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  1. As I am exiting the smart car parts and accessories business, this excellent product will no longer be available from parts4smarts.You will be able to source the reluctor rings from Eddy at Flying Tiger from now on.Harald
  2. Have a happy Christmas....Santa might have knocked a few small items off the table and they fell into the box......take care, and thanks for the supportharald
  3. I have enjoyed my stay in the community, and I need to thank you all for your supportharald
  4. I can drop them off in Montreal for you tomorrowdo you prefer St Jerome or Montreal-Est( either place is open regular business hours....these are very heavy and cost $$$ to ship)harald
  5. I have the following items left at the following 'sale' priceswould prefer pick up in Kitchener for the rotors, as they are heavy to ship, but can send them out if needed1 set Turbogroove Sport Rotors were $ 262.50 , now $ 150 SOLD1 set Blackstuff Pads , were $ 75.00, now $ 50 SOLD1 set Greenstuff Pads, were $ 95.00, now $ 60 SOLD2 sets Redstuff Pads , were $135.00, now $ 75 SOLDfirst come, first servedI will be away for a couple of days, will sort it out upon my return, say mid-weekharald
  6. After five years, I have decided to leave the parts business.I have enjoyed dealing with, and in many cases, meeting, members of this forum.I have been reducing my activity and stock levels, and now have only a few items left. Notes1.Where I show part numbers, the items can be seen on my site 9 generally for the 450 model)2. I will put up a separate posting for EBC parts3. All sales are first-come, first serve. 4. For items shown with ***, I"d prefer the items to be picked up, as they are a pain to ship.5. All sales are final , but note that all items are new. I will not send out junk or defective stuff .OK, here we go 1 silver grille, 20.059, $ 75 *** SOLD1 set silver door handle depression insert, 20.043, $ 10 SOLD1 set carbon look door handle depression insert, 20. 643, $ 10 SOLD2 sets silver/black door pull inside covers , $ 10 SOLD1 dash cover, carbon look, 20.406, $ 10 SOLD3 ss trunk lid mouldings, 20.049, $ 15 SOLD1 door insert, carbon look, 20.407, $ 20 SOLD5 exhaust tips, 20.018, $ 30 SOLD1 set axle end pieces ( not a Michalak product, but very similar) $ 25 SOLD1 set rear lights cover, carbon look , 20.400, $ 25 SOLD1 shift knob, illuminated, No soft touch button, $ 10 SOLD1 side air inlet, silver, 20.060, $ 25 SOLD2 side air inlet, carbon look, 20.460, $ 25 SOLD2 sets heat/ventilation knobs, 20.008, $ 15 Sold1 set wiper/turn signal stalk ends, 20.023, $ 15 SOLDhere's a dealI have a set of 4 Michalak alloy rims, new, but a bit defaced due to someone applying glue to them.If interested,come and look at them and make me an offer. I'd be happy with $ 100 SOLDI also have a couple of centre wheel caps ( 'Michalak'), should anyone need one GONEI am about to leave on a short business trip to Montreal, but will be back in Kitchener by Wed/Thu of this weekregardsharald
  7. SteveIf you are going to go ahead, I have one set of Hella fogs, with a switch, available.I am getting out of the smart parts business, am trying to sell off remaining stock, and can let you have it for $ 125, all inI have sold lots of these, without the dash switch, for $ 199, so this is, I think, a good dealregardsharald
  8. yep, but not manye-mail me a ship-to address etc to and we'll look after youharald
  9. I have a few of these left also see earlier post with more details at These would make a nice seasonal gift for someone Pre-Christmas special price is CAD $ 45 or U$ 42.50, while quantities last harald
  10. Eddie, don't listen to him,that's not what he told me !!harald
  11. I have one set of steelies, brand new, I can offer at $ 300 plus tax for the set of fourshipping is a major PITA, so prefer pick upI can offer 'free' pick up in Kitchener or Vaughan,ONharaldSOLDModerator: you can remove this threadthank youharald
  12. We may be able to get some of these soonhigh quality European madefor now, for 450s, 451 likely a bit laterprice would be around CAD $ 225interest and feedback ???shift_knob_450_new.pdf
  13. I got stuck with a few special order items I would like to get rid of themall brand new, OEM , in original smart packaging1 ignition coil, fits 450 through 452, CQ0003100V0 $ 1356 spark plugs, 450 , CQ0012468V0 $ 8 each1 gas cap, 450 , CQ0008723V0 $ 16 ea ( for a gas tank, not a diesel, I believe) first come, first servedharald
  14. quote name='smstar' date='Oct 6 2009 - 08:02 AM' post='242616'] On the flip side I would also pick-up 4x 25mm H&R spacers if someone has a set of those. PM me if you have anything!almost forgot, I can also get you ( sorry, no stock), these spacersharald
  15. I can supply both new, if interested, although neither are stock itemsharald