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  1. I've been dealing with an intermittent fuel pump problem for the past two months. The fuel pump would not always activate upon start up, causing the car to try to turn over but not start. After ripping out the SAM module for further inspection I noticed the fuel pump pin on the 11-3 connector was damaged. The inside of the pin had melted, was charred and corroded. Has anybody experienced this before? I was told the replacement 11-3 harness will cost around 70$.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I was expecting having to modify them to get them to fit prior to buying them but was surprised when they went on like they were made for the smart! PN: 76620-S5D-A02Now if only it could rain.
  3. Maybe this is worth mentioning. The feedback seems to mimic very closely my foot activity on the pedal.
  4. I'll be in Italy for 2 weeks starting tomorrow but when I get back I could give it a shot if it hasn't been tested already.-pf
  5. Here is a small video capture I made of the EGR signals. I hope it can be useful. CLICK HERE.0:00 - 1:00 I'm backing out and getting out of my parking lot, 1:00 - 1:20 I'm on a residential street 1:20 - 10:10 I'm on a 80km road, driving between 60km and 80km/hour, with a few soft and hard accelerations 10:10 - 11:37 I'm back on the residential road. Cruising very slowly (~35km/hour) 11:37 - 13:21 Back in the parking lot and idling for a few seconds at the end. Ideally I would of liked to have an elmscan or similar OBD2 reader but unfortunatly I don't own one. I did have a webcam though -pf
  6. Thanks for the quick reply SmartDriver and also to all the work you put into this! I had forgot about the PWM being 12v Peak. -pf
  7. If the ECU only monitors the EGR via the feedback pin why would the bypass circuit need to simulate the 100ohm solonoid with the resistor? I would think that as long as a proper feedback PWM signal can be emulated dynamically according to the Pin 1 PWM signal nobody cares for the 100ohm load. Can anybody enlighten me on this? In a 20 page thread it's easy to miss out on the tid bits.Anyways, here is a suggestion I would like to add to the table. Taking into account that the feedback signals all seem to be low level, a possible solution could be to use a programmable micro-controller. With this, Pulse width modulated feedback signals could be reproduced and varied to a tee according to the Pulse Width modulated signal sent by the ECU. I attached a schematic to better illustrate the idea. For those who don't know what a micro-controller is, think of it as a blank chip that you program (like a software application) to do whatever you want it to. Any kind of chip can be used, in my schematic I used that 12F683 because that is what I happened to have lying around on my desk. These things are really cheap. (under 3$).-Thanks-pf
  8. Seat belt monitoring wire is located under the driver's seat. The circuit is open when unbuckled. The circuit is closed when buckled up. The warning can easily be bypassed by use of a jumper accross the female connector How you wish to do this is up to you. I am not responsible if you go through the windshield in a head on collision. -pf
  9. That's great news FreepJam. Sounds like you might have been involved with the article. Am I correct?
  10. I try to avoid companies that use UPS, DHL and other couriers that charge crazy brokerage fees. When possible I will buy from sellers that can ship using services like Canada Post and USPS and other lettermail services.
  11. Hehe well I meant temporarely, and then whenever you'd get the other pedal you could just swap everything back.If I were them I'd just take a pedal out from one of the cars sitting in the lot.
  12. Just swap the accelerator pedal from the smart you have in storage.
  13. The Sunoco at Hunt Club and Paul Anka Drive has been renovated and now has Diesel and Diesel Gold
  14. I think the driver is trying to get out of a DUI charge by telling the officer he is actually feeling the side effect of having eaten infected chicken (A reference to the Avian Influenza incident in Belgium with chickens aka Belgium chickens).-pf:croak:
  15. I know one old saying. It goes something like this"If God wanted us to use metric, he would have given us 10 fingers..."-pf:croak: