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  1. You're not making any sense, 22,000 Euros less 20% tax equals 17,600 Euros. At today's rate that equals $26,591... In either case, your original $30,000 is way off the mark.
  2. I don't know where you learned math, it's actually $26,400.00...
  3. Sorry, but that doesn't make sense. If water is able to penetrate then a penetrating liquid designed as such will work...
  4. Switched to spin-on filter years ago, much simpler.
  5. Finally got our delivery date to North Van, June 14/17... Still extremely pissed off!
  6. Based on conversations I've had with our M/B rep, the vast majority of customers visiting the smart showroom are interested in the ED version...
  7. Your thread title is misleading as smart will be electric only in North America for 2018...
  8. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the replacement parts if I remove the "goodies". I suppose if someone wanted to show up at my place just before I have to turn the car in, could swap the Corelines and Vredestein tires for their old ones...
  9. For those in B.C. the Government has implemented some changes to the rebate program. The actual rebate for a smart Ed is still $5,000.00 however, if you opt to take advantage of the Scrap-It program you get a further $6,000.00 off. As the most we would get for our 2006 was about $3,500.00 this is what we'll be doing. So, another 450 will be disappearing around the end of May.
  10. My circuit is home run, unswitched. I spent time as an electrician's apprentice...
  11. Absolutely...
  12. My dealer used the 2016 453 order system with the options we wanted. I've even got a VIN#...
  13. Coupe, had rag tops in the past, no thanks.