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  1. Wow... that timeline on the rebates is ridiculous! I'm not sure I would purchase any electric vehicle outright. With technology changing so quickly, leasing seems to be the smart thing to do right now. (No pun intended.)
  2. I wouldn't touch a former Car2go car. They've been "ridden hard and put away wet," for the most part. Lots of short trips, and generally poorly maintained. The 453 I drove on thanksgiving was filthy, shook badly above 80 km/h, and was 3600 km past it's service interval. The 451 I drove later in the week showed way worse wear than the ED I just turned in with similar mileage. Its a shame, because they are FANTASTIC cars for zipping around Toronto, and it's always easy to find parking for one. The CLA are uncomfortable, and an ergonomic train wreck. Just try to find the wipers when it starts to rain. I guarantee the first thing you do is (unintentionally) put the car into neutral.
  3. The problem is, people have a hard time buying something they don't know about. There's next to no marketing for the smart brand, and their presence in M-B dealerships is pretty much zero, so even if people WANTED to buy one, it's not obvious where to get one, there are few available for test drives, and not many experienced sales staff to get the process underway. That would also leave me concerned about whether experienced technicians will be available as well. In Toronto, at least we have Car2go, which is a huge fleet of mostly 451 and 453 smarts, likely serviced by the M-B corporate store downtown. But if they're not going to be importing anything but EDs moving forward, that won't work for the car sharing model, and we'll likely start seeing those 453s being phased out in favour of GLA and CLA models, or whatever new entry-level hatchback and/or sedan M-B has coming out.
  4. Is this happening with one particular charger or brand of charger? In recent months, I found my ED was increasingly not charging at the Sun Country Highway stations installed at local IKEA stores. I'm not sure if it was an issue with the car or with the Sun Country Highway units. But it consistently charged just about everywhere else.
  5. Mercedes-Benz Oakville made this change a couple of years ago. Most of the other stores in the Greater Toronto Area as well. The smart brand is pretty much done.
  6. I don't name inanimate objects. None of my cars or guitars or tools have ever had names.
  7. Smarts originally had the same wheels at all four corners, but they rolled over too easily. The rear tires were made wider to help with the stability. You could maybe run skinny front wheels and tires all around, but you might have to offset the rear wheels a bit to keep the car stable in corners.
  8. Maybe an obvious question, but have you tried taping down the zipper pulls on the zippers that close the seat covers over the frames?
  9. Ah, I sure don’t miss those “three glow plug cycle” mornings!
  10. I just started mine and drove. No problems at all in 188,000 km, running nothing but premium diesel with occasional fuel conditioner additive. Most engines, and diesels in particular, don't really warm up very much at idle. They need to be under load. I never liked mine idling very long, getting zero MPG.
  11. It's always been very hit-or-miss for me. Long stretches of it working flawlessly, followed by long periods of no syncs for days at a time. And the car is parked in the same spot every night. I don't know if it's an issue with the car or the network. Either way, I am curious as to what kind of radio is in them, and for how much longer they'll work. (I'm also curious to see if they disable access to my account now that I've returned my car at the end of the lease. )
  12. It barely works as it is.
  13. Congratulations! I just turned mine in at the end of the lease, and fully enjoyed having that car. I suspect whomever was advising you about the lease and the rebates may have been misinformed. Mercedes-Benz Canada remains the owner of the car under the lease, so they HAVE TO apply for the rebate, unless the government changed the rules. That's how they're able to knock so much off the price of the car to get the lease rate down close to $100/month. That's the way it works. Otherwise, the lease payments are based on the FULL value of the car, and the rebate is paid directly to you in one lump sum.
  14. I returned my 451 Electric Drive at the end of its lease, and one of the few accessories I bought for it was a pair of WeatherTech floor liners to protect the carpet. These are fantastic. Laser-measured for a precise fit. Mine are in great shape, just need a good scrub. The WeatherTech badges fell off... probably crappy adhesive that melted. $159 new, yours for $50. Pick up in Toronto (Gerrard/Main area). [ MATS ARE SOLD ] I also have a WeatherTech license plate cover with a green frame. $50 new, yours for $20. Includes stainless steel mounting hardware and screw covers.
  15. BTW, my lease return may have been the only smart on the premises at Mercedes-Benz Markham, which is a corporate store. There was a tiny sign at the side of the showroom, but not a single car to be seen anywhere. I suspect the end end of the smart brand is not far off.
  16. I just saw a brand-new 453 Electric Drive in my neighbourhood on the weekend! (Victoria Park and Kingston Road in Toronto.) I saw a wave from the car behind me, then saw it had a little "electric drive" decal on the front left edge of the hood. It was black on black with the "cloverleaf" alloy wheels.
  17. Or how about the poor and the homeless who don't have cars, or even enough money to get a bus or plane ticket out of harm's way, or even enough funds to stock up on emergency supplies to shelter in place?
  18. I returned my 2015 Electric Drive at the end of its 3-year lease today. It's a bittersweet moment, marking the end of twelve years of smart motoring. The "blub-blub-blub" of the tiny CDI still puts a smile on my face, but nowhere near the size of the grin I got every time I mashed the pedal down in the ED. And of course, I met all of you! Keep smart!
  19. 2014, 40,714 km. (You can check the odometer reading via the web app. ) Three year lease, and it goes back on Monday. I've thoroughly enjoyed all of my time with this car. In stark contrast to my 450 diesel coupe, I have not replaced a single bulb on this one in three years. I had a funny grinding sound coming from the gearbox/differential last year, and it was replaced under warranty. (What exactly was replaced was a mystery to me... M-B didn't actually tell me, but it's all fixed.) The Lear EVSE (aka the "charger") included with the car also died early this year, and was also replaced under warranty, no questions asked. Other than that, it's been 100% trouble free. I'm only turning it in because I have a plethora of transportation options available to me (commuter rail and subway a short walk away, buses at my doorstep, bike sharing and car sharing services all in the neighbourhood, and a bicycle in my basement), so it makes no sense right now for me to keep paying for a car and insurance that I'm not using every day. I'll be tracking my usage of other transportation to see how it shakes out, but at the very least, I'm putting $200 back in my pocket every month. If I were to get another car, it would almost certainly be electric, and I would very likely be looking at leasing again. Things are changing so quickly in the world of electric mobility that it doesn't seem sensible to buy into technology that will be improved on massively by the time the vehicle is paid off.
  20. The smart is not a car for everyone, nor are electric vehicles at the moment. The smart ED is a subset of a subset of a tiny part of the market. I'm disappointed, but not really surprised that M-B has backed away from trying to make the smart brand relevant in North America. They've bungled its introduction here pretty much from Day 1.
  21. Just to clarify, those numbers are for a 2017, not a 2013, right?
  22. MB Oakville replaced their dedicated smart showroom and signage with AMG a few years ago.
  23. Yup, I had mine fail earlier this year as well. Those Lear units seem a little flaky.