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  1. Mine did that on Aug. 31. The warranty ran out on Sept. 5. I called the dealer and the service guy opened a service . 5 minutes and it ran. Brought it in on Tuesday after labour day. They replaced a part for which they only gave a number. (Said it cost 3k). Loaner for 4 days a B250, which I liked.
  2. How stupid and embarrassing. I miss read the VOM. It was 1.3v not 13. I had an old Optima that was the wrong one in the basement. I bought a longer ground cable, finally got around to changing the cable and installing the old Optima and the car started immediately. This is after sitting for about a year. Now, I have to clean or change the crankshaft position sensor because the car will not start after running for a while. Thank you all for your forbearance.
  3. I tried both fobs, neither worked. One had 2.94V, the other 2.93V. A new battery read 3.0V. Even with that, nothing. The clock doesn't run.
  4. I never locked the car before I stored it. Does the battery main go to the SAM before distribution to the rest of the circuits?
  5. So much for that. I went out today and took another reading. The battery read 14.4V.I get nothing. Even the courtesy lights do not come on. Does anyone know where I can get an electric schematic?
  6. I measured from +ve to terminal and to bolt holding ground. I just checked it and it has settled after charger removed. It reads 10.7V. Tomorrow, I'll have it checked and try again with another battery. Sometime I need a jolt to start me thinking. Thanks.
  7. The car (2005 450 cab) has sat idle since last fall with a maintenance charger connected. The Optima battery reads 14.7V. Nothing changes when I turn the key. Nothing turns on. Where can I find a flow chart for the complete electrics? Where should I look first?
  8. My ED is a 2013. I believe it is the HV to 12V. I phoned this A.M. to find out status. Service writer said he will ask Mercedes, srill in the dark.
  9. So after supporting a 450 for a decade or so, I figured an ED would be great. Wrong. It's been in the shop for seven working days so far (with no idea of when I'll get it) waiting for a module that supplies the 12V. Do masochists die or is it their fate to suffer for ever?
  10. I had that for years. They finally tracked it down to a poor seal at the back of the removable cross piece.
  11. Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales (1392) contains the first recorded association between April 1 and foolishness or was it really the Russians who invented it?
  12. In Quebec that is known as poisson d'avril
  13. This is the first I have heard of $6K scrap. I presume this is a provincial incentive not Mercedes.
  14. Fortuitous, timely advice from SmartElectric. I charged my ED on 110 through an extension until I had my 220V charger installed. I also plug it in through an extension during the winter when I'm away. We're having sme renovations done now and the electrician is in next week and will be installing an outlet at the front of my garage for this service and to run a compressor. I'll have him install something of quality. Thanks, SmartE
  15. Well, cost more than a reliable Honda or Toyota,cost more to maintain than a Mercedes, has the reliability of a Yugo. 16 huh?