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  1. Very good. The cars here in North America I don’t think last as long
  2. Is there an average lifespan of the diesel smarts? I’ve been looking for one online and I haven’t found one available for sale over 150,000 kms. Does anyone here have one that’s going over 300,000 km?
  3. So my 2005 smart sat for a month. over half tank of deisel. battery was dead so I hooked up a charger and power came on. the shifter is stuck in nuetral. I unlocked the car with the fob, inserted the key, turned it on for the glow plugs and after the normal time elapsed the light went off, turned the key and click click click. the key appears in the dash again and it wont even turn over.Any thoughts?
  4. hmmm thanks for that. I did it but it doesnt seem cold... cool yes but not cold like my other vehicle.
  5. Boughtt he duracool kit. removed grill and light. did youguys use 1 can or 2? my kit has 2 cans in it
  6. Its time to replace my windshield. Any reccomendations on either products or companies?
  7. Besides resetting the radio with its code... does anything else have to be reset?
  8. i cant believe we didnt have our own "how to" on this..thank you for the link.Lonestar charged me 153 for the battery and another 100 to install it. for something that looks like it takes 10 minutes or less.AND I just got a cll back from hyatt on the issue.... Evan quoted me 160 for the battery and another 140 to install it.After i explained that the battery sits under the styrofoam under the passenger footwell he explained that it costs more to fill it up with acid and charge it.Nice...Calgary smart owners beware.
  9. Im stunned by the price gouging. I hav a history with these dealerships. Anyway there doesnt seem to be a how to on battery replacement... am i missing it somewhere?
  10. is the battery easy to change by yourself?
  11. I needed a battery replacement and Lonestar said it would be $253.00 While they were doing a b service.
  12. I did that... several times in fact. still the key shows
  13. Im having this same problem. but the weather is much warmer.
  14. Ok so tell me if this is new or not.I go to start it. Turn the key glow plugs warmng up... good power to the radio lights everything. "N" shows in the display just like normal. Once the glow plug light is off i turn her over it just clicks and then the key appears in the display. So I lock and unlock the car and start over... with everything shut off. same thing. it doesnt sputter, whir, crank or anything. tried cycling the glow plug. nothing. The tank is full, it sat for a week, it had some of that gas antifreeze additive and its only ) degrees outside.thoughts?