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  1. Bosses like that certainly don't come around often if at all these days. I've worked for places were your only incentive was that you had a job and my guess is that now it is even worse. Those demands are insane, what in the world were they thinking? We had double time for Sundays and a night shift differential and triple for a stat holiday when I started in 89 but over the years all of that got clawed back. Now every newspaper in Canada is on life support.
  2. Hi and welcome to the forum. What part of Canada will you be visiting or is it more of a cross Canada trip?
  3. Worked at the Star but at 1 Yonge, started in Photo, then bumped over to Electronic Imaging when we went digital, which morphed into Prepress and then finally that got merged into advertising until 2014 when they outsourced the entire department. Most of the time was spent working on computers which I enjoy doing still. I had locked into the pension so I took a buyout and never looked back. I remember the Roto plant, it was just north of the site where the press centre was built if I recall. Miss the people I worked with but not the uncertainty that they are facing these days. The other day someone donated some old papers to the thrift store and among them were some 1930's Star's and the last edition of the Tely.
  4. Good to hear that things are speeding up, you could uninstall McAfee and just run the built in Windows Defender which might completely clear things up as the two programs might actually be 'fighting' with each other. Or not touch anything and continue to tell the wife that you need that new laptop.... I also have a decent sized compressor to run my air tools out in the garage and it comes in very handy when I'm working on computers, my next purchase is a car stacker of some sort as I've got more vehicles than space but a tall garage. Yup we get clearcuts of deceased folks clothing, though where I am we also get some really interesting electronics and photo equipment. I'm a photographer by trade though wound up working on computers at the paper. Does sound like we are close to the same age, though sometimes I forget and do things that I pay for later like wrecking my knee while working in a crawlspace.
  5. Heh heh, actually I'm very old school. I went to school before calculators existed although they started to turn up while I was in high school. I learned to program computers on punch cards! We never would have guessed what would be available today. Refurbished can be hit and miss depending on where you buy from, for example most of my 'new' Apple stuff is refurbished because Apple replace the screens and batteries in all their laptops and hand held devices before selling them. They also get the full Apple warranty. The Staples HP's can be a bit more dicey as they don't do the full run through that Apple does but there can be some good deals to be had. My take on electronic devices is that if they don't blow up within the first month or so they should be fine. I volunteer at a local thrift store and deal with all the computers and electronics that come in, the number on thing I find that kills these things is liquid spills, the next are fans clogged with dust. For the latter I just take my compressor to them and 90% of the time that solves the problem. That i7 HP laptop is nice, 17" is a nice big screen, and it has a good amount of RAM and hard drive space. Price is good as well and it is new so you have the full warranty and tech support. Looked at their other options and that one is really good bang for the buck. If she said to get that one, who am I to argue! I'd go for it as it has good specifications, good amount of Ram and HD space, one thing to consider is size, granted if you are coming from a desktop this might seen small by comparison. Did you check to see how many antivirus programs were running on your current PC and if so uninstall some?
  6. So you just need 1 more buyer? Hmmmmmmm
  7. Staples have quite a few decent refurbished HP laptops. You order them and can pick them up at your local store with no charge for shipping. The Core i5 is an older machine/cpu combination but still perfectly fine for what you want to do. SSD refers to solid state drive which tend to be faster performance wise than hard drives with spinning platters but due to their higher cost they tend to have much smaller capacities. This one might be getting a bit on the high priced side but that 512gb SSD and 16GB of ram caught my eye. But there are some pretty decent laptops for around $350-399 as well. Granted you might just have to uninstall all those antivirus programs instead....
  8. Thanks for the detailed information, this helps trouble shoot problems. This line twigged me, do you have all three of these programs loaded and running at the same time? If so that will certainly take a lot of cpu power and also can account for why downloads are slow because they are all busy scanning the heck out of what you are looking at. As I mentioned I'm not a huge fan of aftermarket antivirus software and my wife was having very similar issues to you after she said OK to Rogers downloading some free antivirus sw to her PC. After month of complaining downloads being slow I got a new hard drive, installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 and only run Windows defender which is built into the system and did fresh installs of all her programs. Once Norton was removed her computer ran much faster. Hmmm come to think of it are you running all 4 antivirus programs? The other comment that interests me is that your upload speeds are fine, and typically with Rogers your upload speeds are slower than downloads so this anomaly is interesting. Sounds like you have plenty of Ram and hard drive space so that rules out those issues. It's possible the hard drive is fragmented but given how little you have loaded on it my gut feeling is that is not the problem. Finally, did Rogers swap your cable modem? If it looks like this, (see attached file) that could be the issue, ours started to act up about 2 weeks ago and I suspect it had something to do with an update they pushed to it. In our case all the wireless devices worked perfectly but all of the computers on our LAN were either unable to access the internet or ran extremely slowly. I had the box swapped out and when I got the new one the girl that handed it to me mentioned that the hardware was upgraded even though it looked identical to the old box. The model numbers were different though which I thought was interesting. So far the connection issues have not cropped back up. In terms of laptops, these days they are all pretty good. Mac or PC really doesn't matter, if you really are on a budget I like building Linux based systems. I've picked up some refurbished laptops from Staples, most are off lease from corporations so are in good shape and my take on electronics is if it didn't go poof when first plugged in then it's probably ok. The interesting thing with Staples refurbished is if you have a problem during their warranty period they don't fix the laptop but wind up refunding your money and you buy another. Kind of weird but I suppose good in some ways. Reason I like HP is that the Elitebook keyboards on some models have liquid drainage holes, why you ask. Because folks like to spill drinks onto their laptops! I've dealt with more dead MacBooks and PC laptops that have death by coke, coffee etc than I care to count. I prefer the business class laptops as they tend to be designed so that IT guys can work on them easily vs some laptops where even doing simple things like hard drive or memory upgrades turns into a nightmare. I've worked on computers where I suspect that some designers wife had an affair with a service tech and so the designers got even by making the device a nightmare to get into or worse with so many sharp edges your hands come out all cut and bleeding. Oh before I forget, you mentioned something about smells from your PC. If you have access to a compressor get the air gun and blow all the dust out of your fans and heat sinks.....
