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  1. hate to revive such and old thread but the best way is plasti dip
  2. The kit comes with the ballast and the bulb. I didnt make an install video as there are quite a few out there.Smartmadness has a good video. The difference is their ballast are mounted right to the rear of the headlight. They are the actual cap.I did an install with pics for the 450 awhile ago. If you search it it should be here. The 451 is the same except different dismantling procedures.I had them on my 450 for like 2years with no problems and I sold that car now.
  3. When I had my 450 I installed some HID lights in it. I got a good deal from a local guy and people bought some from him.I now have a 451 smart and have a good deal on H7 HID kits. $75 eachIf anyone is interested let me know. I can also ship them out for a small price. Probably no more than $10 for shipping unless its to somewhere like timbuk2??The usual 6k 7k or 8k in color.ThanksJOKER
  4. sold my passion with my aftermarket exhaust cdi modelif someone needs a new muffler mine was only used for 10k before it was removed$100 and its yours or will trade for a cargo rear cover for a 451
  5. someone sent me this picture. After looking at it for awhile it seems to be photoshoped.None the less it is a kewl concept.
  6. I let mine go for $3000 in trade and it only had 135K on it fully loaded passion
  7. This is my second Smart now. The diesel was a lot of fun. I hope to have even more enjoyment out of my new to me Limited 1 Cabrio. Still enjoying the weather with the top down.
  8. I just picked up 166620 limited 1 cabriolet - surrey bcShe's only got 14k and immaculate
  9. Trading in my black diesel smart for a newer 08 Gasser. Gonna miss the black clouds of smoke but will enjoy the smoother gas. The Limited One looks nice outside and superb inside. Now to drive it with the top down while summer still lasts.
  10. do you still have the wheels? if so let me knowthanks
  11. are the rims and tires still available?just crack a front and bent a rear rimthanks
  12. i know the rear end on the cars are different but are the doors interchangeable or do they have to be from a coupe for coupe and conv for conv?thanks
  13. Well i had heard reports that night and finally got the footage. A hero comes along and probably spares the car from being torched.