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  1. I would believe that "road rage" here in the US is probably worse than it is there in Canada. I have actually made myself take secondary roads sometimes to avoid all of the "others" out there that don't appear to be using their brain when they drive. Duck, don't know if you have ever experienced similiar driving here in the States or not. Sometimes I have to try to calm myself down when out driving on the interstate with those bozo's. I truly understand your comments.
  2. HEHE, spdickey, I hear you, I have noticed that you have become very popular on there. Maybe, once it is back up, everyone can get back talking smarts.
  3. Is there any lug nut caps available for these things? Imo, the wheel just doesn't look finished with the raw lug nuts exposed as they are. I have even seen nice rims on one but the lug nuts were not only visible but even rusted. Which really took away from the look of the wheel. Even my lowly 2000 S-10 pickup has black caps that screw on top of the lug nuts.
  4. Definitely 6-spoke in the chrome
  5. Goodness, here in Arkansas personalized plates are $56/yr. Glad I don't live in WA!
  6. Give'm time. The current "over the air" radio stations will be going digital as well pretty soon and they will have the quality that the satellite radio stations have. I cannot justify satellite radio at this time. Too much "nickel & diming" per month already. I simply don't listen to enough music in my car to justify it. Now, if you could pay a one time fee and that's it and not have to do the monthly thing, then I might re-consider...
  7. Hey Regina, I like the black color when I seen it at the tour. I have already made my choices for this go around with my smart, but I plan on getting another one is a couple of years (Brabus) and I'm going to go with a cabrio black/black w/beige interior. I think that is a real hot looking combo.
  8. Well, I guess I'll just miss it. It would appear that NBC only will show a condensed two minute clip on their website. Unlike the others (CBS, etc.) that show entire episodes of shows on their website.
  9. LorbeerTLC, well spoken.My sister is exactly what you would call an average consumer. She cannot drive a standard, so what does she ask me when I told her about the smart I was getting............Do you have to shift it? I said no, you don't have to. Her reply is......so it's an automatic, that's all I wanted to know. I can drive one.As you said, she doesn't care whether it is an automated manual or a regular automatic. Just so she doesn't have to shift it.
  10. Hanky, could you post a pic?
  11. Mike T, I bet your right as well. It would be good if they could be switched. That way for those that want the amber they can put them on there and ones that like the red can leave them. A little personalization.
  12. Yes, kwaldron, that is the comments that I have heard as well from a lot of people about amber turn lights on the rear of a car. Some time ago a friend of mine was ready to replace his Chevrolet Silverado (on his farm) with a new one but was upset about the amber turn signal lenses on the rear instead of red. He complained to them about it. Luckily, he was able to switch out the lenses with a previous model (they happen to be the same) with red ones. Now, GM has went back to red on their new ones.
  13. Same here. I have never liked the rear amber turn signals and even went as far as not buying a vehicle that has them unless they can be changed back to red. The amber turn signals practically blind you at night, especially in the rain, because some of them are so bright. I, for one, am glad they have the rear turn signals in red.
  14. Yes, I'm glad I did not decide to go with red. Maybe they will offer a different red in the next year.