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  1. With the plug in that location, how does all the oil drain out?
  2. Try one of these... https://ca.binnacle.com/p3291/Pela-6000-Oil-Extractor-6-Litre/product_info.html
  3. How about a new 2017 in North Vancouver... https://www.mercedes-benz-northvancouver.ca/new-vehicles/smart/ There was two on Monday.
  4. With a waiting list of half a million and the current production figures, folks at the end of the list will be waiting for four years. All this, to buy a car whose quality control appears to have some major issues.
  5. It has been my recent experience that one of the major reasons EV sales in Canada are so slow is, that the dealers have nothing for sale. Case in point, contacted Ford to inquire about test driving a Ford Focus EV and was told there was only two left in Canada (Quebec) and no further orders are being taken. Nissan wants a $1000.00 deposit for a Leaf September delivery and currently have no test drive vehicles. Hyundai also currently has no test drive Ionigs. Although I'm not really interested, the Tesla Model 3, they're only producing less than 9000 per month with a waiting list of 500,000. No way the later reservation holders will get their cars in a year and a half...more like 4 years.
  6. No one in their right mind goes to Prince George driving or not...
  7. Still leaves the problem of having to travel to fill up. Not the case with our current and future BEV's... Starting price on the Toyota Mirai is $ 74, 841 cdn, way more than I'm willing to spend!
  8. In six years I'll be 76. Would kinda like a new family car before that...
  9. Too expensive for what they are. Typical shitty GM fit and finish...
  10. Loved our 450 cdi but, it doesn't compare at all to our 453 ED... Three moving motor parts and no more dirty/smelly fill ups at the diesel pump.
  11. I've heard that from too many people to count however, it never happens...
  12. Why not just park in the garage?
  13. According to my watchmaker, Renata are the best...
  14. Our 2017 smart Ed heated seats and heated steering wheel start to work almost immediately. The cabin heater is noticeable after only a couple of minutes and the clock hasn't lost any time since I set it for PST... M/B is full of kaka.
  15. Charging voltage won't make any difference to anticipated or actual range. Temperature and previous driving data will make the difference...
  16. No problem with the heater on our 2017 453 ED. Of course the ambient air temperature difference might have something to do with it...
  17. Don't forget if you purchase a new smart ED in Quebec, you get an $8000.00 purchase incentive,,, Plus with Quebec having the highest percentage of Hydro electric in Canada, you're doing your part to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
  18. This is our first year with our '17 ED. We changed tires right after delivery to Vredestein Quatrac 5's which are snow rated. Not too much snow driving yet but, in what we had the car was amazing! No more traction control problems like the cdi had, it just goes!
  19. yes.
  20. In my opinion as a previous 450 owner, the 453 is vastly superior. In our case, the Ed version has so far exceeded our expectations and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The range doesn't bother us at all and, a charge is only required every two or three days using a dedicated 115V outlet. If your needs can be met by an ED, go for it...
  21. Snow tires in Victoria!
  22. So, why has no one addressed the fact that the website was down?