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  1. Well at a little over 10600kms now and averaging 7.1L/100. Kicking myself for not looking at the Prius c a little closer, but love having heat in the winter.
  2. Car now at 1700kms and last tank yielded 6.2. Getting better but still a lonnnggg ways to go.
  3. Have now filled car 3 times since buying and results are in. Best tank was 7.0L/100kms. A far cry from the advertised 4.9 Highway and 5.5 city. I have also been following Fuelly for other Scions and the best so far that I have seen is a 6.0L/100km tank. For anyone considering this car you may want to take a hard look at the Prius C. It will cost you more money on purchase, but fuel economy and cargo room is vastly improved.
  4. When I sold my 06 pulse I sold for 1500 below market as I wanted to sell it. The CDI Smart car prices have really plummeted over the last 2 years.My opinion is Mercedes in Canada is to blame. When I told people it was serviced by Mercedes many would cringe or laugh at the thought of service costs. I know not all places are bad for Mercedes, but they were a major factor to why I sold mine. Best of luck selling your car!
  5. Yes you can
  6. 50/50? Have driven with 3 people in the car with no issue. 4 is impossible, but 3 is very doable.
  7. So roughly over a week ago I received my new Scion IQ. So far the car drives noticeably smoother than my former diesel Smart did. It is an automatic and shifts much smoother. The stereo is obviously better as it is a factory Pioneer unit. Overall my experience with the car has been pleasant with the only shock being fill ups. The car is advertised to get 5.5L/100kms combined mileage. I can honestly tell you I am no where near that number. I am more at 8.0L/100kms.. To be fair the car is in break in period, but I do not personally feel this car will get the advertised numbers. The heat in the car in the morning is awesome. Driving the smart for 5 years will not miss the cold mornings and the iced up windshield on the inside of the car.Will not lie though miss my Smart car terribly. It was a part of my life for 5 years. Somethings are hard to give up even if they are bad for you hehe. Just thought I would let others know of my experience so far with the IQ. On a funny side note I can drive 3 people in the IQ quite easily. I am 6'3 and my wife is 5'5 and we can fit a person behind the passenger seat quite easily. No chance of anyone or thing sitting behind me though. 3 people is easily doable though.First fillip was $29.50 for unleaded. Not quite use to that as my most expensive fill in a Smart was $26 ROFL.
  8. It is with a heavy heart that I bid clubsmartcar adieu. After 5 years of owning a 2006 CDI it is time to move on to the next new toy. I recently sold my 06 to make room for the 2012 Scion IQ. After paying, what I felt was, too much in service costs I sold the old gent. I will miss the many great members of this site for there free advise on the unique car known as the Smart. I hope you all have better luck with your wee babies now and in the future. My Smart just could not handle the cold Alberta winters. I could not justify spending anymore money in repairs on a car with only 55000 kilometres on it. To date I have never owned a car that was more expensive to maintain, yet at the same time so damn fun to drive. I'll miss the looks and weird questions I got over the years about the Smart car. I will miss the great conversations from MikeT about how his car has not experienced any of the issues most of us have. MikeT, I feel you got the greatest Smart ever made. I really do mean that. I hope you're car goes to half a million miles. Your a nice person and deserve it. I will miss my friend Rogman who helped me do many mods on my car for nothing more than conversation. He sadly has also sold his smart. Smartzuuk, for his attempts at crazy Mileage. They were fun to follow. Duck, who also sadly parked his baby, for his crazy adventures all over Northeast Canada/US. This was and is more than a club or site. It felt at times like a crazy family or a long lost friend. Members trials with Mercedes to get things fixed. The great travel pictures of members travelling all over in there cars. The great pictures of how to repair or replace something. I do not know if I will find another site like this or a car that caused so much conversation.How do you love and hate a car so much at the same time? Mercedes in Canada killed this car. The members is what will keep people loving and learning about it long after it is no longer made.Thank you all for the drive.... It was fun. God Bless
  9. Went to pugcityeuroworks in Edmonton and had the following services performed:B serviceBall joints replacedFront brakes replaced Rotors replaced ( could have been reused but I and Neil felt new was a better investment)1 burnt out rear signal lightTotal cost with GST just under $879. They now are able to scan codes and adjust clutch. Neil said they have been able to do this for roughly 4 months now. Was pleased with service overall and really hope I never have to see weber motors ever again!
  10. Now that would be hilarious to see walking down the street. Great picture.
  11. Sorry for not updating sooner, I thought I had?The car was at Weber Motors for 4 days total while we went back and forth on who would pay the repair. It was determined that I was eligible for only half as a good will gesture. I repeatedly questioned the 130,000km emission warranty. They kept coming back to the 4 year 80,000km warranty being over as the car is 5 years old. I gave up and paid the $440 and picked up my car. I am glad that it is fixed, but to be honest, am tired of Mercedes service for Smart Cars. I was not treated rude or unjust. They were very professionally with me from start to finish. What this has done though is question the long term reliability of my car. With 53000kms on this car and the, in my opinion, high service costs I am starting to question if I would not be better off with a honda or toyota. Hurts me to say that as I love my car. I wish I could wake up someone at Mercedes so they get it. Oh well thanks for reading. :DAlso, thanks to MikeT for suggesting the 130,000km emissions warranty to get it fixed free. Had that not been brought up I am positive I would have paid full price.
  12. Hi Ravk,Who did the install for you? What model of heater did you go with and what was the financial cost to have it all done? It should obviously be warmer for you this winter.
  13. Just an update. Car is at Weber Motors awaiting to see if Mercedes Canada will cover it under the 130,000km 8year emissions warranty. Fingers crossed
  14. Thanks to MikeT for advising the warranty should cover the EGR Valve for 8years and 130000kms. I will find-out on the 13th at Weber Motors here in Edmonton if they will in fact honor it. The service advisor on phone said that they would. I have had the code P0401 since September 3rd. Scanned it today with scan-gauge for code.
  15. I had my car in for service recently. For the most part I am pleased with the service, but would like to point out that Neil's shop does not have the diagnostic system that Mercedes has. So he was unable to adjust clutch or diagnose car with system. Overall I was pleased otherwise as his prices are reasonable and the price quoted is very close to what you will pay. I had my car in for service and the Tolsen plug installed. All seemed to go off without a hitch. i would go there for service again but would need to schedule a visit yearly for clutch and diagnostic at mercedes.