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  1. Jack Black on Black AC/PW/PL AM/FM/CD 6 speed semi-auto only 26,000 kms. still smells new! includes four Hancook Ice Bear winter tires (currently installed) Dealer maintained - balance of factory warranty remains Knew we were selling, so we took it to the dealer for a "check-up" - new brakes/rotors and oil change done (ouch....) $9,000 Pictures available upon request. Halifax, Nova Scotia E-Mail
  2. I had a guy come up to me the other day from NY (It's cruise ship season here in Halifax) when I was climbing out of The Flea and he said "You know what we call them things where I come from - Stupid Cars". Like I hadn't heard that a thousand times already. I just smiled and replied "Yes and GM and Chrysler have proven themselves to produce MUCH smarter vehicles haven't they? Whose broke now?"He just walked away shaking his head and said "These Canadians just don't get it....."
  3. So......I'm starting to think about selling The Flea. I've had it for 2 years now, and although I like it, I'm probably not getting the full benefit out of it. The original idea was that because my wife gets paid mileage while at work the car would pay for itself. Well in two years we've only put 15,000 kms on it and although it works well, financially it would be smarter to have a small used car than make payments on something we don't use much. My big question is what is a fair price for a 2006 pure? No goodies, steel wheels, with a set of Hancook IceBears with one winter on them. I
  4. This shows a big step in China wanting to become a dominant player in the automotive world though......I recently saw a show on National Geographic and China has entered into talks with both Toyota and Honda to begin production in China. That is a huge step when you consider the long standing political difficulties between China and Japan.
  5. dpollo,That there smell is Eastern offense to any other Maritimers that hail from there....................and we didn't get enough sun here all summer to heat your car up above freezing......
  6. I always wait to download until it's a DVD-rip - perfect quality and a pause button to get more drinks.................and no screaming children to ruin the experience.
  7. I can't remember the last time I actually went to a theatre to see a movie. I usually "borrow" them from The Pirate Bay. A couple recent ones that I liked are Into the Wild and Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.
  8. Well, we have yet another station that now offers diesel in Dartmouth. The Woodside Ultramar has just completed their (much needed) facelift and they offer self-serve diesel. Of course there are no deals there - $1.57/litre, but at least it's one more option..............
  9. That's not it because we always back up our driveway (90 feet), so we know it's in reverse. It sounds like a normal issue and it's probably due to the grade of my driveway. Thanks everyone, I'll just make sure I put The Flea in her bed at night......
  10. We have a recent problem with The Flea. Our driveway is quite a steep grade. As a matter of habit, we always use our emergency brake when parking and keep the car in reverse. Usually we keep the car in the garage, so it's not an issue, however a few times now my wife has kept the car in the driveway and forgotten to put the emergency brake on (however the car has been in reverse) and the car gradually eases down the hill - shouldn't the car being in gear prevent this?My simple answer to my wife has been "Just don't forget the friggin' emergency brake", but I thought I'd post just in case............
  11. The program you speak of is a Federal one, so yes, we all qualify. Took me about 4 months to receive mine after submitting all the paperwork.
  12. There are no companies in Halifax that rent smarts. <_<You won't have any problem getting a rental at the airport - all companies have an outlet there. Just beware of the construction - it's nuts right now.
  13. To me this electric car has the "wow" factor...........the Subari R1e
  14. If you changed the badge on the front it would look just like the Hyundai Sonata. I'd buy the Sonata over the Accord though. I had an Elantra before my Forester and the thing was bulletproof.
  15. Yeah, but who makes the best LOOKING cars? I know Hondas are good cars, but the "Blah Factor" is quite high. .........of course I drive a Subaru, and they've never exactly been known to be pretty.......