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  1. Autotrader has a new 2016 in Windsor ON that is gas. I've only seen the one 453 manual pop up at a GM dealer in Oshawa but it was sold by the time I got out there to look at it. They don't turn up very often, there was another up in Peterborough a couple of months ago at the MB dealer there but also sold as it dropped off Autotrader. That one was really expensive.
  2. Yikes, windows XP based? Wonder if it can run under an emulator such as virtual box which is how I run the MB parts catalog on my MacBook Pro. Granted doesn't the star system have a control box between the laptop and cables so I suspect you want something that is a known good setup.
  3. Drove one in France back in the late 80's. Looked into trying to import it back then along with a Renault 5 Turbo which was my leased car at the time.
  4. Here are a few photos from last night!
  5. Was great to finally meet everyone! That smartzuki was insane! Weather was fantastic, and congrats to William! Here's the video of smartzuki, it really is much louder in real life, camera audio cuts volume down to save one's hearing!
  6. Just loading up and heading out from Toronto, weather looks good down here.
  7. Kingston might work for me. There was something happening in August at Watkins Glen. Just looked it up, Sat August 25th, posted on smartcarofamerica,
  8. Possible long shot question. Do you have an ELM327 OBDII code reader attached? I had one installed and it would start throwing P0500 codes and cause the car to drop into limp mode with transmission shifting oddly. Once I unhooked it everything went back to normal. Now I only use it to clear the P2188 code I throw when I drive the car too hard.
  9. Should we have a plan B if it rains? I'll be setting out fairly early in the morning as I want to make a few stops before the meet.
  10. Hmm it is August and always rains during the CNE though this is early August so fingers crossed. SIGN-UP 1) Bill 2) John 3) Ron & Dot 4) Larry & Gail 5) Liz & Glenn 6) Wild! 7) William 8) Todd 9) Willys and hopefully the better half, but it's a long drive but looks like a great time. 10) John and Elaine 11) Kevin 12) 13) 14) 15)
  11. Ah! Ok so bolts to the tailgate, very clever and a dandy lance for those who partake in tailgating!
  12. Yes please! So it's just bolted under the tail light? And just long enough so that the tailgate misses it? Will have to go out and look at my smart and see if I have enough of a gap. I have some aluminum strip that looks about the same thickness to the piece you used. Perhaps with this type of antenna.
  13. Been pondering how to mount radio gear in my 451 as well. Ok the radio is the easy part but figuring out an antenna mount that won't get hit by the tailgate and still get a decent ground is the challenge. I had been considering using the threaded tow hook hole in the rear bumper but would have to make a mount that moved the antenna out to the side so I could still open the tailgate. Just a matter of getting in gear and bending a piece of metal on the brake at a buddies shop... I have a sat radio under the dash already but at least todays radios are a lot smaller. Also pack a fire extinguisher and small tool kit in order to disconnect the battery in case something goes haywire with the electrics. Have a 4 way 12v power splitter so I can run my GPS and the sat radio from the single 12 plug as well as my USB cell phone charger. It mounts nicely between the cupholder and plastic trim by the firewall.
  14. I looked at Motel 6 which was $65 a night but didn't dig for coupon's or better deals. I know CAA gives me a better room rate as well. Back off topic, that one is diesel but still not fantastic on fuel economy though being smaller helps I suspect. The other thing I want in an RV besides being able to travel off pavement is all electric stove and fridge with solar panels on top. This one with upgraded panels and electric bike might really be perfect, though as you noted the buy in is rather steep. It's in the same territory as the Roadtrek CS Adventurous but this one is gigantic compared to the Revel and as you say then the temptation of packing more junk comes into play and I don't think I would take it very far off road. There is an AWD version but again without the tires and ground clearance I would say it's more for snowy roads than off road. But it can be set up to be really off the grid so a good bug out vehicle. Final one on my short list is the Winnebago Paseo which slots right in the middle of the other two in size and price. But I would want to eliminate propane and have an induction cooktop, other downside is this one is gasoline though my mechanic friends are not keen on todays crop of diesel motors and their added complexity (urea). Back to accommodations, with the hot sticky weather I would pass on a tent. It's brutal here in the GTA and I suspect equally bad down London way.
  15. Thanks Leadwing! I was just talking to my wife's uncle who lives in London and will crash on his couch! So looks like I'm set. Added bonus he's an exceptional cook!
  16. Getting to old for that, maybe load the smart behind an RV like this,
  17. Looks like I'll be heading down thursday and staying over for friday. Any recommendations for lodging? I saw something about a Motel 6 but is there something closer to Plunkett's?
  18. Wish I had saved the ad info which might have narrowed down where it was for sale. I looked at some of the other pix I saved from the Ad and it has a Glassford Jeep license holder. That dealer is in Ingersol Ontario which is between London and Woodstock.
  19. So hot down here that I had to keep the top up and run the A/C.
  20. The one I posted here? It was listed a while back on Autotrader in the GTA, did it wind up in Ottawa?
  21. Saturns are bad for going through flex pipes as well, I have a shop that does stainless steel custom work and welds everything. I think they can do a smart, might be worth asking or I can next time I am down that way.
  22. Heh heh, tell me about over doing it and then paying the price the next day! I've been on my hands and knees in a crawl space clearing it out and am still paying for that a couple of weeks later. I suspect I would be even worse had I not worn knee pads. In my head I don't consider myself as that old, granted my body will suddenly start screaming in protest. Have to admit I really like the looks of the 450 cabriolets so a Canada 1 would be interesting......
  23. Think there are bad drivers everywhere, try driving in Toronto where everyone seems to be lost in a fog. Down here when something major happens involving police they now are asking if anyone has dash cam footage, have one in my daily driver because you never know when you might need it.
  24. Heh heh, we must be about the same age. I call goo, goo as well..... Btw maybe you could put tracks on it instead of a lift...
  25. Bosses like that certainly don't come around often if at all these days. I've worked for places were your only incentive was that you had a job and my guess is that now it is even worse. Those demands are insane, what in the world were they thinking? We had double time for Sundays and a night shift differential and triple for a stat holiday when I started in 89 but over the years all of that got clawed back. Now every newspaper in Canada is on life support.