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  1. I'm almost exactly 4 years too late to defend myself here but by chance I happen to come across this thread so thought I'd set the record straight. I supplied Matt with the 1st smart reluctor ring and the proper dimensions. The agreement was that we worked together on it, he could sell them on his site and we would sell them on our site and directly to the specialists that we knew. The deal was that we'd get them at a very good price. We ordered some, tested them out for fit and corrosion testing and when we were happy we started approaching the specialists we knew to see if they wanted to buy any. We were surprised when they all said they had been contacted very recently by another company and was sold ABS rings for less than we bought them for. As you can imagine, we were annoyed so sent our plans to a company in Italy who makes helicopter parts. The rings we received were perfect. "Due to our UNIQUE rust resistant treatment, these rings will last the life of the car! Be aware of the inferior untreated (or yellow plated) ABS Reluctor Rings on the market, which are a false economy and will rapidly rust, requiring replacement! We are THE only company who are carrying out this unique corrosive treatment, which is expensive, but essential." CR3+ (or Trivalent Chromium) isn't a unique rust treatment. It's a cheap and easy plating method used by many after market ABS ring manufacturers and OEM manufacturers (unfortunately not smart who use tin plating). "Yellow plated" CR6+ (or Hexavalent Chromium) is a more expensive treatment for 2 reasons. It takes far more work to get it right and it offers double the corrosion resistance. The only plating better than CR6+ is cadmium plating. However, this is overkill as the ABS rings will outlive the life of the car that replaces the car that replaces the smart even if you lived in the sea. Our rings aren't designed to be heated, they are sized to be drifted on or, if you really clean the driveshaft up too much, they can be glued in place using chemical metal or thread lock. This is actually a better idea than the compression fitting of standard ABS rings as it stops corrosion from getting under the rings which can cause them to crack. Heating any plated object will crack the plating. As they say, marketing is everything, it doesn't bother me whose ABS rings you buy as we take no salary from the company. For us it's just a hobby to try and help other smart owners, like ourselves.
  2. How much slack do you have in the wires going to the E-Box?Re-siting it would be an idea, not sure about that particular position.Higher up the bulkhead or under the dash would be my personal favourite.
  3. http://www.evilution.co.uk/electrical/cana...box_failure.htm Any thoughts?
  4. Hi all.This is becoming a common fault so I'd like to put it on my site to warn others about it and include a piece about drying, cleaning and using a spray on conformal waterproof coating like we do on the Roadster SAM units to protect from water.So, if possible, I'd like permission from the people who posted photos to use 1 or 2 on my site.If anyone has a photo of the E-Box in place, that'd help and if anyone has a broken E-Box they could send me, that'd be very helpful. Cheers guys.
  5. Sorry for your loss, he will be sorely missed.
  6. I was tipped off about this new, easy to use and lightweight bike rack that is looking for funding on Kickstarter.com The guy is from Austin Tx, I don't believe he owns a smart but his town has a rental set of smarts and it looks like when he needs a car, he rents a 451. These will work on the 451, 450, Crossblade and Roadster. For $104 (CAD) you really should snap them up. Awesome bike rack on Kickstarter Get in quick so the project is a success.
  7. I had to log in for the first time in a long time to say my farewells, he was a thoroughly nice guy with so many good ideas.He would regularly contact me through my website with thoughts and questions and he was always a pleasure to deal with.R.I.P Bil, the smart world won't be quite the same without you.
  8. I do have a CDI, it just doesn't go wrong. Not to mention you all have a different emissions system to us.
  9. Mine and theres is exactly the same and there is a reason for that, they copied it without giving credit where it was due (they do it a lot).There are no connections on your SAM unit that will disable the ESP in the same way as ours.
  10. There were too many options so we went to Amsterdam instead, turned out a lot cheaper, more money to spend on something I'd enjoy (I don't like holidays).
  11. I had a bit of a major turn around. Was in a 1 room place for a long time, no money or room. That's all sorted now, just about to move into a 17th century cottage with a double garage so that means more room for modding. I've had my 451 since January 2008. I disappeared from here long before the trouble started. I just couldn't get on with the new forum design, it was too busy and I couldn't concentrate. Thanks, I have deleted that page now I'm back.
  12. Evidently Canada is massive, that's why I want suggestions of good things to do in 1 place.Personally I'm not a big traveller, I'd rather go to 1 place and have a load of stuff to do in 1 area.The main reason for the trip is so the new lady friend stops going on about holidays for a while lol.
  13. Some of you may know I had some set backs in the past year but things are getting back on track. My new lady friend said she'd quite like to go on holiday to Canada so I thought, who better to ask than the natives.So guys and girls, where should I go for a 5 - 7 day holiday in Canada and what should I aim to see?It'd also be nice to maybe meet some of you.
  14. I changed mine to a red top many years ago, my original wasn't flat, just did it for the sake of doing it.The car has had no battery problems and happily sat around unused for months and started no problem.
  15. 509T also called T5 assuming we are talking 450.There are 2 bulbs, 1 each side but I couldn't comment on the control of it in the Canadian smart simply because you are the only ones with the E-box, no one else has dimmable speedos on the 450.The LCD lights very well with aftermarket LEDs, if you want to stick with bulbs, a lot of car manufacturers use them in their dashboards of older cars, ask for a pair of 1.2watt.