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  1. About an hour and a half, start to finish, to re/re the rear roof section. Looks great, and it's so awesome being able to fully open and close the roof again.
  2. If you follow my earlier thread about removing and reinstalling the rear roof section yourself, Rembourrage Réjean Cameron (450-371-1010) in Valleyfield will replace the window with nearly-identical 30-mil vinyl for about $125. Nice work, and quick turnaround (five days for mine).
  3. Fire risk LOL yeah. I can imagine some day all the bituminous asphalt roads spontaneously combusting.
  4. So do all the dealerships, snookering the gullible... At ten times Canadian Tire's price!
  5. Only bathed the latch in mineral spirits, but may have gotten the creeping spray grease in the micro switch afterwards. No soaking or greasing of the lock actuator.
  6. Noticed on the drive home that the door-ajar light is on, though the dome and console lamps turn off normally. I would've thought the one microswitch is used for both systems, but I guess not. Any idea what it might be? HHS in the microswitch?
  7. Yeah, I followed along in the old thread and just like BigRick, after a night of soaking I took it out into bright daylight, blew it out with compressed air, and saw the little post in the pressed case. It still didn't move on its own but after working it loose and more working it in a mineral spirits bath it came free. Once I was satisfied it no longer hung up at all I dried it out and liberally sprayed every friction surface with HHS2000 and allowed the carrier to evaporate before cleaning the outside of he bracket and reinstalling. Works better than new now. Just like Duck, the most exasperating part of the whole exercise was getting the plastic rivet out of the triangle to partially remove the nose cone. Other than that, removing and reinstalling the handle, mirror, latch and door panel was a piece of cake. Not something one wants to do as "routine maintenance" -- in other words, really bad latch design -- but now I know it's not that tough.
  8. Well yeah. Unfortunately he knows the speed at which things like this are handled, and figures Corporate won't have an answer anytime soon. Meanwhile, tonight I removed the handle, took the mirror and door panel off, and removed the latch assembly. It's actually fairly clean all around. I can't figure out how it works, but no amount of liberal spraying with brake & electrical cleaner is making any other parts move inside the riveted box, and the visible "horseshoe" part of the latch simply doesn't stay locked in the closed position. Playing with the inside and outside handle levers doesn't seem to engage or disengage anything anywhere, as if it's missing another link to keep the horseshoe bit latched closed.
  9. Popped off the outsid handle, cable is fine. Latch is needed seized and not tumbling. I took it to the dealership, Foreman came for a look went straight in to confer with the service manager, and came out with a camera. He took stills and video, and said it was being reported to MB Canada. Then he told me not to hold my breath, tear down the door and clean the latch, put it back together and NOT use the door for the rest of the summer.
  10. Sway bars tend to keep wheels out of ditches.
  11. Well, as CANMAN suggests, I may be barking up the wrong tree. I'll pop off the panels to make sure it's not a snapped cable first.
  12. Opened the passenger door earlier today to give someone a lift, and it now refuses to close. Took a short video and texted it to MB Shop Foreman Neighbour; he responded that I should complain to MB Canada and write up a few nasty Facebook posts. Had to drive home from work at 1:00 am with the interior lights on and holding the door handle to keep from damaging the hinges on our terrible roads. Going to remove the exterior panel in the morning and get to the dealership to show them. I will try to leave it with them and get a 453 loaner...