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  1. Between the cdi and the Prius, I'd go for the Prius.
  2. Hey, it's Noah!
  3. I'm pretty sure there's a way to go into the radio settings and disable TP is "Traffic Program" mode, and there's also an auto-scan mode. It's been a while since I've had a 450, but I seem to recall there was a way to go into advanced settings and disable auto-scan (AF) and traffic program (TP) so they wouldn't come back on.
  4. Yes, it's steveyfrac Right now, the "build and price" configurator on GM Canada's site is not working for the Bolt. I contacted them about it, and they said they're making some updates to it, and it should be back soon. That was a couple of weeks ago, and it's still not available. I'm wondering if it's because of low availability... dealers can't sell what they can't get.
  5. When I shifted myself, it was way smoother and more efficient than letting the car do it.
  6. FYI, if URLs contain all that extra stuff, just delete everything from the first "?" to the end. All of that stuff is just optional and for tracking the origin of the click... in this case, your email.
  7. If it’s under lease, call roadside assistance. That’s a tough problem.
  8. It's not a spelling thing... silicon and silicone are totally different substances. I used to do Costco runs in my smarts. And I used to travel to shows with my band, with two guitars, stands, my pedalboard, a 4-space rack and 2 × 12" speaker cabinets.
  9. I had paddle shifters on my cdi, and hardly ever used them. They were nice in a pinch, but didn't really add to the driving experience, in my opinion. I preferred to shift with the lever. Part of what I didn't like was that they spin with the wheel, so while cornering, you'd never have a consistent target to hit. If both paddles were pull-to-upshift and push-to-downshift, it wouldn't be as much of a problem, but having upshift on one side and downshift on the other wasn't ideal, in my opinion. There's no difference in shift performance between the paddles and the stick. They're both just electrical switches that send a signal to the computer to shift.
  10. Silicone, not silicon.
  11. From what I've read, the new "smart EQ control app" is not expected until Q3 2018. https://www.smart.com/en/en/index/app-center/smart-eq-control-app.html
  12. The battery packs are incredibly advanced, and have extensive software that conditions them and optimizes them. Not an apples-to-apples comparison, but my brother had a second-generation Prius, and it’s battery pack worked as well after 8 years as it did when new. The concerns people have over battery longevity are largely overblown, in my opinion. These aren’t laptops or cellphones.
  13. ... says the guy about to outfit his smart with a dashcam, rear-view cam, and phone cradle.
  14. An automotive upholsterer should be able to re-do your cloth seats with leather, which might cost less than finding OEM seats to swap out.
  15. Yup, I was budgeting at least $1000 to $1500 annually for maintenance and repairs on my cdi over 9 years and 180,000 km. My 451 ED was 1/10 of that.