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  1. IKEA in Etobicoke was supplementing their Level 2 chargers with brand-new DCFC units last time i was there. Impressive! The only issue i’ve had with my ED was the gearbox making an unpleasant noise from about the 15-month mark. They replaced it under warranty, but it did take 2-3 weeks. Oh, and the included EVSE died, also replaced under warranty, no questions asked. My lease is up in September, and since I’m in downtown Toronto, and well-served by TTC, GO Transit, Zipcar and Car2go, i’m going to go carless for a while, and see how it goes. The cost of buying out the lease (or leasing something else) plus insurance will go a LONG way with public transit and car sharing.
  2. With a solid (non-spoked) rear wheel, that would be a nightmare. That's what Mike is talking about.
  3. You can call it what you wish, but if the Ministry of Transportation – and your insurance company – think it's a trailer, then it's a trailer. We're not "clueless." Just realistic.
  4. Interesting variety of cars there, with a Tesla Model S and that jacked-up RAM in the background! I do sometimes miss my ol' 450 with those same BRABUS wheels on it. Sharp-looking ride.
  5. It's the ABS system doing a self-test.
  6. Towing an unrated, unregistered, "wheeled towing platform" on a vehicle not rated to tow anything. What could possibly go wrong? Also, regardless of what you might call your trailer, it's still up to your local constabulary and the Ministry of Transportation whether it qualifies as a trailer or not. If it's being pulled behind your vehicle, and has at least one wheel that touches the ground, I think it's safe to say that it's a trailer, and not a "supported cargo carrier" or "wheeled towing platform" or whatever you might want to call it. You'll likely need to register it, and use all appropriate safety measures, including safety chains, or take your chances with the law. https://www.ontario.ca/page/register-trailer
  7. I'm clearing out boxes of stuff in the basement, and found a few parts left over from my 450. Free to a good home, preferably all at once, and preferably local (downtown Toronto). ALL GONE TO RON (Leadwing). 1. One set of OEM disc brake pads for a 450 A few months into ownership, I was trying to cut down on brake dust, so I bought a set of EBC Green Stuff brake pads to replace the OEM ones. These are the pads that came off. Still have about 9 mm of pad left on them. They've been in the box ever since, and are in good shape. These weigh a bit, so i'm not inclined to ship them, unless you want to pay for 'em. 2. OEM 450 Centre High-Mounted Stop Light (3rd brake light) I replaced my stock red 3rd brake light with an LED unit. This is the original one. Still in perfect shape. 3. Clear fender guard vinyl appliqués Bought these from a member here, and never installed them. They'll protect the paint on your rear fenders from stones and debris that get kicked up from your front wheels. (Assuming the paint isn't already pitted.) Still in the shipping tube with installation instructions. 4. Black plastic mesh This stuff is great for meshing off your upper and lower radiator openings. Keeps leaves and other large debris out, without blocking airflow. There's probably a couple of feet here. I'll unroll it and measure if you really want to know exactly how much. 5. Miscellaneous 1156 and 1157 LEDs All of the lights on my 450 were upgraded to LED over the years, and as better and brighter ones came along, I upgraded them again. These are all the ones that came off. May or may not work, but what the heck. Try 'em anyway! The outer pairs are white, the middle three are red. Shoot me a message if you want any (or all) of this stuff, or it's going in the trash next week.
  8. A platform with dual swivel wheels makes much more sense, in my opinion. If the load is even slightly asymmetrical over a single wheel, i can see a lot of torsional forces being applied to the carrier and bolts, and general instability over anything but smooth, flat roads. There has to be a good reason why the single swivel wheel design is not very common on our roads. I would also imagine that the hub bearings on most single-wheel casters are not engineered for driving speeds.
  9. I wonder if smaller wheels and tires would help it put the power to the road more effectively.
  10. The 50 km/h threshold for your problem is interesting. I remember when my 450 was having ABS issues due to rusted/cracked reluctor rings, it wouldn't show any issues until I hit 50 km/h, and the ABS system would reset itself at the next start. I wonder if perhaps you have an ABS code getting tripped at 50 km/h.
  11. I'll be disappointed to not have the fortwos to zip around town with using Car2go. They're a lot of fun, and SUPER easy to park. The rates for the Mercedes cars are not very much higher… nowhere near 50% higher. It's 47¢ per minute, vs. 41¢, $19 per hour vs. $15, and $79 per day vs. $59. That's a premium of 15% for the per-minute rate, 27% for the hourly, and 34% for the daily. And they did recently lower the rates on the smarts. It'll be interesting to see what Mercedes-Benz does this year to try and retain their smart customers. My lease goes back in September, so I'll be interested to see what kind of offers they might have. My current plan is to turn it in and completely forego car ownership for the time being. I'm now living back in Toronto, and with Car2go, Zipcar, a bicycle, and close access to several transit lines, I see little benefit to owning, insuring, and operating a car. Car sharing and ride sharing is the way to go in urban environments.
  12. Low fuel prices are definitely the root problem in the American market, less so in Canada. Americans have incredibly myopic automotive purchasing habits. As long as gas prices remain low, conservation is of very little interest to them. And it's not just smart that suffered, it's ALL small cars. Fiat-Chrysler discontinued the Chrysler 200 and Dart for that reason. I'm sure Fiat 500 sales are limping along. In America, bigger is better. Honestly, they should have bringing over the new forfour would have made MUCH more sense for the American market.