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  1. Traded it to the dealer.
  2. I will stop by from time to time. Who could stay away from this place? ;-)In the winter I need 4x4 most of the time. We also want to buy a trailer next spring. Good news is that I only drive 300 km per month so I won't be out that much gas. I burn less than a tank of gas per month. Last year I drove 6000 km in total. We do have two cars already. I can't add a third since the smart is not yet paid off for two more years.
  3. Well guys I have been part of the forum for quite a while now but it is time to go. We have loved our smart but we need an AWD so we are trading in on an Xterra. I know, we are the only ones selling a smart for an SUV, and just when people stopped making fun of us for owning a smart and began to admire us. I hope whoever buys it will enjoy it as much as we did. We have attended a couple events over the years, including last year's cruise to Niagra and have enjoyed them all. The people here are amazing! Keep it up!And thanks for the great comminity and info here.peaceJackblack
  4. mine has failed four times in less than 3 years.
  5. 77,000 km and I'm now ready to change them for the first time
  6. makes me want a season's pass
  7. I often get frustrated on on ramps when SUVs go so slowly that I have to hit the brakes. But I do love it when a large vehicle tailgates me on the highway and then I lose them on the off ramp.
  8. Its all good my friend. I'll be sad to see the little smarty go. Spent a few hours with it this weekend cleaning away the grime from winter.
  9. yes, and I know Bill. Should I be more clear? The snow is too high for a non AWD vehicle. Better?
  10. I have to sell the smart because I need a 4x4 where I now work. It is not the smart so much as it is any non AWD vehicle. I got stuck three times in the smart this winter and twice in the Grand Am GT. I found the smart beter in the snow than the Grand Am. Sometimes there is just too much snow for any front wheel drive vehicle.
  11. yikes!
  12. Just do what you have to do. You are awesome!As for us it looks like we won't be making it as we will be selling our smart in july Maybe we will come with the new car.
  13. My absolute favorite is pulling out of a smart sized spot and watching in my rearview mirror as some boat tries unsuccessfully to navigate his way into the spot I left behind. They always do the exact same thing: hit the gas hard and angrily speed away cursing all smart drivers.
  14. I have avoided at least one major collision because of the size of the car and one because of the nimble breaking and handling in a bad situation. I’m sure my 2003 grand am GT would not have allowed me to avoid a high speed crash in that situation. Safe is good – and the smart is safe – but avoiding an accident is superior.