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  1. The dealer changed the factory bulb and still didn't work. Ah well I'll just have to take it back and get it fixed. The good news it's still under warranty. Thank you for the feedback
  2. Has anyone encounter this problem. Yesterday, I went to dealership to have the 'check engine' light looked at. The dealership has fixed that problem, but today, my right front signal is not working and the right signal flicker rate is much faster then the left one. I stopped at the dealership today thinking it would be a burnt bulb but they claim it's an electrical problem and will need time to diagnose and fix it. I'm wondering if this problem has to do with the LED bulb change I've done recently. (interior, license plate and park lights)
  3. Anybody understand Italian? Here is a video clip of Italian blooper television show with pro cyclist Mario Cipollini. Not sure what they are saying when the smart car stops on the side of the road.
  4. Yes, it sure was. The final sprint to the finish was exiting.... I predict Cadel Evans will win tomorrows time trial. btw - I think I spotted a smart car parked on the side of the road during todays coverage.
  5. I used a cut/fitted reflective sun visor between the sun screen and the panorama roof and seems to reduce the interior temp about 5 degree C. Another suggestion is a solar car fan that supposed to keep the interior cooler. Not sure if it works but here is the website.
  6. Canadian rider Ryder Hesjedal is in this years Tour. I believe its his first Tour de France.
  7. I vote the 49 HP cdi diesel. 2nd choice would the MHD soft-hybrid non-turbo gasoline.
  8. Accordingly to the Tours organizer, this year's Tour is aspired to be on the cleanest ever. We shall see.... Anyways, I'm also exited to watch the Tour during the next few weeks. ... T.T's and mountains stages are the best to watch.
  9. Spotted a very cool looking 2004 smart roadster downtown San Diego over the weekend.....for sale for $34,995!!!
  10. Looks awesome! I always liked the look of the "tri-spoke" styled rims. Especially on the smart...
  11. While your at it, I've replaced the interior lamp bulb with the same 6LED bulb size as the license plate light. I also replaced the orange parking light to white LED Bulbs. The light appears brighter on picture that it actually is.
  12. Eye candy review by OnCars smart fortwo Part 1: Design
  13. Yes I guessed the bulb number. It should work as long as the bulb is a (12V) 36-39mm in size thanks to "".
  14. I purchased mine on ebay and made sure it was a 12V (36 -39mm) Festoon style bulb. Paid $3.99 + shipping for 2 (6LED bulbs).
  15. ...installed mine today with the Super White 39mm Festoon Dome 6 LED Light 6411......................