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  1. 2005 . Squeeky strut right front ???????
  2. How many kms. on them ? What brand ?
  3. Glad to hear we are not the only ones getting wet. This has been ongoing with our 05 Passion and we found out 2 weeks ago that MB has a glue/sealant that will stick to that panelbetween the windshield and the sunroof . Had it redone a week ago and have been waiting for the rain to see if it worked. This tube of special goo is $150 . We are hoping it works.
  4. Found out this am there is a sealant that Mercedes puts out that will stick to the panel between the windshield and sunroof.Like pulling teeth to find out about what is available but have a tube of this stuff on the way .Supposed to be here on Tuesday.At $ 150 a tube it better work. I think the problem is non of the regular sealants will stick to that panel for any length of time.
  5. Just phoned TPM Nanaimo and was told very expensive to change to a glass roof . They keep talking about this roof "module ". Has anyone any info on the roof module for a 2005 Passion ?The body shops I talk to only have info back to 2008 .
  6. We have had the drains cleaned , had it resealed half a dozen times by two different shops . Holds for a little while then starts to leak again. Three point says they don't do that work .They just farm it out . The real kicker is we orderedthe full piece glass roof but it came with the sliding roof and we thought that would be ok. One body shop we went to has instructions that start with the 08 models which doesn't help much with an 05.
  7. Has anyone had water leakage above the windshield in front of the retractable sun roof???? Both sides!!!Have had several different shops have a try at sealing it to no avail. We are now being told the "roof module"has to come off and start from scratch. Wondering if anyone has done this. This is a 2005 Passion.Info appreciated.
  8. Have an 05 with power sun roof with water leakage . Had it at a local body shop recommended by the dealer for 3 days and they were sure they had it fixedbut 1 overnight in the rain on a level driveway and more water. Driver side from under headliner just back of the windshield. Body shop closed for Christmasweek so they will have another go at it in the New year. A good reason to be in the sunshine only .
  9. We have never had a survey and the last few services have been REALLY good..
  10. Hi all,After the $3000 shocker find out that TPM has a body shop that can fix it for $300 .So thats where it went andit seems to be good now. Evidently they just reseal from inside and out and we are good to go.Nicole and Don at NAN TPM did a superb job after shocking me with the " have to change the whole module " thing.Seems that is what the Smart book says is the fix for it.
  11. Yes Mike we are out of regular warranty and the extended warranty doesn't cover the sun roof.the drains are all clear and yes this just started.From under the headliner right above the driver seat.Also just in the rain ,no pressure.
  12. Has anyone had a water leak problem with the power sun roof? At first was told the whole roof module had to be changed for $3000 approx but now am told a body shop can fix for $300-500. If anyone else has been there I wouldappreciate the input.
  13. If I can get finished work in time we will be there
  14. Thank you Brad for the goody box, keep up the good stuff at TPM nanaimo . Good to see you have afair amount of stock as in SMART cars.
  15. hello from the smartparc house. Sorry we couldn't get to the Longwood Thursday but didn't get off work till 8:30 so maybe next time. Will be off next weekend so maybe if you are going to meet up with our Vancouver people next weekend would work. Cheers , Ray & Phyllis