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  1. My Angel is a centerfold.You do understand that around the planet folks are coveting you car.It could turn out that Brabisa-rat pics are pinned up in lockers, T-Shirts are printed and plastic replica key chains are sold in 7-Elevens across the continent.Fame comes at a price.Good fun Cheers
  2. Bil....Bil....Bil.You are a very bad man. I was all ready for bed, just checking the computer one more time in case there had been any changes on the WWWand what to my bloodshot eyes should appear but news of a west coast Targa.I'm in.Cheers
  3. The dealers accepting the 'clunker' have to do a really nasty operation to the motor; 1. drain the oil and dispose of in a clean manner. 2. pour in a 60% silica - water mixture (powdered glass) 3. run the engine until it stalls, (usually 2 to 7 minutes) the water evaporates and the glass powder grinds all internals to a halt. 4. try to restart, if it does, (next to no chance) they start the process again. 5. tag the motor describing how the internal damage is extensive and not correctable There is a clip of this procedure on YouTube, a recent model Volvo screaming to a painful demise. Parts car only after this, the idea of the program is to get those polluting motors off the road, not sell them back to the used market to have them spew more junk into the air.
  4. I am so itching to jump in the smart and go.Count to ten....breath deeply.....two consecutive summers to Vancouver and back to Montreal ?I have poor impulse control so who knows how it may turn out!
  5. I am busy with Photoshop, grafting my head on Bob Bondurants drivers license photo, now that the men in blue know Bob drives a smart.....Instant get out of jail (tickets) free card! Not a shock to hear that a car nut admires the smart,
  6. Ditto on those positive thoughts, soooo much to be celebrating when you compare Canada to the state of the world over recent months.Hang or stick on a flag, face paint a maple leaf, crank stereos to 11 and play your favorite Canuk band, watch fireworks and once the car keys are hung up, have a cold pint of "I AM" , Sleeman's, Blue, Moosehead, Keith's, Kokanee or Granville Island or an Ontario or BC wine for those so inclined.Have fun everybody, this is not a practice run!
  7. Steve, I priced the GSXR 1000 (rear engine placement) and came to aprox $10 000 before invariable surprises during a swap. Given that my stock 3 banger is running so strongly I am in no hurry. However, I have recently started to think about a BMW motorcycle transplant, three or four cylinder to keep the weight sitting low in the frame and have more real world power than a Suzuki GSXR screamer. Note to self, pick up lottery ticket, just in case I ever need to perform open hood surgery.
  8. Desperate despot diesel powered director-dictators?No, just a simple oversight in the due process timeline, nothing more.IMHO
  9. SKODA 120. Just try find parts for that car! As the Canadian dealer network was packing it in, I found the quirky little rear engined four door too cool to pass up and bought a used burnt orange one for $900. Still wonder how it managed to get approved for road use in Canada. "Unsafe at any speed" was more suited to this POS than the Corvair, (my gran had a steel blue one, which I really loved) We somehow survived one year of driving that car, spent huge amounts of time and money keeping it sputtering along until finally selling it for $250. Maybe dad had a point when he said run don't walk from that car!
  10. My bet? The cable which came off which you then re-plugged.....I have the same issue; block heater cable. There are no idiot lights which come on as a result and there are no ill effects. My cable scraped the asphalt for a day before I noticed, so no way to replug; a new cable is required. Strong new battery? never a waste of time nor money IMHO
  11. Steve......From the second picture I thought your mod was the awesome "wooden fence and extension ladder" graphic painted on the side of the smart.One clean looking ride.Cheers
  12. Add to list of things to check;Hand brake cable & ball joints,Extended warranty still an option? if so consider seriously.IMHO
  13. Gent,Call your father and make this happen, as a car nut you will not regret this one bit.I think that for all the moral support provided during this difficult decision making process, we should all get a spin in your new ride.Cheers
  14. Folks...Robaxical back pain medication in bulk packs.This has not been a good winter-spring in Montreal for smart drivers.
  15. Duck,I will not admit to how much my smart has cost me to keep on the road, (at a fraction of your KMS's)Not the 15 K you have spent on Nosedive but still far more than any rational person would spend on a car.Love hurts.And love costs alot.