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  1. Whereabouts are you in the GTA? I'd love to come take a peek at it sometime!
  2. But is it the result of a design flaw or deliberate subterfuge? Assuming the latter requires some huge leaps in logic and willingness to believe in conspiracy theories. It seems like an awfully hostile move by any company to deliberately "brick" their own product, leaving them open to potential lawsuits or anti-competitive investigations.
  3. I believe so. I disabled led my DRL, did the Euro turn signal mod, and put manually-switched LEDs in the grille on my 450. Starting up, I would click on my lights to the first position and turn on the grille lights. It was just automatic for me.
  4. If you want your car more visible from the front, why would not not also want the car more visible from the rear? Daytime running lights should be all four corners.
  5. That’s an awful lot of speculation.
  6. No, only Level 1 or Level 2 charging is available.
  7. In other news, Maple Leaf Foods (one of North America's largest meat processors) is investing 40% of their profits into plant-based protein. Dinosaurs can learn new tricks if they don't want to go extinct.
  8. The Volt is a plug-in series hybrid. The gas engine does not directly drive the wheels. Instead its only purpose is to act as a "range extender," driving a generator to power the batteries and electric motors. The Volt has been discontinued by GM. They also make the Bolt, which is pure electric, and has a range of up to 410 km (city driving) or 349 km (highway). Just like smarts, electric vehicles don't work for everyone, or every use case. There's no need to crap all over the very idea of them just because they don't work for you.
  9. I saw one exactly like that in Niagara in the Lake on the weekend. The green and white with the white wheels looked fantastic. I miss my little ED.
  10. I thought there were no 451 diesels…
  11. I was amazed that they used tiny incandescent bulbs for these, instead of LEDs.
  12. The nightrun font is Eurostile.
  13. Wow, that's a lot of Suzukis! What makes a car qualify for collector status?
  14. When I had to get replacement panels re-painted on my Star Blue Metallic smart, the body shop told me that there were actually four or five colours under that name. They were all very close, but had very slightly different colour formulations. We ended up matching the closest one based on the colour chips, not the paint codes. Clearcoats can fade and yellow over time, affecting the look of the paint underneath.