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  1. I got my wheel bearings and springs replaced cheaply at Birchmount Auto Spring Co. in Scarborough. They do this kind of work on any car. I bought my suspension parts cheap from Rock Auto. Address: 458 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, ON M1K 1M6 Province: Ontario Phone: (416) 698-3636
  2. See my July 17 ad for photos of the tires. Price reduced on tires. Will sell all the tires (including the brand new one), plus 3 rims, for $200. Or just $65 for the brand new one. Muffler, glow plugs and brake pads are sold. Still have the battery and sub-woofer. Only a few hundred km on the battery. I installed it, then found out the problem was the alternator, so put the old one back in.
  3. Clearing out the garage. Can be seen here in Toronto, east end near Queen and Woodbine (Beaches area). Prices are reasonable especially for buying multiple items. All items are for a 450 1. 5 good tires including a brand new Conti front summer tire (see pic with sticker). Also 3 rims, some front, some rear. Minimal rust on rims. I debated how to price the tires, but with no way to link the individual photos to various prices it seemed a bit complicated. I'd sell the new one for $80 or $300 for all the tires and rims. 2. New set of glow plugs ($35) with 2-year warranty. 3. Working Benz sub-woofer (fits under driver seat). $125 (was around $300 or $400 I think). 4. Brand new muffler from Benz. Never installed. $350. Was around $700 at dealer if I recall correctly. Ended up patching mine and dealer would not accept a return. 5. Like new battery, about 6 months old with multi-year warranty. $60.
  4. I'll try that. Thanks!
  5. That link seems to be dead.
  6. I'm trying to remove the EGR which has 3 T25 bolts. The two on the top are easy enough. But the one hidden underneath seems unreachable. What it the secret to removing it?? Can't get my Torx drivers in there. Are there special Torx drivers for cramped blind spaces? HELP!
  7. My steering is very stiff when starting up a cold car, but it gradually becomes more "normal" after the car is driven for a bit. Is that what others are finding, or does your steering stay stiff even after the car is fully warmed up?
  8. Price: $1500 Second owner. Daily driver. Location: City of Toronto (East-central) Key features: Air Conditioning Power windows Glass roof Extra pod gauges (tach, clock) Sub-woofer (not installed) Custom leather seats Oil drain plug installed in oil pan Engine rebuilt by Glenn at around 120,000kms Snow tires on rims, plus spare tire on rim. Recent new parts: Alternator Front wheel bearings and hubs Front coil springs Ball joints Car is very driveable but would benefit from new glow plugs and EGR cleaning. I have the plugs. (If you're not interested in buying the car but can do the plugs and EGR cheaply, I'd be happy to pay for that and keep driving it.) Contact me at inno . dubelaar @ gmail . com
  9. My little neighbourhood Home Hardware did mine. They even reduced the price because I brought in the blank. They did not have a blank that would work, so lucky I had bought one in advance.
  10. When my fob got damaged, I ordered a new Smart key on ebay, which came with the proper fob. Any locksmith or hardware store can grind a new one in two minutes from the blank. Cost me $2 for the cut. Maybe $10 for the key. I had to switch my fob internals over to the new one of course too. Now I have an extra steel key to open the trunk or start the car. Won't open the doors of course.
  11. Anyone have a good turbo hose lying around? Mine is starting to split at the end with it goes into the turbo. Also looking for someone to do the swap. I'm having trouble getting my crashbar off with those nasty T45 bolts. Located in Toronto. Thanks!
  12. I've been reading the threads on oil leaks here and they seem to be tricky to diagnose and fix. From looking at mine over the past 6 months I may have more than one leak and it's getting worse. One was the oil filter housing and I fixed that myself. I don't have the time or expertise to deal with the rest of them. I have an' 05 with 160,000 km on it so I know it won't last forever, but I'd like to get another year out of it without dumping a lot more money in. I'm looking for someone to determine exactly where the leaks are and fix them reasonably. I looked at the list of repair options in the GTA area and there aren't a lot of comments/reviews. Has anyone had good luck with a shop with expertise in fixing oil leaks at a fair cost? Or maybe there's a member with the skills who wants to take this on for some cash? I could leave the car for a week or two. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks Tolsen! I had to look up "white spirits"! I see it is also known as paint thinner, turpentine, Varsol, etc. Next I have to find out where the transmission wiring harness is...
  14. How do you get the soap up into the all the little crevices and nooks and crannies above, from below the car? Many of the spaces are too far up and small to get my hand with a sponge.
  15. I've got oil leak problems too. Was assuming it was the intercooler ($$) but it may be one of the other problems mentioned here. It seems to be coming down from the very rear of the engine compartment, above the muffler, then running down one of the little rubber hoses. What's the best way to do an engine shampoo job? Any advice on products? Thanks.