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  1. First off .. If you have never travelled with Eddie, do not atempt to keep up with him. He runs on some form of energy that allows him to stay awake for far longer than anybody else I have met. I think that I drove 4 - 5 hours in total? On a 3400km trip thats not much. But I was tired and have no luck sleeping in the passenger seat. I DID catch him sleeping in the car. so yes.. he does do it from time to time. Where ever you go with him, there is a story GARRENTEED to follow. Especially with the questions I got about jacking the car up when filling it. " Why is he got the car jacked up like that? "" So we can squeeze more fuel in it! What the hell does it look like?!"Im not the best when it comes to fielding questions at 2 am outside of Spokane. And Im cranky. Overall .. it was fun. It makes me miss my car, and I will be looking for another.. all black, cabrio. They are selling 3 '05 Smarts at a dealership in Beaverton!! Thats wicked!! But the prices are not! what wer they Eddie.. like $27 000 US??Thanks for meeting us for coffee and icecream Cait. Although you are a vegitarian and dont like the coffee at starbucks, I still like you. You make fun of people and that makes you #1 in my book. Oh yes.. if you ever go to eat with Eddie, please ask him if is going to order Chicken Fried Chicken. He'll know. This weekend was 80's rad.
  2. I ran HIDs for over 40, 000km.. and they were good in the city.. but on the highway they were terrible. The reflectors are not designed for the way the light is outputed from the arc. So the light travel is not anywhere near as good. What will happen is that the light will pool in front of the car. And not only is the long distance light not good, but it will also make your pupils contract, and we all know how that sucks. I drove to California with my car, ( which I miss every day I might add ) and on highways where you cannot use the highbeams because of other drivers or traffic, the HIDs are pitiful. They just dont work. Save a few $$ and get a set of really good Halogens, Euro Spec Phillips, MiTec, IPF ( one of the best ) Hella, Narva.. That would be your best choice. Please check out danielsternlighting.com for very in depth lighting resource. Trust me. I went through it Loooooong ago.
  3. Ill join this one. Always a blast with youse guys!!
  4. My Turn! Thank you soooo much Danny. Your couch was a great bed and I truly appreciate the offer to let me bunk there. Issac was a great host also and George did a masterful job of keeping great tunes rolling along. It was so cool to meet everyone and see a lot of ppl that I had not bumped into since Waterton. Nelson is a beautiful place and I fell in love with the entire Nelson /Ymir area. ...Rollin around Nelson like a true PLAYA!!
  5. im leaving at 6am... but I travel fast so I should arrive in Nelson at 3-4pm
  6. im staying at the Birch Grove Campground. The lady there was extra nice and said that they are going to reserve a site just for me! Thats Service. Im up for whatever.. Ill be leaving on Monday Morning to Lethbridge to visit Ross before I head back to Edmonton.
  7. Im going to try and break a record driving there. I made it to Regina from Edmonton in 7h 5min. ( 784 km ) So We shall see!!! hahahaha! I have yet to find a place to pitch my tent when Im there.. Boo for me
  8. well.. Im sure that I can help out a little as I am really a nice guy despite what anyone says ( Eddie... Not a word from you!! LOL ) So.. I offer my place as I have a fully furnished guest room with a private full Bath. So its all yours if you wish! Oh.. and as my own "sponsorship " addition.. Ill fill your tank when you get here too. There. Thats sweet.
  9. well... thank god for the traction disabler... because there is so much snow that you need to keep the rear tires spinning in order to keep moving!!! Drawbacks?? no ABS or Stability Control. Driving the car like this is insanely tough. espcially with the roads the way they are.. unplowed. So.. if you are curious to se how good of a driver you REALLY are, give it a try. It will open your eyes to how much programming went into Trust Plus and how amazing it truly is.. Im astonished.
  10. It would be really nice to have Honda bring their diesel line up here.... 1.7 TDI Civic and the 1.3 TDI Fit
  11. I love torque. And the fact that these engines make so much from so little is fantastic. We were going to buy a TDI Golf. I love those too EXCEPT for 2 reasons. 1. EGR issues and pluged piping. 2. faulty MAF units. But my cousin bought one... and the 1.9 is awesome ( after we took it the intake and turbo out because it was so plugged up with soot ... a disgusting job to clean. Whats even more amazing with the Diesels are the huge power gains when modified. Anyone who knows me is fully aware that I cannot leave anything alone. Its my nature. So after we put an intake, downpipe and exhaust and a new chip in that Golf, in no tme it had so much torque the clutch took a crap. I was so impressed with my Smart I am now a diesel lover forever. I even bought a Mitsubishi Pajero for a secondary vehicle ( other than our race car ) that is powered by a 2.4 TD... I love it ...So Yay!! for diesel.
  12. Hells Yea Im in Fo' Sho.... You know I could never miss an oppertunity to make a complete ass of myself infront of total strangers. Ill make sure I get my bling on
  13. I as well have no dummy circles... no I have to be more creative for when I add the buttons to activate the smoke screen and flip around licence plate! LOL
  14. I park 'back in ' all the time!! Why ? Because I can!! But I always make sure there is some room on either side for those who want to get their car out. Hey, I may be an a#$hole.. but I am a considerate one !! I only park by feel when driving the Pajero.
  15. before we went to California I had the car looked over at 38,000km.. they said that they were just fine.