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  1. Vredesteins on roadster rims?
  2. Use a tread depth gauge ( a couple bucks at CT )and measure across the tire width to be sure. My right rear also wore faster than the driver's side. The insides usually wear faster as well. To even out the wear take them to a tire shop and get the rear rubber flipped on the rims and rebalanced. The left then goes on the right side, the right on the left due to the directional pattern. It will be a little noisier for a while, but will increase the service life of the tires.
  3. It is a direct replacement for the clock pod, no special software needed. It takes all it's information from the OBD port. All information is updated in real time. Especially nice for a pure that did not come with any rev/clock pods. Easily installed. Manufacturer's site Welte-Engineering Review at Evilution X-Gauge review $150 shipped in Canada. The faceplate is black . It comes in a pod with a pure trim ring. It is only good for the 2004-2006 450cdi diesel.
  4. DennisSorry about that, but I get easily confused these days and am trying to keep things simple. Dennis
  5. It's pretty easy with practice. Here's a video Duck put online.
  6. Thanks everybody. I didn't expect everything to go so fast All items are for local pick up only. Not interested in shipping. Little Buddy 700 watt space heater with custom mounting bracket. Mount under passenger side of dash, doesn't interfere with legroom, ashtray or cup holder. Sold Wheel covers, new in box. sold Covers for 450 seats. A little extra warmth in winter. 1 seat cover is worn, the other is like new. Sold MP3 connector for smart radio sold ESP disabler. new, never used/needed. Sold All season (rubber) floor mats, like new, Sold
  7. Front smart roadster steel rims 5J15, no rubber, paint starting to chip. Fits a 175/55R15 tire. Rear smart 450 steel rims 5.5J15, 195/50R15 Kumho ECSTA KU25 tires. 3mm of tread left. Not suitable for winter. Paint starting to chip. The cheapest way to go wide. Sold local pickup only. Not interested in shipping
  8. Sold Vredestein all season tires mounted on smart roadster steelies with moon caps. Fronts - Quatrac2 175/55R15 on 5J15 rims, 5mm of tread left Rears - Quatrac2 195/50R15 on 6J15 rims, 4mm of tread left Approx 25k, 3 winters of use. Rims showing rust. Tread good for at least 1 more winter (Vredestein recommends 4mm minimum for snow use). $400.00 local pickup only. Not interested in shipping.
  9. After seeing the salt stains in my 450 after 3 years of winter driving, I wish they had these available. Only available for the 451s, they may seem pricey, but worth it.
  10. But there are those who carry things a little too far
  11. From Who has the best fuel in SW ON. Diesel Fuel Brand__Cetane Petro-Canada ULSD____46 Shell ULSD___________40 Shell Ultra___________42 Sunoco ULSD_________44 Sunoco Gold__________48
  12. The first fill-up skewed the fuel economy rating. Last (2nd) tank was 6.57L/100km. Within normal parameters I think.
  13. metro-mike, are you using a scangauge/x-gauge, or a welt-engineering x-gauge?