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  1. Someone who knows how would have to check...
  2. It's on the way.... This is from from my sales guy at M/B North Vancouver... Great news your Electric smart is on the BOAT! I will give you an update as we go but, I am thinking it should arrive next month hopefully.
  3. That is a 451 ED not a 453 EC...
  4. Forget the fuel tank upgrade but definitely get a remap. Here's the one I have and it's amazing... http://shop.flyingtiger.ca/index.php?p=product&id=2375
  5. Except in the US new 451 ED's are still available...
  6. I don't follow why you'd say that?
  7. Production begins...
  8. Got an e-mail today from M/B... official smart EC release is August, 2017.
  9. The ED has not been out in Europe for ages as they haven't produced any yet. Here's a link which shows it's available to order though... http://int.smart.com/en/en/index/smart-electric-drive.html
  10. I would consider it if, there was anything comparable in both size and price...
  11. Just got off the phone with my M/B sales rep re the production date for our ED. I'm sorry and unhappy to report it's still several months away... It will still be VIN'ed as a 2017 also...
  12. That part of the presentation only relates to the P78 and P79 Design packages not, the general release of the 453 ED...
  13. I got an e-mail from M/B North Vancouver yesterday explaining that the colour we chose, (EBB Hazel Brown) has been discontinued so we chose, (EDB Lava Orange) as the replacement. I was also told that production of the ED hasn't even begun yet. I've been promised a date as soon as the local folks are given one. Only time will tell...