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  1. After I turned off my DRLs on the 450, I installed a bright LED bulb in the "city lamp" position. One click on the light stalk and I was good to go...
  2. Finally got around to getting rid of the dealer supplied license plate frames. Installed powder coated black ones which, look so much better...
  3. However, you're basing the 5 day formula on your usage only. A much larger sample group of Tesla market owners would be more representative...
  4. I just checked my Hydro bill and right now my my average use is $2.59 per day times 5 equals $12.95. This includes the amount of kwh used to charge our smart ED every couple of days. This is based on 121 kwh. My friend drives a P85D which of course is an 85 kwh battery which, using the five typiclal residential usage days comparison should cost $13.00 to fill. In reality however the actual cost is $8.00 which is pretty damn reasonable IMHO... Don't forget you folks in Ontario have some of the, if not the, highest power rates in Canada.
  5. So, what you're saying is recharging a Tesla battery once,uses the same amount of kwh that a house consumes in five days? If that is a correct interpretation then, I can assure that, that is inaccurate...
  6. Ours is a 2017 ED and, we haven't experienced any of the number 1, 2, 3, problems you've encountered. Numbers 4 ,5, 6 I can't comment on as I haven't used them... Heater does indeed take awhile to warm up the cabin, Acceleration is faster than the 451 IMHO. It's just smoother so, it does seem to take longer.
  7. +1 Mike. Eddy's remap is based on the one smart developed for the Brabus diesel version which, was never introduced...
  8. The only member I know of who successfully ran a stacked (remap&powerbox) smart was, Steve Willgoose. He's long gone from the site however, bil gladstone said Steve's car was very scary it had so much power...
  9. I personally do not use, look at, touch, think about, or whatever else consider my phone when I'm driving. Nothing is so important as to impinge my safety or the safety of others...
  10. Should have used the old wet finger for a smooth finish...
  11. If you want "Softtouch" (Auto) functionality, the replacement knob has to have the side button as, that's where the micro switch resides. If you don't mind shifting, "Softtip" (Manual) functionality then, any knob that will fit will do.
  12. The 453 ED was not introduced until the 2017 model year...
  13. There are no single cell batteries in an ED... So, you're saying your "local" food store is twenty or more km's away?
  14. Countdown starts at 5 litres...more than 20 % of a tank. A CDI should be golden for 100 plus kilometres...
  15. Way over priced.