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  1. Adding it to tires will no doubt be a popular option.
  2. Is it just me, or is turning plastic into a form that can be burned not a great solution to the problem? All they’re doing is moving the pollution from the ground and the water and putting into the air instead. Theres a a new generation of EVs coming that are going to totally transform the landscape, the Hyundai Kona being one of them. I’ll be really interested to see the real-world performance of that one when it comes out. As much of a fan of Tesla as I am, I don’t care for the sedan packaging of the Model 3. I wish they had made it at least a liftback instead of giving it that huge glass roof and a conventional trunk. I much prefer hatchbacks. For the the time being, owning a car does not make much sense for me. But I’m still watching the market closely, and it’s exciting to see some really compelling new EVs coming.
  3. The eGolf is rated at 201 km range (NRCan combined). I would need 300 km of highway range, without compromises. I'm not driving to Kitchener or our friends' cottage in the Kawarthas in winter with no heat on in the car.
  4. The Spark EV's stated range (when brand new) is only 82 miles / 132 km, which isn't much better than the smart. Yeah, you get a bit more room, but if you start filling that space with stuff, there goes your range. And with it not being sold in Canada, good luck getting it serviced. The eGolf also only has 200 km stated range, probably significantly less in real world conditions. I can't even consider an EV with less than 300 km range now that I live in the east end of Toronto, and my dad lives in Kitchener. If I can't get to his place and back, it's pointless. If he installs an EV charger, I might reconsider.
  5. Mazda is such a small company compared to Toyota and Honda, they just don't have the R&D budget to invest in hybrid or electric propulsion, so they've been applying creative engineering to figure out how to squeeze the most out of the internal combustion engine. I love how they've succeeded in achieving things that much larger companies haven't even dared try.
  6. I live in Toronto, and my ED sat in the driveway half the time because walking or taking transit was more convenient or cheaper. And because of the size and range limitation, I was STILL renting cars to go visit family, haul big stuff, or take weekend trips to cottage country. The $100 lease was amazing, but it wasn't worth buying out just for the occasional convenience.
  7. https://jalopnik.com/this-safari-smart-roadster-is-a-rally-fighter-on-a-budg-1830574006
  8. Brutal. That’s really surprising about the Leaf. Honda always seemed to half-ass their Hybrid efforts. My brother had a Prius that was totally trouble free until it died in a flood. My dad had a Camry hybrid that was also flawless.
  9. Wow. Like many CEOs, he must have been a sociopath who truly thought he was above the law.
  10. Yup. If if you pop the dimmer switch out and fish around behind the panel, you’ll find another pair of wires taped behind that panel to one side of the switch. They should have a connector on them already. Pop off the dimmer connector, attach the other wires to the switch, and you’ve got yourself a running light switch! i never dimmed my dash lighting, so losing that functionality wasn’t a big deal for me.
  11. That’s how it would have been designed from the beginning.
  12. Well, Tesla just pushed out a “track mode” software update to the Model 3, if that sweetens the deal at all in Tesla’s favour. https://jalopnik.com/track-mode-is-out-to-turn-a-tesla-model-3-performance-i-1830319101
  13. I'm speaking from the perspective of a motorist, a pedestrian, and a cyclist. You know... a road user. Don't make assumptions about my intentions.
  14. I believe something like measuring clutch wear is outside of the scope of what OBD-II is designed for, and there is no Parameter ID for it that I could discern. The only thing transmission-related I could find in the list of PIDs is the actual gear the transmission is in. The OBD system is designed more for engine and emissions management. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OBD-II_PIDs