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  1. Hey this is TUKTUK my little smart car. I had since new. Purchased June 1 2007 from MB Broadway in Vancouver. Car number 9048 into Canada
  2. Hello smart friends,I have recently started to hear a rattle/knock coming from under the passengers seat. During acceleration or while the car is parked, in gear - with the brake on. Tap the gas (i know its diesel) - you hear the knock. I've been told it is the A/C line running from the back to the front. Some sort of plastic mount is broken. Allowing the pipe to bounce around and hit the underside. I naturally thought of accessing it from the underside, but have been told it's more common to reach that area by removing the passenger seat.Has anyone else had this problem or have tips on how to repair it? I didn't see anything on the Evolution site.I guess as always - disconnecting the battery first will help to prevent any unwanted airbag action.thanks in advance ...
  3. Is the repair an actual smart part replacement? Or something i just fab as required? (zap straps & coat hangers)If there's an actual part replacement does anyone have the Part Number? I'd like to get it before I make my car undriveable.thanks again,
  4. Under the seat, under the carpet - is there an access panel?
  5. is it meant to be used with ones existing airbag?
  6. Welcome,I like your two car punch - i have the same
  7. still no plans? Guess its tougher than i thought
  8. Sorry to cut in here .. but it's a perfect photo.So I'm curious. What is wrong with the way the car is being towed? It seems fine to me. Why so much talk about "flat deck"only.
  9. I'm free on most sundays - for a day trip.
  10. Helmet Law in BC
  11. YES - my 2nd A-Service was more than my first A-Service .. Actually MORE than my first B-Service.$234.71 out the doorservice $149.50oil filter $7.37oil $26.85Diesel clnr $8.95enviro $3.50shop "surprise" $13.39tax's $25.15 = 234.71
  12. I'm off work at 4pm (in vancouver) and will be looking to hook-up somewhere. Rain or Shine
  13. I used a wide elastic band .. works great. Even on relish jars
  14. on a side note: your photos are ALWAYS awesome.
  15. I often keep an eye on things here but don't have too much to say.I like your ideas of the meet/greet/coffee. But would prefer spring/summer. I tend to put BREWZR to bed for the winter.
  16. Great colours too
  17. Yes, the same thing happened to me last week. So bizarre .. BREWZR never lets me down. At the same time i noticed that the hill hold function was NOT working. Started the car a few times .. nothing. Then i checked for codes in the Scangauge .. nothing. But then the SG was giving me a screen that i have never seen before. By pressing the lower right button a few times it went back to normal. I started the car .. lights off .. everything fine.
  18. I like it .. looks really good too.Do you have an order/sign up list?
  19. a good day at work can't beat a bad day of Savasna Namaste
  20. Me too!I wave, therefore I am!
  21. First "B" service @ 14,500km. MB Broadway (vancouver)Labour $143.00Oil filter $7.39Euro synthetic oil $8.95 x3 $26.85Cleaning Compou. $9.85 (what is?)Washer Solvent $3.49 (my washer fluid jug was already full)Diesel Clean $5.95Misc Charges $12.51tax $25.10TOTAL $234.14seems i need to reset my Scan Gauge .. now where were those instructions again
  22. I was lucky enough to visit Alan back in 2007 Spent the day touring his business Lots of fun, LOTS of stuff.
  23. Just me again. Any new development in the last year?Love to see some photos .. ANY photos