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  1. My ED is a 2013. I believe it is the HV to 12V. I phoned this A.M. to find out status. Service writer said he will ask Mercedes, srill in the dark.
  2. So after supporting a 450 for a decade or so, I figured an ED would be great. Wrong. It's been in the shop for seven working days so far (with no idea of when I'll get it) waiting for a module that supplies the 12V. Do masochists die or is it their fate to suffer for ever?
  3. I had that for years. They finally tracked it down to a poor seal at the back of the removable cross piece.
  4. Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales (1392) contains the first recorded association between April 1 and foolishness or was it really the Russians who invented it?
  5. In Quebec that is known as poisson d'avril
  6. This is the first I have heard of $6K scrap. I presume this is a provincial incentive not Mercedes.
  7. Fortuitous, timely advice from SmartElectric. I charged my ED on 110 through an extension until I had my 220V charger installed. I also plug it in through an extension during the winter when I'm away. We're having sme renovations done now and the electrician is in next week and will be installing an outlet at the front of my garage for this service and to run a compressor. I'll have him install something of quality. Thanks, SmartE
  8. Well, cost more than a reliable Honda or Toyota,cost more to maintain than a Mercedes, has the reliability of a Yugo. 16 huh?
  9. Alternatively, raise a dispute with your credit card company. You bought a product that doesn't work. The contract into which you entered with the vendor was not met. At worst, the credit card company will shake the tree.
  10. I had a problem with something I bought on Aliexpress. I generated a dispute and Aliexpress got the vendor to solve the issue. If it isn't to late, raise a dispute and at worst, you'll get get a response.
  11. Well, I've learned something. (or is it learnt?) Which leads to the question --- If span is archaic, was Gutenberg the printer of your English grammar book, Tolsen?
  12. Those old Mercs are long gone. I got a buck and a quarter for the '87 300d. It had rotted out. The '83 300d was one of the least complicated, solid tanks I have ever owned. At 250k km it felt more solid than my GLK 250d at think I'll take Mike advice and just get a Corolla.
  13. Chimpanzees would also have supplied a Shakespearean sonnet, at least. Was that the West Island stealership?. It was just sold to a private company. They have to recover their investment.
  14. Once upon a time, I was considering using biodiesel in my old Merc. At the time, it seemed the common wisdom was that bio would chew the seals. Any truth to that?