooling about. My only concern is, should the battery ever need to be replaced after the end of the warranty, a new one costs $18,000, which basically means a new car. The battery is indeed covered for the original 4 years, 80,000 km, but the extended warranty does NOT include the battery. Has anyone ever heard of an ED smart encountering that your-car-is-now-dead problem?
  9. Thanks for the feedback Marchanna. Very useful!
  10. The original rear window was plastic (the model I had was a 1991), so after a while, it yellowed and cracked. It was replaced with a glass window, and that was all. Of course, the smart has a glass rear window, so that would not be a problem.
  11. I had a Miata for 12 years. That was my only convertible ever, and I loved it!
  12. Thanks very much steveyfrac! Nothing like hearing directly from people who have driven them for a while. Yes, it would suit my needs: we have a bigger hybrid vehicle for longer drives. It would be to do errands around town, go to work when it's not far (I work free-lance), and fun rides on nice weekends. I have 2 old diesel smarts and I test drove an electric one a while ago and I loved it. I guess I'm just smart-crazy. My main concern was problems people who had been driving the ED for some time seemed to encounter, but what you said is very reassuring.
  13. I'm very seriously looking at an electric smart (2014, around 14,500 km, has the extended warranty). I could get it for $16,300 drive away). Any advice from you guys? Should I jump on it or run away as fast as I could? Marchanna, I see you're in Kitchener. I'm in Waterloo, so you might be the chap I spoke to a year or 2 ago in the parking lot of a grocery store. There would have been a little puddle of drool beside your ED smart by the time we finished talking. Do you do some service on your own car? Or where do you go for work on it? On account of the car's range, I don't know where I could go for service after warranty, except at Victoria Star and I'm certainly NOT a big fan of that dealership... Thanks!
  14. I loved the very bizarre look of the Aztek, test drove one and would have bought it if only it came in a manual transmission version!
  15. Hi Karen and Jake,I have not been on the club site in ages, so I didn't see your announcement for the BBQ. Sorry!I do plan to attend, ESPECIALLY if you play your pipes. I love bagpipe music. I must have some molecules of Scottish blood in me (no idea where it would come from!) among all my French Canadian genes to the Nth generation. :DI already have a commitment for July 20th, but I'll try to wiggle out of it as quickly as I can. If it's ok I'd show up later in the afternoon, possibly with my dragonling in tow.But please don't plan any meat for us: we're vegetarian, remember. I'll just show up with some salad or some veggies to throw on the BBQ.And thanks for the BD wishes! :)The dragon