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  1. That really is a great review!
  2. Looks awesome Mike!!!
  3. No, the charger that comes with the car is for use with 110 Volt outlets. All charging stations that I've seen in Canada are 220 Volts and the charging cable is connected to the commercial charger. https://tse4.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.9YC3Z-0ZBw-Axiiy5MaHzAFNC7&pid=Api
  4. The ED comes with a charger which plugs into any 110V 15A socket. It can be used from 4 Amps to 12 Amps. I personally have a commercial (hospital) grade outlet with a home (straight) run unswitched to the electrical panel. This meets our needs for the foreseeable future. If you want faster charging, then you will require a 220v 30 Amp service installed and an appropriate charger. It doesn't have to be smart specific...
  5. Here's the tires...
  6. Here's the scoop...
  7. Your wish is my command...
  8. Had Eddy at Flying Tiger install a set of Vredestein Quatrac 5's yesterday. Major difference in the handling and comfort characteristics of our 453 ED! Today I installed the new scoop (okay I know it's not going to do much for the electric motor) but, it looks good! Lastly, I installed the aftermarket cargo cover. Last thing I'm considering is, replacing the halogen H4 lamps with some LED equivalents. This will depend if they'll fit in the existing housing ...
  9. The original front and rear OEM 453 Continental Pro Contact tires with less than 200 km's are up for sale. $250.00 for all four. I replaced them with Vredestein Quatrac 5 All Condition tires. Greater Vancouver area only pick-up or delivery can be arranged.
  10. 2017 ED with 124 km's...What a car!
  11. Yes, I'm willing to sell the Conti's once

    I've made the switch. It won't be for a month or so though...

    1. smrtie


      No rush, the rains haven't started yet.

      Let me know...

      Where did you source your new tires? I couldn't find them in the Fortwo size on their web site.




    2. lebikerboy


      I'm buying the tires from Eddy at Flying Tiger in Richmond. He has them

      shipped from Europe. I've used the Quatrac 3's on our 450 for years...


      I'll let you know when my tires arrive.

  12. An update... So, took the new car over to Vancouver today and encountered heavy traffic plus warm temperatures and, as a result the air con was on constantly. Also, I didn't use ECO once just to see what type of range I'd get. With the distance driven plus anticipated range remaining I'm looking at 118 km's . My only complaint so far is that the audio system restarts from the first track on my memory stick after each restart so, what's up with that? I've ordered a new air intake scoop for engine cooling, a cargo cover which looks a lot better than OEM and a new set of Vredestein Quatrac 5 tires. The OEM tires are Continental Pro Contact TX tires and as usual have about 2/3 the amount of tread compared to aftermarket plus the Vred's are M&S rated. The last acquisition I'm considering is Philips H4 LED replacement lights. This will take considerable care to ensure that the light housing is deep enough and, that there is enough room at the rear to accommodate the heat sinks... Amazing little car and so glad we pulled the trigger.
  13. I love the fact that the 453 has a lot of the nuances and charm that the 450 had. I never liked the 451 interior or exterior and is why I waited for the 453 electric. The car is very quiet, the only sound is the drive train, which is very muffled. Scoots off the line albeit not quite as fast as my Hemi 'Cuda did!!! The new charger comes in a very attractive and accessible holder mounted in the rear trunk. Anyway, not too much more to say as I only drove it from the dealer to home. The car had a 42% charge when I picked it up so it's on charge at 12 Amps and will be fully charged around 2:00 AM. We're going to be running around tomorrow so, will give more details after that... P.S. Tell your sales rep that the world is bigger than Ontario...
  14. Got it and it's amazing!!!
  15. Won't be getting the car today after all through no fault of M/B... Went for a bike ride this morning and somehow severely tweaked my knee so, I'm off to the Doctor's this afternoon Will pick the car up tomorrow afternoon instead.