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  1. Smart Pulse Coupe Off White on Black Built December 2006 (last of the diesels), delivered to me January 31, 2007. 98,000 kms This is my beloved Odie. He has been treated well over the years but the time has come to sell. Heated seats, drawer under driver's seat. I just put over $500 into it last month with an oil change and brand new battery. Alternator (almost $900) was replaced within the last 1000 kms. Tires are in good shape. Barely winter driven. It has the push button for automatic driving option. The air conditioning is not working (worked until 2015) and the hatchback has trouble staying up when opened in the cold weather. Ajax Ontario. Any questions or inquiries please email me. Asking $3,900 as is.
  2. I really don't want to head back to a dealer. I just had a $500 bill 2 weeks ago for oil change and a new battery. It was in limp mode after service because they didn't reset the radio code which I did myself and it's been running fine until this morning. My husband says it didn't want to go over 3000 rpm or over 100km/hr. Then the check engine light came on. The service thing wasn't reset at the dealer but I don't think that affects it. Any suggestions? We also already checked the gas cap which seems fine!
  3. Had B service with Glenn (smart142) last week as well as brakes done and Duracool put in. I live in Ajax and drove up to London for the day to get all of this taken care of for 1/4 of the cost quoted by MB Oakville. Air conditioning being the most expensive it is not fixed but is blowing cold air. Glenn kindly showed my dad how to top it up so this is enough of a fix for me!It was a nice drive and I had so much fun. Glenn was kind enough to let me watch him work and I learned a lot about my car and the service. It was great to actually see the parts coming out and why they needed to be replaced (ie no brake pads left).I would recommend anyone in the London area take a trip to see Glenn or anyone in the Toronto area if you need a lot of work done. Friendly service and I was totally at ease as opposed to how I usually feel leaving it at Mercedes.Thanks Glenn! I haven't been active on the forums since having my 2 kids but I was so grateful to have that connection and meet a fellow smartie.
  4. Wow, a white 450! Never seen one before

  5. I've had a similar experience and I'm 32. It can happen to any of us! If it becomes a trend then it's cause to worry but we all have a little lapse once in awhile.
  6. Sorry to hear about your troubles Glenn. I hope the guy holds up his end of the bargain.
  7. Great to see a response. I'm probably buying out my lease in a month and if it wasn't for the decent service pricing at Oakville I would not be so inclined. Thanks!
  8. That is hard to hear. I drive out of my way to go to Oakville to avoid any shady dealers. Hopefully it was just a case of they should've taken longer to investigate your problem before telling you it couldn't be fixed. (really hoping here)
  9. That is the kind of thing that would drive me crazy. Sorry they didn't even ticket.
  10. I'm not worried but can't convince hubby. We will have our new Equinox for space issues. Here is the info from Mercedes regarding the air bag and car seat: (you can see how personalized it is haha)Dear Mr. XXX,Thank you for your interest in smart. Please note the BabySmart child seat is not currently available in Canada. We are working with Transport Canada to have the next generation BabySmart child seat approved for sale in Canada however, we have no further information on when this seat may become available. We understand that the BabySmart child seat is for sale in the United States and other markets around the world, however it does not comply with the more rigid child safety laws in Canada and we cannot recommend it for purchase.Please note the passenger's side airbag in the Canadian smart fortwo can be fitted with an optional airbag deactivation switch via your nearest smart dealer (applies to 2005 & 2006 models). The 2008 and 2009 model are already equipped with the OCS (occupant classification system) which automatically turns the passenger front airbag off as determined by the weight sensor in the seat. With the airbag disabled, the smart fortwo accommodates a forward-facing child restraint on the passenger seat. Do not use a rear facing child restraint in the smart fortwo. The passenger's seat belt has a special seat belt retractor for secure fastening of child restraints, in addition to the top tether anchorage.If you place a child in a forward-facing child restraint on the passengerseat, be certain to move the seat as far back as possible. In addition,use the proper child restraint recommended for the age, size and weight of the child and secure the child seat according to the manufacturer's instructions.Best regards,XXXCSI Co-ordinatorMercedes-Benz Canada Canada Division
  11. Well I called Mercedes and of course it is always a pain. Inspections only done 9-5 mon - fri. Hello some of us actually work. They said they'd come to my workplace. As if I'm going to drive Odie into downtown Toronto on a weekday. So booking a day off it is.My payments would increase from $300/month to $420 for an extra 12 months! That is just not going to happen. Putting out $5k for another 12 months isn't logical even to me. So it's either buy it out and see what happens trying to sell later on or return it. Back to square one.btw the total buy out including all taxes is $11,500. Hubby is wondering if in a year I could sell it for more than $6,500. Thoughts? It was built in December 06 so currently he's just over 3 years old with 32,000 km on it. I expect to get to 40,000-45,000km tops by the time he is 4.5 years old.
  12. I do realize that financially buying out the car does not make sense. They are a hard sell and will probably continue to be so.We have possibly come to a compromise which is to extend my lease for 14 months and then make a decision. (well hubby says return car in 14 months but my view is to relook at the situation then). I have to call MB Financial tomorrow to see how that would work. Even though the smart would be a hard sell for them as well I have the feeling that won't stop them from trying to get the most out of me! Thanks for the story Karen - I just can't convince hubby and he is not the outing type. My twin sis came with me to the Niagara cruise one year instead.
  13. Sorry I'm not sure if I was entirely clear. The baby would not be riding in the smart car for 1 year. So in a way we are discussing a toddler as I would only put them in once in a forward facing child seat at 1 year old and up. This would be after the air bag switch was installed so air bag would be disabled.So far my husband and I are at an impasse. I am looking at the honda fit and not happy about it. I have until May 2 when my lease is up to come to terms with parting or to buy it out and potentially have a resentful hubby.
  14. I forgot to answer about why not turn it in and then look for a used one later. The reason is I have loved and babied my car. I know where it's been and it's been very good to me. I have had it for over 3 years and have put only 31,000 km on it. I am wary of trying to find a smart down the road that had as much life in it as mine still has and I'm pretty sure if I give it up now there'd be no going back.
  15. Glenn I will remember you if the time comes. I still have the hockey puck and my dad finally got to watch me change the tires all by myself in the fall so for xmas you can guess what I received... my very own johnson bar and hydraulic jack. How could I give it up now? My extra tires were also neatly hung in my garage instead of being stored in my dad's shed so from now on I am going to be going solo on tire changing. woohoo!