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  1. Since owning the smart, I've experienced a dry gear shift which needed lube. The poor little bugger refused to shift into gear and had to be top loaded to Smart.I also experienced a broken rag top button. I guess I pushed it too hard and it fell down into the casing. Thankfully, smart fixed me right up before I was drenched by rain! :)Also, I noticed after unlocking the driver's door it's getting harder and harder to open with the handle. I'll need to take it in so it can be checked.Finally, I noticed I lost one of my mud flaps in the winter. I'll need to replace that soon. Does anyone know of a local US seller of these items. I purchased my original set from the UK.Other than these items, no problems with my little guy who is a gaser.Thanks,Regina
  2. Hi Guys,If time permits, I'll try to keep in touch. With all the layoffs, everyone is paranoid so work productivity is way up! :-)Anyway, I love my car and I still want my ferrari red paint job. But with the economy in the dumps, I can't justify the expense. I do more saving than anything else which is great, but very boring. But I can't be too unhappy because I paid off all my credit card debt (except for my rolling balance on my State Farm card). Thankfully, I'm earning SF dollars with my limited purchases. So far I've earned $122 which I plan to apply to my insurance premium when it comes due in July. That means the cost of my insurance will drop from $500/6mths to $378/6mths. Thank God!Say, when I had the headlights replaced, I was surprised that Mercedes did it for free. Is that normal under the warranty period? Currently, I have 15K+ miles on the little guy and my two years are up on 2/5/10. Gosh time flies when you spinning around in a smart!Regina
  3. Hi Gang,It's been five months since my last posting. However, I am still a smartalec!Anyway, last weekend, I took my little guy into the shop to change out the headlights since one was out. To my surprise, there were four campaigns (which are smart upgrades/mtce) outside of my mileage scheduled service. Anyway, one of these campaigns was a computer upgrade which is suppose to help it go faster. Well, I now feel a marked improvement in the little guy's engine performance especially when taking off from a stopped position or when I punch it to go faster.Here's to a safe summer drive for all of us.Your NYC girl - who always has her top down (except during heavy rains)!Go smart!Regina
  4. Just wanted to wish everyone at CsC a Happy and Safe Holiday season! Enjoy your family & friends! Regina
  5. Welcome, welcome, welcome to CsC! Enjoy our forum, Regina
  6. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and garage sale!!
  7. Bye JackBlack! Don't be a stranger. Still your smart buddy, Regina
  8. What's up BJ? Glad you said Hello! Regina
  9. Now you're on the smart track to fun filled days. Hope your wait time is short! Regina
  10. Howdy & Welcome to CsC! Regina
  11. Another smart year to celebrate. Happy Birthday Uncle Glenn! Regina
  12. What's up Dan. Glad to have another Eastcoast smart onboard. Regina
  13. I know exactly how you feel about your new smart. What fun on the road you will have. Enjoy and to CsC! Regina