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  1. Yup, that's exactly what it means. The depot refers to where they're shipped from to your address (we lower our shipping costs by having three depot locations situated where a majority of our membership lies).
  2. Hey folks,Sorry for my absence lately. I've found that no longer having a smart and being on the road 5-6 days a week with my job here in the states has really destroyed my free time. My last job had me in front of a computer 24/7 so I was always on top of correspondence. Now if I'm not in a OR I'm on a plane or behind the wheel (not a smart I'm afraid).I just got an update from Jason at Hemptown. It's included below: It seems a number of delays at our end (i.e. finding the art work) knocked us out of the printing que which we then had to re-enter.The next hurdle will be shipping but with TFM's help (and anyone else willing to help), we will get them out as soon as possible.For all of you who did not pre-order, there will be t-shirt depots in Calgary, Vancouver and St. Thomas (as long as nothing's changed here - I haven't been on the forum lately) with shirts ready to go.Hope you all are well and still driving smart,-smartdawg
  3. Well, sort of. It was done for me for a small fee. The radio is a shocker though - never touched the connection when the front end was off.
  4. When I bought my car from this dealer, the owner, Tom, was so impressed with my CDN spec smart he ordered a bunch of them in from G&K. They're now up for sale (and they ain't cheap - well, by CDN standards anyway). I'm not affiliated with him but he gave me a good deal so here's his website if anybody's interested in a US-spec smart in the Bmore area:
  5. Yeah, yeah, hardy har har. Sorry about the delay guys. The last two orders we did happened relatively efficiently. With this order we had to deal with: A) Me moving to the states (yeah, I prioritized that) Accounting issues C) TFM being over worked D) A new board and a new treasurer getting everything set up. E) And most importantly, CsC ain't a business (we're volunteers, remember?) and we all have lives to look after So, apologies aside, be assured that the order was placed two weeks ago with Hemptown and we'll just have to wait the natural course for printing, shipping, me paying, me being reimbursed, etc. etc. When the shirts are ready, you all will be the first to know! Sorry again for the painstaking delays.
  6. Understood.Good thing we're not a business!
  7. Sorry for the hold up guys but until we know how much extra cash is in the coffers for shirts for the depots, we're in a holding pattern. For those wondering why we don't just get the ones that were pre-paid and then order extras, it doesn't make financial sense. We'd lose cash by paying an extra set-up fee and would also increase our shipping costs. Once the numbers are worked out, progress will be rapid.
  8. Here's one taken while I was down at the harbour front this afternoon. Did I mention she's currently for sale?...
  9. Holy nice exhaust, G! I'm jealous...
  10. I've taken mine in a total of 3 times since the remap and they've never noticed. In fact, it was my sales guy that encouraged me to get it done!
  11. Please be aware that orders for t-shirts CLOSED a week or so ago. However, because I'm such a swell dude, I squeeked you in Annaben. No more orders will be taken until the next batch! Also, for those who missed the cut-off there will be shirts available at the 3 Canadian depots (Vancouver, Calgary, St. Thomas (London)) but will cost an extra $5.00 + shipping to your door. Thx.
  12. I always wondered what you folks were talking aboot when you said 'soda'. I guess it's all a matter of where you live, eh? click it
  13. I haven't driven to Boston yet but fly there routinely. I usually stay at the Copley Plaza simply because it's a beautiful hotel and it sits right in the fancy schmancy shopping and tourist areas of Boston. Definitely worth it for the location alone (and the concierge's name is Jim Carrie but he's really not that funny).
  14. Yeah, like Iian said, "car spotting - world edition". Hope all is well Melissa. Bill - you played at the Bayfield marina? My parents had a cottage up in Bayfield which I used to visit quite a bit in the summers years ago. I wonder if I drank underage to your music? I remember listening to Fox on the Run on my dad's old 8-tracks.... Great bit of blue grass that.
  15. Crazy, eh? Diesel's car is looking good in those pics. As for the guitar, I've played for nearly 25 years and have been in several bands. Karaoke? NEVER! Guitaraoke? All the time. Parties at my old place in London usually ended up with a bunch of drunken off-key singing and some guitar back up. Bill, why didn't you tell me you played bass?! We could have entertained the locals at the Wortley shows.