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  1. I started a thread about me hitting a cat...I got some flak for my usual travel speed of 110-120kph...regardless of the posted speed...(NEVER IN TOWN!)1...What is you average travel speed?2...Is your travel speed slower in your smart than regular vehicles?
  2. I'm guessing all the fluid came out of the car, the cat and the driver. Even though cats are somewhat squishy, I suspect if you through anything that heavy at 120kph at your car it would damage whatever it hit.Later! DangI know, I know...I should slow down...but I think the same damage would have happened at 90kph...???
  3. HELLO! I did not tell the adjuster I was slightly over the limit...I told them I was traveling at the speed limit...Why would I tell them that...
  4. Two lane highway...80 or 90 kph limit....Out in the one on the road...the slowest anyone drives on that road is around 100...It happended at 7:15am...I saw the cat go accross about 200 yards ahead of me...I thought that was it until i was right on came flying out of the chance to slow down...just grabbed the wheel with both hands and I think I actualy closed my eyes just before impact...I knew it was going to be nasty!
  5. Okay! this is getting a bit ridiculus...I already started a thread about bird strikes...Last Friday I hit a cat at around 120KPH and it took the car out of action!!It struck the black plastic fender/spoiler and went right on through to the radiator! Craked the rad and all the fluid came out...the computer in the car turned off the engine so it would not over heat...Had to call for road side assistance to get towed to the shop...I will find out the damage today...It went under insurance so I had to make a police report...And yes...I was the laughing stock of the detachment...Kind of worried what would happen if I kit a deer...Wondering if I should sell and buy someting bigger...Hell...if it can't hit a cat without having to be towed away...what does that say?
  6. Well gues what!No Sh*t...I hit another one today on the way to work...Strathroy, ON to Wallaceburg, ON...
  7. let's face it...It's not gonna happen...especially with my luck!
  8. I have seen some Smarties with the chrome MB logo on the back of car...This must be after market...How much and where do I find them?
  9. Good point!
  10. Maybe it's my travel speed.I usually drive at around 115 km regardless (2 lane highways)
  11. long as I am not the only one...!
  12. I bought the smart in mid May...I have probably hit at least 6 or 7 birds since...They just don't move!!!I have had them sit right in the path of the tires and they just sit there until I run over them???Anyone else notice that the bird strikes are unusually more common than with their other vehicles???
  13. Does anyone have any news on the fall $2000 rebate???