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  1. all fixed....the service manager said "It was the turbo inner cooler, it was rubbing and caused a leak"
  2. i really like the look of that stated its not really designed for the 450...too bad really...i like the price tag
  3. im not sure...i have no boost gauge....what should i look for?? spoolup speed??i have a broken back, so im not really able to explore this car as i would have liked..
  4. the dealership....they said it was a chafed hose from the turbo...just from those pics, they diagnosed the will be going to the dealer this week, will keep you fellas informed.
  5. my winters have nails in em...they don't leak, and i just plan on running them until they are worn out...tire shop can patch the tire on the inside, make it like new.
  6. i am wondering if any of you fellas have been experiencing oil leaks....mine seems to be coming from the front of the engine, you can't really tell where its coming from when looking from the top of the engine....i have a few pics i have taken and emailed to the dealer...this car seems to have had more issues than most...but im in it for the long run
  7. good stuffthe hills can be killer thats for worth it just for the hill climbing...thanks
  8. i gave up on the critics...they expect a tank like car that gets 100 mpg constantly...OUT OF A SMART
  9. i am going to be installing new summer tires soon...and i will be getting the alignment checked before doing are limited to the contis or bridgestones...are there any other brands?? or will i have to put different sized tires on the front AND the rear of the car( if so what size is the best to go with)??...i must add....i want a more directional tire, for water on the road.thanks in advance fellas, and ladies.
  10. i had seen em on ebay a lot...and another brand as well...the C4u - CRD-Tuningbox...ON EDIT...these come in a remote controlled version too so you have it set up for fuel economy on the highway, ot on a more "peppy" setting???
  11. am i missing something?? i thought i was gonna see a smart getting rear ended
  12. how do the TDC units work??? decent?? worth the money??
  13. pictures for the garage walls??
  14. this is with the stainless steel whip...i have since changed it out for a fiberglass whip, also there is no 6 inch shaft installed to follow on the radio and antenna mounted
  15. hey fellas...i am in the market for a used get rebuilt..anybody have one??