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  1. Personally, I think vehicles that are modified for off-road use (especially with suspension lifts) should be banned from the road. By raising the bumpers up well above their designed height, they basically get turned into death machines in the event of a collision.
  2. If another computer gets the expected download speeds with all the same networking hardware, and yours doesn't, then I would say it's pretty clear that there's something wrong with your computer. If your Ethernet is built in, you can try adding another card and connect that way, or try a USB-to-Ethernet adapter, or even WiFi.
  3. There are no H7 replacements on the market that are legal for on-road use in reflector housings. Period. The light output and beam pattern would be all over the place. The best/lowest-cost/easiest option I found was: Turning off the automatic DRL Doing the Euro turn signal mod (returning turn signals to the headlight cluster) Adding LED running lights to the grille location Manually turning on the grille lights and/or low beams as needed. It's been a while since I've owned my 450, but I do seem to recall one of the issues that shortened bulb life was a power surge a few minutes after moving off, when the car does an ABS check. By waiting until after hearing the pulsing sound from the braking system before turning on low beams, bulb life is prolonged significantly. I went from burning out bulbs every 9-12 months to getting close to 2 years out of a set of bulbs. Buying good quality bulbs helps, too. I was buying the Philips ones from PowerBulbs, and they were way better than anything I ever bought from Canadian Tire.
  4. Range depends on a number of factors, including terrain (hills = bad) and driving style (heavy right foot = bad). I never closely tracked the best and worst range I saw in my ED, but I easily got over 60 miles (96.56 km) in the summer... on flat ground... driving gently... with no A/C on. I'm pretty sure I got 110 to 120 km on occasion. But you'll also lose a significant amount of range in the winter... about 30%. If you are in a situation where your commute is 60+ miles round-trip, the smart ED is probably not the right vehicle for you.
  5. I think there were a lot of factors in play that led a lot of downtown Toronto residents to grow increasingly annoyed with car2go. Last year, you would see cars getting collected and lined up neatly in legal on-street overnight parking. That seemed to taper off into the fall and winter months. I suspect the mounting costs of paying all the fines in their un-sanctioned "free floating" parking experiment was leading to staff and service reductions in car2go's Toronto operation. It felt like in recent months, cars weren't being moved or maintained nearly as much as they had in the past. I encountered numerous cars that were dirty, had burned out lights, sometimes thousands of kilometres past service intervals, and often had zero washer fluid, which is unforgivable in the winter months. One car I had for a daily rental ended up with a flat tire. Cars were being left on residential streets, sometimes for days at a time, accumulating tickets. It seems that they took a confrontational approach, rather than trying to build a partnership that actually worked. For car2go, it was "my way or the highway," and so they went. It's disappointing, because it was a very popular service among members, who are ultimately the ones who got screwed by the company AND the city.
  6. I would get a loaner, and let them keep it for as long as they need to. When the gearbox on my 451 ED started making a grinding noise, they had it for weeks while they figured out what the problem was, and to get the warranty parts from Europe.
  7. Heheh... Toronto is STILL waiting for our Bombardier streetcars that were due two years ago. You might be waiting a while... Daimler transitioning away from the smarts to the CLA and GLA really sucked. The smarts were a joy to drive (at least the 453s were) and so easy to park. They fulfilled their role very nicely. The CLA and GLA are awful to drive and park, and have terrible seats and lousy ergonomics.
  8. Tempting to buy... instant buyer's remorse when it comes to repairing and maintaining them.
  9. My mom had a 1980 Civic hatch and a 1989 or 1990 Civic DX hatch in black. I never got to drive the 1980 one more than once or twice (two-speed Hondamatic!), but absolutely loved driving that 1990 Civic. Low, lots of glass, smooth and handled like it was on rails. A little underpowered (merging on the highway was sometimes a little hairy), but that gave me a good primer for driving a smart cdi! My older brother drove the 1980 Civic into the ground, finally retiring it when he got a 1993 GTI. My sister got rear-ended in the 1990, and it was a write-off. Come to think of it, I think my sister has been rear-ended in nearly every car she's owned. Some more than once. I'm not sure how she's managed that, but there ya go.
  10. Car2go has had a mixed history in Toronto. When it started out, it had a deal with the Toronto Parking Authority where Car2go vehicles could park in any TPA "Green P" lot, and certain on-street parking locations. In 2017, they started an un-sanctioned "free floating" pilot on their own, allowing Car2go members to park nearly anywhere on city streets in the Home Zone (downtown), as long as it wouldn't get the car towed. They ate the cost of thousands of parking tickets. Many city streets have a wait list for parking permits, and many residents hated losing spots on their streets to car-sharing vehicles, even though several families on a street could be Car2go members, actually freeing up parking spaces. Car2go had been petitioning the city for an official "free floating" pilot project like they have in just about every other city where Car2go operates, allowing them to park on city streets with a special permit they would have to purchase for every vehicle. The city responded with an amended and restrictive plan that had a permit fee far higher than in any other city, and restrictions on which streets the cars could be parked on. And no more than one car could park on a street. The company decided that these restrictions were too onerous, and so on June 1, they pulled up stakes and left Toronto entirely. I suspect they were trying to call the city's bluff (or vice versa) and they decided to screw over their members, instead of finding an alternate solution, such as going back to the old TPA partnership. It's a sad development. Car2go was one of the BIG reasons I decided to walk away from my smart ED lease, and go entirely car-free in the city.
  11. I dunno... after a while, brake dust etches the powder coat. It might be worth it to have them blasted and re-coated. Or it might not. That Canada1 was so tempting! I miss my little cdi, and with Car2go pulling up stakes here in Toronto, it would be great to have a little runabout. But I know the cdi doesn't like to sit around, and they're getting very expensive and finicky to maintain in their old(er) age.
  12. It always bugged me that even on the ScanGauge, L/100 km was abbreviated to "LHK". Personally, I prefer L/100 km. It more directly speaks to fuel consumption (and conservation) than to range. Measuring consumption trends toward zero, whereas measuring range trends toward infinity.
  13. I think I recall driving like a granny for one tank and got 600 km, but was happy with the 500 to 550 km range I got with normal (drive it like you stole it) driving. Also... bumping a post from 2011? Holy necrobump!
  14. I've driven the Fit numerous times with local car-sharing, and I love it, other than the CVT. I'd totally buy one with a manual.
  15. "Smart one fortwo"