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  1. The snowflake symbol appears when the external temperature is cold enough for a wet road to become an icy road.
  2. In 1968 Frederick's Shoes was a business (a shoe store, as you may have guessed). They did have a store downtown and it is likely that it was at that address, which is in the heart of downtown Edmonton. The city of Edmonton archives has copies of the old Henderson's (or whatever it is called) directory as well as old telephone directories which can be used to verify names and addresses for a given person or business in any given year. I don't know if you can have the archives staff look this up for you (given that you are not in Edmonton and can't go down there yourself) but the link to the city archives website is http://www.edmonton.ca/portal/server.pt/ga.../city+archives/ Good luck...
  3. I definitely get cut off more in my smart than in any of my other three cars. I solved that problem by driving more like Fernando Alonso. Other drivers seem to assume that our smarts are just going to give way to them because they are larger and (perhaps) faster. It's another form of discrimination and I, for one, won't stand for it.
  4. Hey Maxwell,While the scratch is very visible I cannot feel it. I suspect that it is just into the clear. The colour of the scratch itself is white-ish. It does not seem to be transfer from the impact, based on my primitive tests, but this is not 100% certain.Modern Auto Body is indeed the one I was directed to by the service department at David Morris Fine Cars. Modern's estimate says "replace panel" with no indication of painting. I was told by the fellow there that the panels are not painted but are impregnated. I also went to Doug's Place as they are very knowledgeable, I have used them before on two occasions and was very pleased with the service both times. Their estimate says "paint the panel", indicating that this panel is a painted one, and stated nothing about replacing it. When I asked them, the fellows at Doug's did indicate that they had experience repairing smarts.Based on what you and other's have said it seems that the ruby panels are indeed painted. I am concerned about the conflicting information I am getting from the two shops and I intend to query them both further on this to satisfy myself before making any decision. But I do believe that I shall give polishing a try and see what results it gives. It cannot hurt at this point. -- Doug
  5. Mike,The car is metallic ruby red. I have just returned from a consult with a body and paint shop that I trust and their opinion is that the scratch is bad enough that it likely will not polish out completely.So now I have to figure out if it is worth the potential wasted time I will spend doing this or if I should just Pay The Man. Thanks...-- Doug
  6. Folks,My beloved smart has suffered a large scratch on the drivers door panel. It is an optical scratch, meaning that it cannot be felt with your fingernail, and I am wondering about the possibility of polishing it out? Does anyone here have any information and/or experiences to share in this regard?Given the repair quote I received I am inclined to try this myself. I surely cannot make it worse than it already is and the worst case is I replace the body panel, which is what the body shop intends to do for me.Any insight will be greatly appreciated.As always, thanks in advance to all...-- Doug
  7. Folks,Any recommendations on body work for our smart's here in Edmonton? The firm I was directed to by the dealer gave me a quote that I am not pleased with. I do have a body shop that I have used in the past and that I like very much. I intend to also get a quote from them but I am curious to hear of the experiences other smarties have had in Edmonton with body and paint work.What happened to my beloved smart, you ask? Some time ago I awoke to find that something had hit the side of my car and left a lengthy scratch on the driver's door panel. I believe it was a kid on a bicycle. The scratch is an optical one (i.e. you cannot feel it with your fingernail) and I am considering trying to polish it out myself. Has anybody here ever tried this? If so, how did it work our for you?As always, any and all info you may have will be appreciated.Best regards,Doug
  8. Yes, I am enjoying it very much although I have so little time for reading and have not yet finished it. But I am learning things from it as he has presented the subject in some ways that are new to me. Thus I am finding it quite stimulating reading. And I do indeed agree with the premise.-- Doug
  9. We refer to our smart as "the pod". -- Doug
  10. "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins.
  11. Lamborghini Murcielago:)
  12. Some Guy: I rented the smart from Budget but that was in the summer of 2005 if memory serves.-- Doug
  13. Bil: That is precisely what my wife said the first time we approached our garage in the smartie-pod. As a sci-fi fan I found it totally appropriate. :)Awesys: No, I am not in the north end. Riverdale, actually. I forget when I first heard Edmonton referred to as the Big Onion but as you may have guessed it is yet another reference to the large Ukrainian population that we enjoy in our fine city. If New York is the Big Apple then we must be the Big Onion. And, no, I'm not Ukrainian. But I sure do enjoy their food. Later...-- Doug
  14. Greetings everyone,I've been lurking here since the purchase of our smartie-pod (as my better half calls it) a few weeks ago. At the behest of my esteemed colleague ValgardForkbeard I am hereby officially introducing myself and our yet to be named smart.With the weather what it's been lately here in the Big Onion my poor little car has been a filthy mess and and certainly unfit for an introductory photo, despite weekly washings. So for today's trip to the wash rack I took my camera along. One can now actually tell that it's a metallic ruby red Passion coupe.Two years ago when our VW got hit and spent some days in the body shop I rented a smart. I said at that time that if we ever needed a second daily driver that it would be a smart. We've typically only ever had one daily driver in our stable, the other two being just for fun. But we recently found ourselves in need of a second daily driver and here you have the result. If there is going to be a Banff-Jasper run it is quite likely that we will attend. We drive that highway at least once each summer (typically topless in our Spider) and a good excuse to do it in the smart would be welcome. There is no question that it is one of the worlds great drives.happy motoring all,Doug