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  1. Lovingly used, already assembled and ready to go. Installs onto car in less than a minute, at four mounting points. I have the original $498.00 bill of sale, the owner's manual, (got to love Mercedes; something that installs with four bolts comes with a manual in nine languages), and the nifty installing tools. $225.00 takes it away. I live in the East end of the GTA, so a person-to-person sale would be best. Shipping this thing cross-country would be impractical. PM me for my e-mail and/or phone number.
  2. So sorry... a misunderstanding on my part.Just edited myself into the consolidated list.
  3. Huh?? ...checked your list, didn't see me...I say again, 207, 994 kms on mine-- We went out since my last post.
  4. 207,971 on mine, purchased May 13, 2005.I commute from my home in Pickering to the dealership I work at in Mississauga (~ 160km round trip) twelve months of the year.This little car has been the most trouble-free vehicle I've ever owned. The entire warranty history is four work orders: a light bulb, an airbag wiring repair, a leaky turbo replacement, and a fuel pressure regulator.Since then, -I've replaced a leaking inlet tube once and cleaned out the EGR twice-replaced a leaking high-pressure fuel pump at 160K - the only "Big Buck" repair-tracked down and repaired corroded wiring to the Input Speed Sensor (notorious P0715) at 200K-replaced all three glow plugs during a lunch break at work a couple of days ago.There's been many oil changes and a few brake jobs, but that's maintenance.
  5. That was the fantastic thing about Gary and his company, 10X Tuning; when he sold me the Upsolute he promised, in writing, on the invoice, FREE reinstalls if any service rewrite eliminated it.He kept his word....another reason to miss him...
  6. Nor can I!!!Gary Wong installed the Upsolute 55hp remap in my smart in '05, when it was a month old.What a difference from stock. Power and throttle response felt dramatically better, shifts were crisper and smoother, and the speed limiter was gone (a necessity when driving on the 407 back then).A year later Mercedes installed the A/C efficiency patch in my ECU and it corrupted the remap, defaulting the software back to factory settings.Now that I had gotten used to the remap, the car felt so horrible it seemed almost undriveable. I called Gary the next afternoon. I had such a need to get it reinstalled as soon as possible, he met me in a Burger King parking lot in Markham that night so I wouldn't have to wait one more day.That's service! It's really a shame he's dropped out of sight.
  7. As part of the publicity for Red Dwarf's "Return to Earth" public appearances of the cast included this version of the Jupiter Mining Corporation Starbug: Here's a clip of it on display:
  8. Also OT: Thanks, Duck. It's by AnarchyAdAgency and can be purchased from UnAmerican Activities: The UnAmerican Truth My wife thinks it's confrontational, but in the 3 years it's been on the car, I've had quite a few laughing, positive responses, usually from young guys on motorcycles. On the other hand, I also bought a modified silver stick-on Jeezus fish for my car- it has tentacles all around it and represents our Lord and Creator the Flying Spaghetti Monster, surrounded by the glory of his noodley appendages. That just sits in the little drawer because I'm afraid that if I put it on my smart, the car will be vandalized. Believers are by nature more violent in their judgment than sheep are.
  9. To continue...I wasn't at work last night when I posted, so here's further info.Of course I paid employee trade cost, but here's part numbers and retail prices:Arm: 8L8Z-17526-C @$36.25Blade: WW1202 @ $12.00
  10. I never liked the way my rear wiper would skip on the backglass, especially when salt and road dirt got into the spring point on the arm. It also looked skimpy and old fashioned to me.It was never worth the aggravation to do anything about it, but I found an answer by accident a while ago.I work for a Lincoln dealership, and while PDIing a 2009 Ford Escape, it struck me that its rear wiper looked about right. I borrowed it and tried it on my smart. It mounts perfectly and is a little longer from the pivot to the end of the blade, coming to ~1/2" from the bottom edge of the backglass on the bottom of its sweep, so there's a little more coverage of the glass.It doesn't interfere with the washer jet in any way, and it's a "smooth" design that appears to be a single unit at first glance (similar to the Nissan Micra unit pictured on the Evilution web page link above).Go to your nearest Ford dealership if you want.
  11. It is peculiar.I've been a mechanic for 27 years; I've seen and felt many winter tires on many cars. Presently, both Lincolns are running on Goodyear Ultragrips (my dealership gets bulk buy rates to meet the needs of our OPP Port Credit Division service contract). They're pretty good, but unavailable in smart sizes. The Focus is on Nokian Hakkapeliittas, which are amazing, but are also not smart-sized.When I considered the choices available for the smart, the Blizzaks were the winners. After three winters' driving, I tell you, the smart will go places in bad weather I would never dream of taking the big cars, particularily the RWD Mark VIII.I am not trying to prove you wrong, Duck, but merely agreeing with you. It is incredible that we have such different perceptions of a truly non-quantifiable experience.
  12. Now that was really uncalled for. By disagreeing with you my statements are so stupid and bizarre I must be from another planet???
  13. Look at any of those horrific pictures that show a wheel of the wrecked car. There's clearly a five bolt lug nut pattern; smart has always been three. In a couple of the photos you can see the VW emblem in the center of the wheel. Mike T is correct, it's a VW Crossfox, built and distributed in Brazil. Here's the link to "", explaining the actual location and circumstances of the accident: The Truth About the Accident . In the header photograph part of the "CROSSF..." graphic is clearly legible on the car's rocker panel.