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  1. Anyone have a good turbo hose lying around? Mine is starting to split at the end with it goes into the turbo. Also looking for someone to do the swap. I'm having trouble getting my crashbar off with those nasty T45 bolts. Located in Toronto. Thanks!
  2. I've been reading the threads on oil leaks here and they seem to be tricky to diagnose and fix. From looking at mine over the past 6 months I may have more than one leak and it's getting worse. One was the oil filter housing and I fixed that myself. I don't have the time or expertise to deal with the rest of them. I have an' 05 with 160,000 km on it so I know it won't last forever, but I'd like to get another year out of it without dumping a lot more money in. I'm looking for someone to determine exactly where the leaks are and fix them reasonably. I looked at the list of repair options in the GTA area and there aren't a lot of comments/reviews. Has anyone had good luck with a shop with expertise in fixing oil leaks at a fair cost? Or maybe there's a member with the skills who wants to take this on for some cash? I could leave the car for a week or two. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks Tolsen! I had to look up "white spirits"! I see it is also known as paint thinner, turpentine, Varsol, etc. Next I have to find out where the transmission wiring harness is...
  4. How do you get the soap up into the all the little crevices and nooks and crannies above, from below the car? Many of the spaces are too far up and small to get my hand with a sponge.
  5. I've got oil leak problems too. Was assuming it was the intercooler ($$) but it may be one of the other problems mentioned here. It seems to be coming down from the very rear of the engine compartment, above the muffler, then running down one of the little rubber hoses. What's the best way to do an engine shampoo job? Any advice on products? Thanks.
  6. There are new intercoolers on eBay from a German seller now for $160US plus $34US shipping etc. The listing does not show Canadian shipping but I contacted the seller and they said (in German) that they do ship to Canada.
  7. I'm in Toronto. Anyone have one in good shape? Thanks, Inno inno.dubelaar@gmail com
  8. Do you still have the intercooler at $100?  If so, what's the condition?  Any weak spots or repairs to it?





    1. stickman007


      Sorry Inno,


      Sold off most of my spare parts when I got rid of my 450. I still have wheel 15mm wheel spacers and Bil's Ultimate hitch.



  9. Thanks for the extra info. What size E-torx sockets are needed? NVM, I just ordered a set from E6 to E16. Hope that covers the range.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I just read the instructions. How long should this take, the first time?
  11. The nut from the back of my upper alternator bolt has gone missing, so now the bolt just spins uselessly. I am driving (carefully) with the lower bolt (on the adjuster bracket) quite tight. So far so good, but I need to buy a nut and get it on there soon somehow. I am hoping that the alternator does not need to be un-installed or the engine lowered. I've read the instructions on lowering and it seems a bit of overkill to install one missing nut. Anyone able to help me with a doable solution? I'm even willing to pay if someone around Toronto wants to get that nut back on for me cheaply. Thanks in advance!
  12. I have a bunch of Smart accessories and swag that I am interested in selling: Benz sub-woofer for under driver's seat $175 Block Heater Cord (new, unused) SOLD! Smart Lic. Plate Frame (new, cost $45 + tax) $15 Rear Cargo cover + net $35 CD carry case SOLD Smart carry bags (2) $10 Smart card game $5 Smart brochures/literature: best offer Smart roadster toy car (new, unopened): best offer Smart Cleaning kit & black Tridion paint kit in case $10 (mostly unused) Radio removal tool (new sealed) $5 Also a few other odds and ends. Location: Toronto, East-end near Beaches. Email is best: or call 416 878 4319
  13. Used or New. The car has 155K on it, so the springs will outlive the car. Around GTA area, or shipped to me at M4L 1N4. Best to email directly at or call 416 878 4319. Thanks.
  14. Does anyone in Toronto area have a cartridge removal tool? Or know of another way of getting it out? I've removed the actuator. Hesitant to try the vise grip approach that DrZaius used. Thanks! Inno 416 878 4319
  15. I needed an alternator installed in my 05 Smart so I called them. I already bought the new alternator from RockAuto but they refused to install it. They want to maximize profit by selling the parts too, like the dealers. Unfortunate.