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  1. the brabus in hong kong start at 98hp and the dealership can improve on that was at hong kong dealership a few months ago and tried one out wow really quick . have a red and silver carbrio with brabus heat shield s mann air scope in black brabus pedals and trim rings in flat balck to match the door and window switch .
  2. that's good to hear about the long term use of the car my 2005 passion has only 55000 on it i follow the service to the book and wash the car every week in winter take in side and wash in the garage . i put the heater on over night to warm up the garage then wash and dry the car. i have replaced light's but that's normal as they are always on had mb cdn do some in house tuning of the car , but overall they are cheap to run . drive 52 km to work evryday and drove though winter in vancouver except when snow is do deep .
  3. sorry can't make it the fellow is taking that day of to take his spouse in for medical day surgery so can't ask him to change . my wife also had the same day surgery done a few years ago . if you catch it quick enough before it spreads to the rest of those woman parts and follow up then you stand a very good chance to make it though . have a nice day maybe at the german car show we can have more smarts and show those other cars whom has the better car .
  4. sorry can't get that day off somebody else has that day off in the team . 300.00 would have been too much for a day at the track . school is just around the corner .
  5. is the event a go have to book that day off soon at the office . any idea on the price ?
  6. mine pulls nicely up to 115km not sure what that is in mph . i have up graded to brabus by the dealership when they first came out. plus have added k&n and s mann air vent for more air and brabus heat shield in the back and other goodies from the dealership. MB cdn upgraded to a two smaller turbo unit which i find is smoother. after my first service back in 2006 the killed my engine and replaced it with a better unit the whole engine ever part .first turbo unit starts up at 30kph and second around 55kph and sounds great up to 4500rpm then up shift and the fun starts again . it pulls really strong catching many cars off guard at the lights once i get to speed settle back and listen to the turbo sing and the engine go . ah yes brabus power .
  7. welcome to smart they are great cars had mine for 2 1/2 yrs , i have gotten a sun block screen they use them to cover your baby when in the van . they stick to the window and role up when not in use. am putting a visor together that will flip up over the windshield when the roof is open and fold down when closed. sometimes you just need the sun blocked a bit but want the air also. have the roff open if not raining even if a bit cool out.
  8. they are save cars the other day one took out a 4 door jeep. the jeep ran the light the smart hit the brakes just a the jeep hit the front of teh smart . the smart flipped the jeep in the air as it rolled over the tridon shell flipped the jeep a view times really high too . the smart driver got out and helps pull the driver out of his upside down and wrecked jeep. yeah they are strong . had somebody hit me at a traffic light . they where on the phone . wrecked on side of the smart his dodge van was not able to start . the left side was smacked in . i was in the left lane and the driver forgot what lane he was in .
  9. hi drove mine all winter in vancouver even those snowy days around christmas. i have snow tires on steel wheels for the winter to increase the weight . i also put two 15kg round disc from my weight set in the bacl in each of the corners . keep a small shovel . don't have heated seats but find the heat not too bad . once the car warms up i leave the setting on defrost . on the panel all the way to the right then move back one spot. this heat the window and also your feet . you hav eto have boots on and dress for winter . in my van you don't worry it a 4.5 litre motor puts out lots of heat . thesmart goes well in the snow shift up quick get in 2 or 3 and don't get too many rpm on the motor or will spin the tires . hold 2 on the down hills and watch out for the nuts in the 4x4 with summer tires and enjoy driving the car. my route has me going up the hill in new westmister and up to my place near the westwood golf club lots of hills to go up and makes it. stopped to over a 4x4 a ride home last winter when he got his audi stuck declined the drive and had reply . nice 4x4 but summer tires won't work in two inches of snow .
  10. yes you can order them from the dealership they cost about 17.00 each and clip on plus one small screw to attach there flip the other way and become the front ones . i have just the back ones on in black to match the lower body cover was trying to get a photo but can't seem to . i think the photo took this is my car .
  11. hello my name is john and my task is to bring cars to this event to show the public what is out there to view that is good for the enviroment. since 2002 have bee bring the smartfortwo to the event . brought the first one in cdn to the show. this year will be at the art gallery in vancouver june 15 . i have mine an 2005 a workmates 2006 but need a 2008 and 2009 to finish the display. in the past MR would supply the cars but this year they don't have any spare press cars. if any one can spare the day an dwould like to have there car on display please contact my at . the set up for the show starts at 8am and finishes at 3 pm. the cars will be set up next to the olympic clock in the square . it would be great to have one from each year of sale . this trade show will also have the other goverment dept to explain what services they provide but many oue also looking to hire . the govt in 4 to 5 yrs will have a large amount retire and they have started the task of replacing their wokrforce.hopr to hear from you. just a few guidelines since you will be in teh show we would hope that you would behave in an manner be fitting of public display and be polite to the public which will ask you question about your car and may want to sit inside and have a look or get photo of them with the car.
  12. hi am am also new to the club have been with smart since 2002 when i would take the prototype around for the public to view the car and gather info about possible sale and what they wanted in the car . have a red and silver carbio passion with brabus mod and s - mann mods on the car . drive all year even in the winter. have snow tires on steel wheels for winter .