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  1. Hello all, Due to growing amounts of stuff (people, dogs) I need to cart around, I have had to sell my car in the last month. I was able to pull the wheels off it before I sold it, and am now putting them up for sale. They are really great wheels, really improve the traction of the car a considerable amount. Plus they look awesome They only have about 4000km of use on them, all summer/spring; and are about a year old. Plenty of tread depth left. 4x brabus monobloc VI 15" Fronts - 175/55r15 Continental Premium Contact Rears - 195/50r15 Continental Premium Contact $600 OBO Can deliver if reasonably close to KW area. The culprit. Dog not included Will also have a bike rack for a coupe up in a bit, just need to get pics of it this evening.
  2. Sorry to kinda hijack your thread, but it is related. I am also looking at upgrading my suspension and see that Eddy has both the Bilstein and Brabus sets. The price difference is quite large, so what is the benefit of the bilsteins over the brabus? Other than adjustability.
  3. If you need a hand installing them for the first time throw me a line
  4. Heya everyone,so my smartie is now fully out of warranty and I am decking it out. Going to get some brabus wheels, bilstein suspension, and am looking for a new exhaust.I know Bil had a sweet s-mann sport exhaust for his, and that is what I am looking to get. The only problem seems to be I can find nowhere online that sells any exhausts for the 450 Diesel. They all appear to be discontinued (the terrible part of waiting till my car is out of warranty until I start messing with it)Any one know any good stores that sell these?
  5. Thanks! I'll take my PPE home from work.The guy at the counter mentioned something about a tube that will need to be reused from the old battery? Any input on that?
  6. Good afternoon everyone, long time no see.Yesterday my car refused to start after work (-17C) , would always display a lock symbol after a brief blip of the starter. Thought it could be the immobilisor, but then I read up on here about the issue and someone suggested it could be the battery. Today I left it in a heated garage until lunch, and what do you know it starts fine again. So I figure the battery is on it's last legs.I picked up a new one from Victoria Star, but the battery looks nothing like the one mentioned in Evilutions website. Is the replacement procedure more or less the same? Anything I should look out for?Cheers,Maty
  7. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, was out late last night and forgot to turn on my alarm
  8. 1. smartsk88er2. lehter & wife3. Phil and Iain (Duck)4. Vroom Vroom (Cleo) 5. Ron (Leadwing)6. Maty(plaincorgi)I'll try and make it, hopefully there is something I can eat there[vegan] (other than delicious coffee!)
  9. hmmm, 94 km drive. Probably worth it to meet more of the torontoish smarties, instead of seeing the londonish smarties. Sunday morning would be best, then i could have a coffee
  10. Iain, you still have the equip to add the duracool? MY AC is out again this year and it looks like DC is in.
  11. found one at a dealership. Not too cheap but it will work :)Thanks Francesco, I assumed all the dealerships had stopped selling them.
  12. I know one of the techs at victoria star has one.
  13. Good morning gang, recently got into cycyling and that means I need a rack to carry said bike. If anyone is selling one in the GTA, London, Niagaa, Kitchenerish area, let me know
  14. Saw a black 451 coupe driving west down king st in kitchener, near city hall.
  15. Heya gang! I should be able to make this :)1. Terry & Phyllis2. William3. James & Dawn4. Ron & Dot5. Bill6. Joyce and John7. Liz and Glenn8. Cliff & Alberta9. Carol & Don10. Iain (Duck)11. Di & Mike12. Karen & Jake 13. Barb 'n Dave14. Wil & Stef15. Doug & Sharon16. Mat (plaincorgi)