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  1. It's a little more expensive, but I'd highly recommend getting the ceramic tint film. It dramatically cuts down on the amount of heat that builds up.
  2. Are you in Cardiff Ontario, or Cardiff UK?
  3. Does it sound anything like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUM4QCFHmig
  4. 600 km from the only station.
  5. Available? That's apparently something none of the others can claim. My guess is that they're being hoarded in markets like California, where they are mandatory compliance cars.
  6. The passenger cell of the smart is almost all high-strength steel. It takes a LOT to crush one. They tend to bounce in roll-overs.
  7. But you were talking about a proper roll cage. The bars would give you some degree of safety over no doors at all, and easier entry and exit vs. a full cage.
  8. Having the bars (and hinges and door latches) will help avoid the "door ajar" warnings, and will also make ingress and egress much easier.
  9. Whoops! I stand corrected! http://www.seriouswheels.com/cars/2010/top-2010-smart-fortwo-edition-highstyle.htm
  10. Looks like it’s got some kind of fancy leather interior. Likely a one-off, not from the factory. Mercedes would never use that font on the “high style” pill badge.
  11. My guess is that we'll be getting the new A-Class hatchback in Canada, with an Electric Drive option.
  12. I’m not even sure what “corner” the person on the scene is talking about, unless it’s the road coming out of the park… the report says the car was eastbound on 16th, which is dead straight, and it seems that’s the stretch of road involved.
  13. Brutal. I'll be interested to know what investigators estimate the speed to be, if the engine ended up 30 metres away. It looks like there's a sharp but gradual downhill starting about a block before where the crash took place. If I were to guess, I'd say the driver was going too fast, likely caught a bit of air (possibly deliberately), didn't land squarely, skidded, then overcorrected.
  14. They've pretty much all but wound down all operations in dealerships here. The corporate showrooms I've been in have barely had any smart presence, with the exception of the Downtown Toronto dealership. I think announcing that they no longer plan to add smarts to the Car2go fleet was a pretty strong signal that they're phasing out the brand in North America. It's a real shame, because the new car is SO much improved over the previous ones, but it's hard to get people to even look at them now.
  15. None of your image embeds are working.
  16. The diesel will give you a slight bump in MPG, but the diesel smarts are getting on in age, and parts are starting to become more scarce. The second-generation gas smarts aren't as good a driving experience (from my time behind the wheel in many over the years), and the fuel economy will probably not be as good as what you're seeing in your Echo. I would be more inclined to buy a used Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris. The smarts have a fun novelty factor, but the fun wears off pretty quickly as the repairs and maintenance add up.
  17. I only had two issues with mine in the 3 years/approximately 38,000 km I had my ED: The gearbox/differential was grinding and had to be replaced (they never disclosed to me exactly what the issue was), and the included EVSE/charger unit died. Both covered under warranty, no questions asked.
  18. In 12 years of driving smarts, this was generally my experience at first, when they were quite new on the road, but it calmed down a bit. However, there are still some drivers who have an irrational hatred of these cars, and will do all kinds of stupid and risky things to try and intimidate smart drivers on the road.
  19. Yeah, the CX-5 handles beautifully, but has always wanted more power. The Honda Fit is available in a "Sport" trim with a 6-speed. I've driven one with the CVT, and it was reasonably entertaining to drive. But if you're really looking for proper driving fun, maybe pick up an old Miata.
  20. It looks like the Micra we get is made in Mexico. Hopefully when that market switches to the new model, we'll get it as well – that is, if Nissan Canada decides to import it.
  21. Hmm, that's not good, and with the warmer weather coming, new deliveries might not notice an issue until the fall. I sure hope people get to the bottom of these issues.
  22. This is so disappointing. The new Micra is arguably one of the best-looking subcompacts, and would no doubt sell really well here. Where is the current-generation Micra made?
  23. My mistake. It's been a few years since I fixed my muffler.