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  1. I usually think of it as "oatmeal snow" but mashed potatoes works too. Maybe it's just my imagination, but I find that when you come upon that stuff, if you anticipate that the car will cut power and downshift just before it does, then that helps tell it to keep the f*** going.
  2. Ah, so they *did* change! The one time this forum's search function actually finds me useful posts, they're no longer relevant. :-(
  3. I searched around here and it seemed like a lot of folks have gone with the Michelin wipers from Costco. Well... most of those threads were a bit old, and I'm thinking maybe the Michelins aren't what they used to be? It says "New!" on the packaging, and THEY REALLY SUCK! The ones I got are called "Stealth."It says "Super flex design fits windshield better!" Well, they have a super flex alright. They are so strongly arched that about an 8-inch section in the middle floats above the windshield. The gap between the glass and the wiper blade is big enough that I could put coins on my windshield and these useless pieces of junk wouldn't even wipe them off!My mom put some on her vehicle a while back and really likes them. But hers are 24-inch, so maybe the extra length helps bend the middle into place better. The 21-inch are definitely crap!I put my worn-out Bosch Aerotwins back on for now. I liked them, but they're a bit pricey and I wasn't thrilled that they only lasted me about 8 months (and none of those were winter months). Has anyone found a good wiper? Or is finding a good wiper kind of like looking for good rap music?
  4. I'm a bit late here, but for future reference, here's a photo of the underneath of the heater controls:Last winter my heat one kept sticking. (Yes, I know about adjusting it down by the styrofoam block but the cable itself was sticking - even when disconnected from the damper.) I think maybe there was moisture in the cable or something and it was freezing. Eventually it just snapped at -40, which you see in the photos.
  5. In my case, it is actually electrical noise getting into the deck's amplifier. Not RF interference being picked up by the AM/FM receiver. It happens even on CD, volume fully down, antenna unplugged.But the fact that you can pick it up a bit via RF receiver does seem to support my suspicion that our cars probably have some electrical noise on the wire even as a "normal" condition. Which means good grounding everywhere is absolutely essential. Otherwise, the noise can manifest itself as clicky speakers...... or possibly as flickery lights???
  6. Fuel injectors would be another thing. My aftermarket radio picks up noise from the injectors. Haven't spent much time diagnosing it yet 'cause I have further audio upgrades planned anyway, but my assumption is that it's probably normal for the injectors to make quite a bit of clicky-clicky electrical noise, and I an iffy connection somewhere the is letting that noise contaminate the ground. Probably the engine ground strap, since it is a known common problem area, and seems to be a bit more noticeable immediately after car wash.(My radio also puts out a faint high-frequency whine when the hill-holder is keeping brakes on. That, of course, doesn't vary with rpm - but again I suspect I have an iffy ground somewhere.)Edit: I guess one way to test would be to lift your foot and coast down a long steep hill. That will cut the fuel and then you can see if the flickering continues or not.
  7. Yeah, I was in to Victoria Star a few weeks ago when I was in Ontario and the whole experience was surprisingly pleasant. If it wasn't for the MB sign, I'd not have had any idea that they're affiliated with the same company as Weber Motors in Edmonton. Service advisor at the latter was a total b**** whereas the former actually had good service.
  8. Oh, I like snooping too. I just don't care for being snooped on.
  9. Huh, what does profile info have to do with it? I'm talking about the thing Mike T's talking about, where it used to show you on every page who else was reading the same page, even without their consent.
  10. Personally, that always struck me as being fairly privacy-invasive. It's not really the whole world's business to know exactly what page I'm on at any given exact moment.
  11. I'm sorry, but I don't see at all why it would be "fair." Emissions has nothing to do with how much insurance claims cost, or how many passengers-per-wheel a vehicle transports down the highway. "Fair" would be giving insurance discounts based on lower costs of insuring a particular vehicle, or allowing use of the high-occupancy lane based on, you know, high occupancy.
  12. Yes. Along with doors that don't latch, finicky airbag wiring, oil in the intercooler, etc. etc. All well-documented here.Don't waste any of your own money fixing it. It will just break again. Sometimes MB will cover the cost of fixing it, even out of warranty, but it's seemingly totally arbitrary.
  13. I just got in my email a "topic reply notification" about a reply from over a month ago. Possibly related to whatever the heck is going on here? "Stablehost" is perhaps not so stable!
  14. Just got home Sunday night. Here's a few I grabbed:And one from my road trip:
  15. My apologies in advance to those around me at dinner for being all sweaty. It's soooooo hot here! And ugh, the humidity! To me, any day where they even bother to tell the UV index means it's too hot. I've almost reached the point where I change my mind about the aircon being stupid and pointless.