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  1. The smart is not a car for everyone, nor are electric vehicles at the moment. The smart ED is a subset of a subset of a tiny part of the market. I'm disappointed, but not really surprised that M-B has backed away from trying to make the smart brand relevant in North America. They've bungled its introduction here pretty much from Day 1.
  2. Just to clarify, those numbers are for a 2017, not a 2013, right?
  3. MB Oakville replaced their dedicated smart showroom and signage with AMG a few years ago.
  4. Yup, I had mine fail earlier this year as well. Those Lear units seem a little flaky.
  5. I'm kind of embarrassed to say that it looks like a whole lot of fun!
  6. Yup, you're right. Looking at it now on my computer instead of my phone, the wheels and the seat frames also help with the identification.
  7. That definitely looks like a 450 Tridion to my eyes. Possibly an aftermarket electric conversion?
  8. I've been using forums for years, and Photobucket has always been a huge pain in the ass, with no business model to ensure the long-term viability of the platform.
  9. With less than a year left on the ED lease when I moved in, I decided it wasn't worth investing in getting the wiring done at my girlfriend's house, and the Level 1 charger has actually been sufficient for the amount of driving I'm doing lately. It's an Elmec EVDuty EVC30T. It has a plug-in connection (vs. hard-wired to the house) and a 25-foot charge cable that stays flexible in the cold, which is why I bought it. Made in Canada. $799 new, but I got the Ontario rebate on it, so I'll let it go for $400. It's in great shape.
  10. Either that, or they've done an even worse job marketing and selling them than MB Canada.
  11. It sounds to me like they're on the cusp of imploding.
  12. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  13. Wow... i'm intrigued by this project! Just be careful stomping on the pedal with those huge calipers. You definitely don't want to go nose down when there isn't much nose to stop ya!
  14. My lease is up on the ED in September, so I've done my last smart wheel/tire changeover. The tires probably have one one more season on them. Blizzaks on the back, Contis on the front. These will fit 450 or 451 cars. I sprayed thrm them with white Plasti-Dip three years ago, to match the ED. Just peel it off and re-coat if desired. The wheels do do have rust spots. One of the wheels has a bit of a bend on the lip that's easily straightened. One of the fronts got a little over-torqued and won't hold a triangle hub cover very well. Otherwise, they work perfectly fine. INCLUDED: A set of four triangle hub covers, and a set of Tire Totes for carrying and storing the tires in the off season. (The Tire Totes alone are $50 new.) if you want them, I also have a pair of plastic wheel chocks I won't be needing. SOLD. THANKS, Uncle Glenn!