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  1. When everything opposite the glass is a soft surface, I’m not sure you’ll see much acoustic benefit by lining it with foam. But by all means, knock yourself out if you think it’ll get you the result you want. Just please, for your own health and safety, get the fire rated stuff.
  2. Convoluted foam like that isn't really "sound absorbing". It's "sound diffusing" and only really good for stopping sound from reflecting and reverberating off hard surfaces. It won't do much to reduce the amount of sound coming in from outside. It's also not fire rated, unless you get the really expensive stuff that's meant for acoustic treatment of spaces, and not for packing eggs.
  3. Don’t forget Sydney, British Columbia!
  4. If you only need a Windows XP laptop for the STAR system then just buy a dedicated used machine for that purpose only. XP (I love how it autocorrects to 😝 on my iPad) is no longer supported, and is probably a prime target for viruses and exploits of all kinds. I would use an XP machine only in quarantine mode, entirely shut off from any Internet access.
  5. If the STAR system requires Windows XP, you aren't likely to find a modern system that can run that natively. Can the STAR system run in an emulation environment? Let's condense your requirements into something that looks like a spec sheet instead of a long-winded commentary: HD 1920X1080 (1080p) Size and weight not a factor Full-size backlit keyboard Core i5 or better 4GB or more RAM 256GB or more SSD Maximum battery life Minimum 2× USB3.0 ports Built-in Ethernet Ruggedized against water and dust Things you need it to do... run an outside monitor (via an old VGA style connector?) Modern laptops will have HDMI out. Upgrade to an HDMI external display, or be prepared to use weird adapters and cables able to use a normal mouse Yes, using USB possibly use a normal keyboard Yes, using USB can it be hard wired into a modem? Yes, if you get one with built-in Ethernet, or use a USB Ethernet adapter external back up storage? is it needed at all..? If you don't use external backups, you're a fool can I use an external sound system which I have at the moment? How is it connected? Headphone jack, or USB? be able to play typical simple FB games There probably isn't a computer made today that can't handle basic games You're likely going to be able to find most of what you need, but you'll have to give up some legacy connections if you're used to old PS/2 style mouse and keyboard connections, and a VGA external display connector. If you want a ruggedized laptop with a big display and lots of battery life (or swappable batteries), be prepared to pay a lot for it.
  6. Factory Options: Opening sunroof Leather seats Aftermarket modifications: Black BRABUS grille BRABUS Monoblock VI wheels LED side markers LED turn signal mirror caps Rear pods delete
  7. Yup, it had a BRABUS grille and wheels, the opening sunroof, and leather seats.
  8. I wonder where my old blue/black 450 ended up. I sold it to a friend of mine when I got the 451 ED, but he sold it on shortly thereafter.
  9. Smarts were designed from the ground up with electric propulsion in mind. I don't know if the roadster is built the same way as the 450 and 451 with the dual-floor layout, but that's where the batteries were designed to go from the beginning. Right in the bottom of the frame between the inside floor and the belly pan.
  10. I never made it out to the Plunkett event while I had my 450 (never would have made it out there in my 451 ED), but it looks like a fun time. I do miss the camaraderie of those meet-ups!
  11. I’m baffled as to why Mercedes had such issues with water ingress on the 450 and Roadster. It’s not that hard keeping water out, is it? If if it weren’t for the water issues, the Roadster would seemingly be a fantastic platform for an EV conversion.
  12. Is it truly bank-vault quiet?