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  1. “Urethane buffer”? I'm curious what exactly that is, and where it is installed.
  2. The EVSE included with my 2015 ED died after a couple of years, and was replaced under warranty by my smart dealer, no questions asked.
  3. The process is called (obviously enough) Hydrographics.
  4. It's more of a "speedster" than a "hardtop." I was so sad to see this... smart concepts used to be fun and exciting and forward-reaching. This one just shows a lack of imagination (and lack of budget), and is little more than a slightly warmed-over version of the production car already on the roads. I would not be surprised if this is the last smart concept we'll ever see.
  5. How many km are on the car, and when was the clutch last replaced? (Or is it on the original factory clutch?) If it's lurching when a gear engages, it could be that the clutch actuator needs adjustment, or that the clutch itself is worn out. I remember mine starting to do that, and it was time for a new clutch, around 140,000 km if memory serves correctly.
  6. And a door or the rear hatch not being completely latched would also explain the beeping.
  7. Check the left side exhaust mount. Mine rattled like that for weeks before I discovered the source – the bolt had worked its way loose and subsequently gone missing – and by the time I got it bolted back up, the down tube had cracked.
  8. Smarts are economical to operate, but expensive to maintain. Unless you are mechanically inclined, and have access to surplus cars to scavenge for parts, it may not be a wise purchase. As with any 15-year-old car, parts are becoming scarce, and repairs can be costly, even more so if you cannot do the work yourself.
  9. 13 years, 3 months has got to be some kind of record for bumping a dormant thread.
  10. I have run an extension cord to my 120v EVSE in the past, but it's not recommended. If it's sitting in the wet for any length of time, you could get errors on the EVSE (I've had this happen when the connection was damp), or have it fail entirely (not sure if it was related to using an extension cord at all, but the entire LEER unit was replaced under warranty after it stopped working).
  11. Yikes!
  12. Diesel light trucks and SUVs are not classified as passenger cars from a safety of emissions standpoint. They can get away with diesel much more readily in those segments. The fact remains that diesel particulate matter is a known carcinogen, and many European cities have already banned diesels from their city centres. I loved my CDI, but I don’t think I’d buy another diesel.
  13. Mainstream electric vehicles will come in between $30k and $40k. Tesla is still a luxury brand.
  14. The CDI was discontinued for North America in 2006 because it didn’t meet emissions standards. To make it comply would have required significant re-engineering of the engine to add urea injection, which would have been too costly in a car like the smart, if they could even make it fit in the tiny engine bay. Diesel engines in passenger cars in North America are all but dead after just about every company offering them was caught cheating on emissions testing. The R&D money they would have spent on trying to clean up diesels for passenger cars is being re-allocated to hybrid and electric propulsion.
  15. There is no federal PC party any more. Their numbers were decimated after Mulroney was turfed from office, and later merged with the Reform party, becoming the Reform Alliance, and then the Conservative Party of Canada. There are no more "progressive" conservatives, as the political arena has become increasingly polarized.