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  1. The BIG City car really exists! In May while touring Italy, we happened to be walking on the streets of Treviso located outside of Venice, when I spotted a bigger than life Smart. It was there to attract attention to the new generation Smart. It did. On location were 4 Smart cabrio to test drive. Memories of my attending the Detroit "Street Smart USA", tour with the London Smart club, when Smart was being introduced to the US, immediately came to mind. My navigator Valerio the Smart car rep from Rome, directed me on a 3 minute test drive on the streets of Treviso, in a new cabrio automatic. I was pleasantly surprised with the smooth and quick acceleration of the automatic. I originally thought the manual would be the way to go, but not now. The other observation was the extreme short turning radius! My far too short driving experience, brought back memories of my 2006 Passion model that I drove for 3 years. My 2006 was pure fun. Driving the 2016 model was even better. For those who missed the BIG City car promo: The BIG Smart is disassembled for transporting to each event. ..Don
  2. Great seeing Smarts and "smarties" again!
  3. It's been awhile! Look forward to seeing all again.Can a RAV4 park with Smarts?Just kidding:) We'll see you there,Sign-Up Sheet1. Bill2. Wild!3. Liz & Glenn.4. Carol & Don5.
  4. Hi GlennEnjoyed reading about your trip.Having owned 8 Toyotas: 4 Corollas ('72, '76 '88, '96), 1991 Previa, 2002 Sienna, 2006 Matrix, and now a 2013 RAV4, I can attest to Toyota's reliabilty.My 2006 Matrix was the best car I have ever owned. Traded it with 288,000K (it would have easily done another 288,000K), on a 2013 RAV4 for it size and comfort. Surprisingly the new RAV4 gets close to the same mileage as the '06 Matrix.My 2006 Smart Passion was by far the most fun car I have ever owned.
  5. Thanks to Ishkabibble and Smartnhappy for chauffeuring us on the tourI appreciate you, Bill, letting me drive a Smart again after not driving one for 2 years since I sold mine.Had to catch myself when shifting from first to second (shift up, shift up, shift up)It was fun!...Don & Carol
  6. Carol and & I had a great time. Thanks to James for organizing and guiding us on our short tour of a beautiful part of south western Ontario.We didn't get to watch the sun set - but almost.Attached are some photos of our adventure.
  7. Hi, looking forward to meeting everyone - it's been awhile.Sign up List1. James2. Ron & Dot3. Glenn & Liz4. Bill5. Ish6. Carol & Don7.8.9.10.
  8. SIGN-UP LIST1. Bill2. Ron & Dot3. William4. Alberta & Cliff5. Annabelle & Jack6. Doug & Sharon7.Carol & Don8.910.
  9. Sign up list:1. Liz & Glenn2. Ron & Dot3. Melissa4. Alberta & Cliff5. Bill6. Sandra7. rrowswell8. Carol & Don9.10.
  10. We enjoyed seeing everyone. Nice venue to start off the new year. Thanks "uncle Glen" for the round of locally brewed beverage. Once a Smart always a Smart, ...Don
  11. Carol and I plan to attend, not just for the beer mind you.Looking forward to seeing the group after a long absence....Don
  12. Spent this last November in Madeira, Portugal an island located 1000k west of Morocco.We enjoyed super weather (average 23C), great food, breath taking scenery, and saw many Smarts.The island has a population of 250,000 people and 40,000 cars – a lot of them Smarts - proportionally more than in Canada.Being part of the European market, Smarts were seen with options we don't see in North America,such MHD (micro-hybrid drive) and CDI (diesel).With their narrow roads and skimpy parking spaces – owning a Smart there - is smart.A great place to visit, and yes quite a few car rental agencies, did rent Smarts....DonPS: Note: picture of the 2011 Blue gasoline engine model in Funchal Smart show room - that the lower panel color is the same as top panels - a 2011 standard feature (no more black).
  13. Getting together with Smarts is still fun!If only I had one of the cars exhibited at the museum, I could afford a lot of Smarts.Car collecting proved to be not a poor man's hobby.Thanks to Bill for arranging the tour and Glenn for arranging the dining – both were excellent....Don
  14. Doug and I will meet those at Foodland at 16:30 for the convoy. :smart: :smart: :smart: :smart:...Don
  15. SIGN-UP1. Bill (smartnhappy)2. Glenn & Liz (smart142 & Lilbit)3. Ron & Dot (Leadwing & Spike)4. Terry & Phyllis (smarting)5. William (Huronlad)6. Joyce and John (SMRTENUF)7. Doug & a driver for me!8. Don (Doug's chauffeur)9.10. ⬇