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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a chrome ForTwo badge? I don't need the Smart badge i've seen, butjust for ForTwo badge in chrome. I removed the vinyl decals and now it looks too plain.
  2. I've had unique and modded cars all my life. But does "the looks" ever get old to you?Some people aren't familiar with Smart Cars and it blows their minds on the spot.Some people wave, some people smile and some people burst out laughing,and then some people could care less if they're even looking. But doesn't itwear on you sometimes? Who doesn't like the love? I do of course. But sometimesit can be a bit much. Somedays just driving around to go get a bite to eat canjust wear you out since it's like being a celebrity. Not that i've ever been a celebrity,but it does tire me out sometimes. I feel nervous at times at the stoplight becauseeveryone and their brother just stares at ya. They don't seem to do this in my 1993 PlymouthVoyager work van!thoughts? experiances?
  3. cool man, thx. looks as tho it's for the new Fortwo. I'm just waiting for a responce.thanks for the link
  4. Does anyone have link for the double din for the Fortwo? I would like to put a DVD unit in my ride. I think DanGhas one fitted but did not see the double din fascia on his if I remember correctly.
  5. it is still not enough money for me to do it for long term. Stick with computers and white collar work, the automotive industry is changing and advancing too fast to trust its future as a technician right now. . I used to know the Service Manager at Murray Motors Denver (bmw/mercedes) and he was doing 6 figures. At a $100/shop hour, or what they demanded was big business... and still is over there. oops, I better keep my posts in check. Don't want to annoy some of the doogooders on the board with an off topic.
  6. I think more and more Smart clones will be coming out. If they ever make it to our shores is another issue.
  7. Wouldn't Smart Certification for Gen 1's take place at the factory in France? or even in Mercedes in Germany?Sounds like a cool career path. Do it!
  8. so why is he breakin my balls? Who likes lectures? I know I don't! I'm not a fan of Fred. I have 567 miles on mine. I won't need service for quite a while. It's strickly a weekend car for me.
  9. Fred, And I feel sorry for you for buying one of the cheaper and very un-Mercedes new models. I'll find service. Negative posts like yours and "know-it-alls" makes me feel sorry for all the new Smart posers coming out of the wood work. I would much rather have a euro-spec Smart than your Daimler Mitsubishi combo. Fred J, you suck.
  10. damn i didn't even think of that... George & George at ProStar Mercedes in Denver on Broadway would easily take my car in if needed something fixed.Younger George would get a kick out of it.Colorado folks... Call these guys, they took care of me when I had my 190E and C230. Really nice guys. Whatever you do stay away from "S.T." atElizabeth RV. If you didn't buy your Fortwo from him, he will not help you.. He's a serious creep, and don't give him any business. I really want to get that DVD shop manual now.
  11. I talked to an administrator pretty high up today from Smart USA. The G&K conversion cars are like a big "no no", as ifthey're talkin a whole different make and model of car. They were clear and almost downright belittling as if what we'redriving shouldn't even be in the states until their "superior model" hits the shores Jan, 2008. She made the suggestionto sell mine and get an 2008 and then it would be supported. Anyways, we're out in the cold really. Call George at G&K and he knows of one garage that can do oil changes in Southern California.One whole garage? Wow!Furthermore, approach any Mercedes Benz Dealer and ask to speak with the Service Manager.... and ask him/her straight up, if any of his/hertechs have gone through Smart training. And if they are straight shooters, the answer will be no. Glausser and Murray Motors in Coloradostraight up said, NO, their techs have not attended Smart training. Ok, this is unsettling. My car doesn't even have a 1000 miles on it,and I shouldn't worry. But i'm talking down the road. oh, and I bet very few parts of the new model will fit the older gen.
  12. I'm starting to get a little nervous. Is anyone out there getting the run aroundregarding providing any services for your G&K Fortwo? My only G&K dealerin Colorado won't touch my car with a 100 foot pole. He's the biggest ass inColorado. I didn't buy it from him, so he won't provide maintance or repairs,or sell parts to anyone who didn't buy the car from him. What a guy eh?I called Smart USA this morning and they also said there dealers probablywon't be providing Service for the G&K greymarket cars. Kinda blows me awayto be honest. What now?And no, I don't want to sell mine to get the new one. Nothing wrong with the new one,but I like my 2005.
  13. what a bunch of posers! Someone should have pulled up with the real thing and made em all jealous. I would have if I were there..Actually, maybe I will when they come through Colorado. I'm not havin any of it!
  14. god man, i can't help to NOT open my trap about this.... (and maybe a few of you think I should just keep quite).i really feel that the new Smart really waters down all that the Smart was before this point... I simplywish the masses wouldn't have access to this car. It makes me sad to know every joe, dick, and harrywill be driving one. This makes me sad.