  9. I my first question is what are you using? There are a lot of things that can come into play that cause a slow down with your computer, one of the most common is a full hard drive or possibly a hard drive that is failing. Being the paranoid type I replace hard drives in our machines every 3 years whether there appears to be a problem or not. Granted 3 years for some folks is considered the end of a computers lifespan, I however am not from that school of thought. As an example I am writing this from my 7 year old MacBook Pro but I have upgraded the hard drive (2TB) on it a couple of times. I also have a lot of memory 16gb. Also use a PC laptop which is a Core i7 with 16gb of ram and a 1TB hard drive but we have some much older CoreDuo machines that also run just fine, although yes slower than the newer ones. So another area that could cause slowness is the amount of memory you have loaded in the computer, with the current operating systems I think 4gb is about the least amount I would run since the system will be forced to use virtual memory (hard drive which is slower) to make up any difference. So if you have the double whammy of not enough RAM and a full hard drive things start to come to a crawl. Another thing that can slow things down is virus protection. I don't run any on my Mac and on the PC I will not run any of the third party programs as I have found that they can also bring things to a halt. Operating systems from Windows 7 onwards already have virus protection built in, it's under Windows Defender and it works well. I suspect some will argue this point, like my father in law but honestly we stopped installing Norton on our PCs at work with no ill effect. However some basic caution is always useful. I don't save passwords on my computer especially banking passwords, I also have a special PC set up for doing downloads as these can be a source of viruses and this PC is never used for personal stuff. Anyhow back to your problem, if you can tell us what the make of the computer is, how much memory is installed, hard drive as well as how much free space is available, the operating system (eg Windows, Mac, Linux) and if you have any antivirus software installed that would help. Rogers techs are hit and miss, most would tell you your PC is the root cause and likely is, but in many cases there is no need to replace it just upgrade some fairly easy to replace items. I've had a couple in to trouble shoot problems who take one look at my setup and wind up asking me what to do at which point I tell them I need a new cable modem..... If your hard drive is a few years old it might be a good time to replace it, I just clone the old one to the new drive and set the old one aside (it becomes a backup albeit of an older point in time) but if something catastrophic occurs with the new one at least you are not totally dead in the water. One other area that most folks don't look at are the fans, if the machine has been chugging along for a few years it's highly likely the fan(s) are loading up with dust. On laptops this can cause them to shut down prematurely as they have built in temperature sensors, I've rescued a few laptops that were being scrapped because their fans had loaded with dust and had stopped, once they were blown out with a compressor they powered up just fine. If things overheat for too long damage can occur though.
  10. Heh heh, I was about to mention the same thing. Toronto is not too thrilled with the delays that Bombardier has had with our streetcars. They seem nice but their inability to build them in time is a real issue. C2G ditched a lot of smarts here last year, I had thought they were being replaced by MB vehicles which means taking up more space than the smarts.
  11. Oh ok, thanks. Just replied to your PM. So that is interesting it looks like Esso does a run on non ethanol regular. Definitely going to check the local Esso stations and see whether we have any down here. My guess is I have to hit a small non corporate station maybe just a bit further out of Toronto.
  12. Interesting, so I should be checking Esso stations down this way...... nothing on the list for my area but then they also didn't list your St Thomas station.
  13. Whoa, who sells this? The normal suspects locally, Shell, Petro Can, Esso all have ethanol in their regular. Ok looked at the link, the Esso in Waterloo has regular ethanol free. Wonder how they did that, given it would have to come from the refinery that way and nobody else on the list seems to have any. Granted might not save much having to drive out there from Pickering! Though I haven't been to that Army Surplus store in Kitchener in a while (one with the plane (spitfire?) on the roof). Costco is about 20 cents per litre cheaper than everyone else down here.
  14. Saw a 450 up in Markham that had dual exhausts with twin tips. Had a wrap for some company that I thought had something to do with auto auctions but nothing on google, wish I was a bit faster with my camera.
  15. Wonder what the frame on the mini looked like! Our smarts look pretty good with wide wheels/tires and I've always liked the look of wide wheels and tyres on a mini. A Fiesta 3 cylinder turbo motor sounds interesting at 125 hp though how much fabrication is needed to shoehorn it into a smart is another story. But sounds interesting as does the Echo motor..... Seems the Busa is a popular 450 swap though, granted just dropping a gas euro 450 TC motor might be enough. Wonder if an old Suzuki RE5 motor would fit...