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  1. I killed to boids with one stone...or at least the same oil filter. Picked up my Mobil1-108 oil filter and just happened to find it also fits my 2006 Subie Forester. Yesterday was busy and today no leaks. So I done good.
  2. When I had the 2.0 transmission update they did a number of things and one of them was to replace the previous battery with the new 61 amp batt.
  3. I started a fairly large discussion on another website concerning my broken vent on the new battery that was installed along with the other updates on my 451. Take note: there is a good chance that when they installed it they broke the battery vent that exits the top side of the battery. Some say just removing, or re-installing, the carpeting and the spongy covering can crack this thing. Check it out. I obviously wasn't the only one who, on inspecting the new batt, found it broken.
  4. SameGuy - Yep Pigeon forge is right next door. smart142 - I'm trying to get my brother to head over to Micros - I've been reading some posts about that place. 2seatragtop - This first get-together for smarts on The Dragon may turn into "an event" in the future. I think they are looking to get smart vendors there so we can see their offerings. deezle - I've been absent (minded).
  5. The Wondrous Tale: Smart CARolina's (a Charlotte based smart owners club that includes North & South Carolinians) and others, is looking to have a get-together. It has tentatively been set for Sept. 26 in the mtns. of North Carolina & Tennesee. The Woeful Tail: Specifically we are talking about Deals Gap home of the infamous Tail of the Dragon. It's an 11 mile section of mountainous road with 318 curves. Along with family and friends of those who sadly don't make it - survivors will be having a get-together afterward. One of our members is attempting to block off a bunch of rooms in Robbinsville and, possibly, Fontana. A point of reference - Asheville North Carolina is 90 miles to the East so you could stay at The Biltmore or under some overpass. More of my meaniful thoughts and teachings: Home is where the smart is. Don't let anyone tell you to "talk to the hand" Google this: Outsmarting the Dragon event.
  6. The polycarbonate roof is quite durable. I wax my car with Black Magic and also apply it to the polyc roof. It comes out crystal clear to see through!
  7. After reading the above should we just change the oil and not the filter at the midway point?
  8. I've been "tapping" through my gears here on the Blue Ridge Parkway and I've got to tell you - it's the perfect place to do it. Speed limit is 45 and few cars on it so not much pressure!
  9. Sometimes our dirt roads get pretty dusty. What would be a good, easy to replace, air filter for my 451. I've read about the oil filters but haven't seen much about the air filters for the carb.
  10. Congrats Wayne! South of the Border will never be the same.Read that manual 3 times!
  11. Great news LorbeerTLC! It's a great rush. I drove over to my Allstate Insurance man because he wanted to take it for a spin. I parked in front of a restaurant near his business and in a minute it seems like all the clientele had emptied the place to check it out. Enjoy.
  12. I'll be the first. Cdr. Cody located in Charleston, South Carolina
  13. That's normal. My cold Subaru does the same thing.
  14. Wednesday won't come soon enough!
  15. Our first tank, which got us back from Jacksonville Fl to Chas. SC, we got 46 mpg. Mostly highway with some city driving. Fine with me!