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  1. My smart is parked for the winter. I have a Caravan with Blizzaks which are pretty good on ice. If you think you have crappy drivers try Toronto. A light dusting of snow causes chaos here, so glad to be retired and not have to drive downtown every day!
  2. Are you testing the SAI loose or attached to the car? Could it be something simple like the casing of the SAI needs to ground to the chassis?
  3. I had a similar problem with the ELM 327 on my smart. Once I removed it and restarted things went back to normal, so my best guess is that something in the SAM doesn't play well with some OBD II devices left plugged in. In my case my car actually started to shut down while driving.
  4. Looks like Dom's has re-opened their U-Pull parts area. It was shut down a while ago after a fire. Standard up on Taunton is shut down after their fire, though their website claims they are going to open again soon. Didn't see much activity there the last time I passed by. I bought a couple from a local MB dealer, I thought I paid $15 each though that was a year ago.
  5. Are these the bearings for your smart EV? These guys are on the west end of Toronto. I've purchased a number of parts from them for my smart.
  6. Autotrader has a new 2016 in Windsor ON that is gas. I've only seen the one 453 manual pop up at a GM dealer in Oshawa but it was sold by the time I got out there to look at it. They don't turn up very often, there was another up in Peterborough a couple of months ago at the MB dealer there but also sold as it dropped off Autotrader. That one was really expensive.
  7. Yikes, windows XP based? Wonder if it can run under an emulator such as virtual box which is how I run the MB parts catalog on my MacBook Pro. Granted doesn't the star system have a control box between the laptop and cables so I suspect you want something that is a known good setup.
  8. Drove one in France back in the late 80's. Looked into trying to import it back then along with a Renault 5 Turbo which was my leased car at the time.
  9. Here are a few photos from last night!
  10. Was great to finally meet everyone! That smartzuki was insane! Weather was fantastic, and congrats to William! Here's the video of smartzuki, it really is much louder in real life, camera audio cuts volume down to save one's hearing!
  11. Just loading up and heading out from Toronto, weather looks good down here.
  12. Kingston might work for me. There was something happening in August at Watkins Glen. Just looked it up, Sat August 25th, posted on smartcarofamerica,
  13. Possible long shot question. Do you have an ELM327 OBDII code reader attached? I had one installed and it would start throwing P0500 codes and cause the car to drop into limp mode with transmission shifting oddly. Once I unhooked it everything went back to normal. Now I only use it to clear the P2188 code I throw when I drive the car too hard.
  14. Should we have a plan B if it rains? I'll be setting out fairly early in the morning as I want to make a few stops before the meet.
  15. Hmm it is August and always rains during the CNE though this is early August so fingers crossed. SIGN-UP 1) Bill 2) John 3) Ron & Dot 4) Larry & Gail 5) Liz & Glenn 6) Wild! 7) William 8) Todd 9) Willys and hopefully the better half, but it's a long drive but looks like a great time. 10) John and Elaine 11) Kevin 12) 13) 14) 15)