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  1. We could drive in circles around them while they fuel up! LOL
  2. TFM and I have often thought clear panels would be awesome -- show people what's there!But naked will do! ;-)
  3. You know... it would be really cool to put an opt in announce list for people who want to be reminded of such things, but who forget (like me). LOLOr, you could bump this thread every three weeks or so ;-)Thank you.
  4. Eddy, sorry to hear -- at least no one was hurt. I know the winds have been nuts today, causing traffic mayhem everywhere. I hope that come tomorrow the damage isn't too severe for you. *fingers crossed and all the best*Xan
  5. I'm pretty Zen most of the time, but I find this really helps too. In fact, there are some books I only listen to while driving, so sometimes, if I'm at a particularly good part of a book I actually like it when traffic gets bad.By the way, I sent you a PM... LOL... I've taken long ways to a destination or STOPPED on a yellow light just so I could listen to a little more. I'm so glad I'm not alone. Thanks for the PM.MWAH!
  6. Yeah, they give almost everyone a break on the price (unless you're a repeat offender I suspect). LOL
  7. Hi, Buddha!Ohhh, Lance Henricksen is awesome. Too bad he didn't read Neuromancer! Although that may still be an interesting listen. Thanks!
  8. Duck! Awesome job on organizing the How-To items in one post! You rock. Thanks.
  9. I guess we're just "show-offs" then. LOL
  10. LOL... the one genre I'm actually NOT "into" (exept in manga form, oddly -- see my blurb on Godchild/Count Cain above). I like science fiction (not so much fantasy), non fiction anthropology/history/culture as it relates to Japan, Russia, Egypt and Germany. I'm a bit of a sumbarine nut, as well as WWI flying aces. I love historical fiction as well -- England, Germany, Japan especially. The HBP is my first foray into audio books, so I've no idea if I can expect the same level of quality in other audio books.
  11. I have all 6 books on CD also. I assume you are talking about the Jim Dale version. I have listened to them several times each as well as read the books.Yes, the Jim Dale version. He's quite excellent. I've discovered that listening to audio books completely relaxes me while driving -- in that I don't mind being "stuck" in traffic. I am still very much alert while driving, but remain adversely unaffected by poor traffic conditions (which seems non stop here in Vancouver at times).Once I'm finished the HBP, I'll have to find some other audio books to listen to ;-) Any suggestions?
  12. Those are fantastic!!! What a great idea!!! Thanks so much for your hard work!Love them!
  13. Those are fabulous! Keep 'em coming!Such happy loving members!!!
  14. Danno, that's very funny. I agree, someone needs to write that book. LOL Currently reading: Godchild & Count Cain series by Kaori Yuki (yes, it's manga, but not a story for children) From Publisher's Weekly - "Manga readers with a taste for stylish, delirious melodrama will enjoy this addition to the long-running "The Cain Saga" which also includes the manga series Angel Sanctuary. Late 19th-century London society women swoon at the sight of slender, sloe-eyed young Lord Cain, Earl of Hargreaves. They don't recognize his hereditary burden of melancholy, from which he distracts himself by tracking down dangerous maniacs. He is accompanied and sometimes aided by Riff, his manservant and extremely close companion, and by his doll-like, 10-year-old half-sister, Marie, who serves as an unwitting lure for serial killers. Cain is menaced by his mad-scientist half-brother Dr. Jizabel Disraeli, assassin for a secret criminal organization founded by Cain's monstrously abusive father. The four stories in this volume are thankfully self-contained, each developing from an initially baffling mystery into a frenzy of dark revelations and derring-do, after which Cain is left cuddling Marie or gazing soulfully at Riff. Yuki's stories revel in hints of spiritual angst and kinky tendencies, reinforcing the hero's romantic alienation. Her art is lovingly detailed but dramatically cut, with startlingly odd angles and abrupt jumps from closeups to distant shots; managing to create and sustain a giddy mood in which the absurd action can be convincing and even moving." Currently listening: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  15. Hello, all!This is just a shout out to everyone. I'd like to create new "you've been spotted cards" -- you know, the ones we leave on the windshield's of fellow smarties' cars to tell them about the club.In discussions with DangerDan, we'd like to revisit the idea of displaying pictures of happy smart owners on the front of the card. So... if anyone has any high resolution images of happy smart owners and their cars, please comment here with those images (you can always post a low res image in message for reference and then attach the high res image).Thanks to all!!And a most prosperous 2007 to you all!!!