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  1. Post edited by mod for spring cleaning.
  2. You know that with the exception of the smart cdi most vehicles will never reach their NRCAN estimates. But they will do so with the updated EPA estimates.Earlier you said the rear headroom was extremely poor (your emphasis) on the new Insight. That is not true. Maybe you would like the Fit better because its roof line isn't designed for aerodynamics. I don't know why it bugs you so much because it's very unlikely you would let yourself sit in the rear seats of your own cars. Yes, the Insight's rear tapers inward, but there are tonnes of other cars that are worse. Rear seats are for smaller people. The Civic Hybrid is the best of the hybrids. Its interior is better than anything Toyota can produce in a vehicle for $40,000 or less. It is an excellent cruiser -- not suitable for sport driving -- and does as well as a Prius without the pretence. Edited by mod for spring cleaning.
  3. Other issues: Chrome trim running the length of the front dashboard looks nice but it catches the sun and blinds you; And, coin holder in glove box doesn't because of road bumps, and fishing out coins can be bad if they fall through the crack where it pivots. I see these as faults in design, particularly in regard to a lack of experience.
  4. Edited by mod for spring cleaning.
  5. It's not just the dealership that is calling it something more than it is -- see attached image:... dual-zone even!(updated post to fix attachment)
  6. Prius was way over-priced since day one. Its interior is nasty and inferior to the Insight. As a hybrid the Prius excelled, but as a car it was mediocre.
  7. Indeed... I think. Huh?THERMOTRONIC on the B200 (non-Turbo) is a joke! It's just a thermostat, and an ineffective one at that. Driver has to constantly tweak the fan and other settings to get what they want. A/C can't be toggled with the A/C switch -- what were those crazy German engineers thinking? This will probably lead to a mold and mildew (smelly ventilation) problem.Whereas the auto climate control on the Honda Civic Hybrid or the Acura CSX -- both vehicles priced less than the B -- is as smart and automated as one could ever want, which makes it much less of a distraction to the driver. It has no problem with you telling it to force the A/C on or off. It just works around those parameters.
  8. Furthermore, and consistent with Mercedes-Benz Canada's level of support on the smart, parts won't be stocked and will require overseas shipping. Every problem will be two visits if it requires a replacement part.
  9. Harsh, tossing ride, like being on the end of a metronome needle. Rear bench seats are hard as a wooden bench. Side mirrors are too low. The controls are unintuitive. It doesn't make sense to require premium gas. If the B is too low class or too uncomfortable for you, then have a look at the GLK.
  10. 2009 redesign is a bloody disgrace, which is probably why Nissan got all the North American journalist hype over with in 2008, while the Cube was still attractive. The cited reviews on their micro-site suggest that they're using opinions of the 2008 model to sell a 2009 one.
  11. "MY SMART", mk II, or Freitag's new smart fortwo is a 2008 passion cabrio in yellow. Seen on Victoria St. N. (Hwy 7) in Kitchener this evening. Previous fortwo was written off after an accident.
  12. I'd be in favour of instant revocation of a driver's license if, let's say, holding a handset to one's ear caused them to fail to signal or respond to driving conditions, even if it doesn't lead to an accident. Such a person has become careless and lost interest in the seriousness of driving. More often than not they are visibly tuned out. So, if they want to continue to drive they should have to earn that privilege over again. Otherwise, someone else should be driving them.You know, baby, driving is a serious game
  13. Official press release from Honda today, with a couple teaser pictures (click the link below for the complete article): http://www.hondanews.com/categories/1097/releases/4722
  14. Why should he be skeptical?(Dave in a C-Class coupe, nearly three years ago)
  15. Freitag (most of you won't know or remember him) replaced his city lights with decorative blue LED gumdrop-size lights. They give the headlight assemblies a shot of blue that reflects off a dozen points, which is cool and serves no practical purpose.