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  1. We wondered why our car wouldn't start right away too, but then remembered back to the diesel golf we used to have. The glow plugs have to warm up before the engine can be started. Leave the key in position one until the glow plug light on the dash turns off (looks like infinity signle or twisted wires) and then it should start no problem.
  2. Excellent! I'm impressed that buying a car openned up a door into this whole smart car sub-culture - it's great We will deffinately try and make the June 7th meetup - Timmy's and smarts, what can beat that?
  3. I noticed lots of people from Victoria on here! We are virgin smart owners who bought our 2005 passion 9 days ago. Who knew such a little car could be so much fun! We are currently prepping for our road trip out to Regina (woohoo what a vacation I know), but are pretty excited to take the smart cross-country (or at least part way). It's our only vehicle and so far we aren't really missing a back seat....and our dog loves the trunk. We have been able to attach a dog seatbelt back there so it's perfect for him. Here is Milo modelling our new ride... Leah & Dan Victoria