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  1. Try an “Italian tune-up.” Fill up with fresh premium diesel from a high-traffic filling station Add fuel conditioner Drive the snot out of it for an hour, including highway runs where you stay in 5th gear to keep the RPM up i used to do this about once a month in my old cdi, and it ran like a top, and hardly ever had issues. I consistently got sub-4.1 L/100 km on my tanks.
  2. Why would you want to lock the car with the engine running?
  3. A friend had an i3 (not sure if they had the REX) and it was a beautiful car inside. I’ve read that the range extender programming for North America was not very good.
  4. The only real detailed thing I could find about the "sliding glass roof" was this page at Evilution: https://www.evilution.co.uk/Exterior/450_glass_sliding_roof.htm
  5. My 450 had the sunroof option. (Which I loved.) If I'm understanding your post correctly, you tried to open the sunroof after taping it shut, and now the motor no longer operates? There is a hole in the headliner that isn't there on cars with the fixed roof. I can't remember if it's in the middle, behind the dome light, or over to one side or the other. That hole leads to a hex socket that's on one of the pinion gears that drives the belt that actuates the sliding roof. With a long-reach hex wrench, you should be able to manually turn the pinion gear and at least get the roof closed again. Beyond that, I have no idea. I haven't had the car in 5 years, and didn't have any sunroof problems at all in the nine years I had it. But if you can manually crank the roof closed, and never plan to open it, then at least half of your problem is solved.
  6. They can put out whatever products they want and price them at what the market will bear. Their goal is to make money, and unlike traditional car companies, Tesla doesn’t just change their model lineup and pricing once a year. They adjust their offerings based on things like battery availability and market pricing, new software, new motors, or new things like the revised suspension they just put on the S and X. They continually make adjustments based on supply chain and manufacturing capacity for certain models and features. It’s not the government’s job to police their product offerings or pricing.
  7. I wonder how much more range PHEVs would get if they weren’t lugging around all that engine and fuel all the time. Or replace all that weight and space with more batteries.
  8. Why did you feel it necessary to resurrect a thread that’s been dormant for 9 years?
  9. The thing is, even garaged cars need periodic maintenance, and most "classics" are kept alive by a robust aftermarket of available and affordable parts. So far, that robust aftermarket does not seem to have appeared for the smarts. I would have loved to keep my cdi, but approaching 180,000 km, I had already done everything once, and it was approaching that age where stuff was going to have to be done a second time, so I sold it. The annual maintenance on that thing was more than the lease on a brand-new Electric Drive, so it was a good decision at the time. Do I miss that little putter? You bet I do. Every time I see a 450, it tugs at my heartstrings. But then I come here and see the headaches and the cost of keeping them running, and it cures my sentimental urge to pick up another one. So thanks, CsC for keeping me from foolishly buying another 450 cdi.
  10. The incentive applies to vehicles with a base price of $45,000 and under, which can have options totalling up to $55,000. You can’t buy another trim level with a different base price. Tesla’s “Standard Range” Model 3 is software-limited in range in its “base” configuration, and the “Plus” option unlocks the full range. Yes, they’ve been sneaky to get the incentive, and if you want to buy the “Standard Range” model without the “Plus” option, you have to call them or visit a Tesla store to order, which is why you only see the “Standard Range Plus” model on their website. It’s a creative way of qualifying for the incentive program, and only a little sneaky. Is it worth a complaint? I don’t think so.
  11. Yup. Buy a well-maintained used Honda or Toyota and drive it into the ground. Repeat.
  12. Oh, I'm sure once they start being manufactured in China, Geely (now co-owner of the brand) will want to sell them everywhere.
  13. (posted about 7 hours earlier)
  14. I crashed the radio on my 451 ED more times than I could count. I'm pretty sure I crashed it a few times on the 453 models I drove with car2go as well. Absolutely horrible units.