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  1. According to the Customer Service rep on the other end of the 800-number those of us waiting on the list will be contacted no sooner than the last week of December 2007 by a dealer to place our order. She also said that no dealer has been formally announced. According to the email below, after we confirm our reservation via the "Reservation Confirmation Program" we "will receive an official purchase agreement only from an authorized smart USA dealer as the final step prior to taking delivery of your smart fortwo" The Customer Support representative indicated that no one had yet received that "purchase agreement only from an authorized smart USA dealer " Since no dealers have been formally announced. As a side, she also said that she did not know if the notice from the dealer would be email, US post or phone. I haven't seen anyone post their copy of a purchase agreement, nor have I seen posted a copy of a formal dealer announcement originating from SmartUsa, so I'll take her at her word. So, in answer to the original post, and based on what I was told: > How many have gotten the invite to place their actual order? I have to think no one has. Many of us have, however, confirmed our reservations. Matt Reservation Confirmation Email (not Purchase Agreement or Order): Dear <me>, The U.S. arrival of the 2008 smart fortwo is getting closer everyday. The enthusiasm and anticipation surrounding smart has been tremendous and we would like to thank you for being an important part of it from the beginning. As one of the first customers to place a reservation, we are pleased to inform you that we may be able to deliver your smart fortwo during the first ninety days of 2008. For this to happen, you will need to finalize your reservation by verifying or changing your model and color choices, and by adding any options that you would like. It is important that you complete this process no later than October 15, 2007 to avoid any delays in the delivery of your smart fortwo. smart USA has created the Reservation Confirmation Program that will provide you with exclusive access to specify your smart fortwo model and colors, add factory-installed options, update your contact information, and enable you to finalize your reservation. The Program, located at, will also provide you with introductory pricing for your smart fortwo model as well as any factory installed options that you choose. Your personal username and password to access this site are as follows. Username: <> Password: <my.password> Please keep this information confidential as they are the unique ‘keys’ used to customize your smart fortwo. You will receive an email acknowledgement of your “finalized reservation” within 24 hours. Again, please make sure that you confirm your reservation by 9pm EST on October 15,2007. If you fail to do so, delivery of your smart fortwo will likely be delayed. Should you decide not to confirm your reservation, you can request a full refund of your initial $99 reservation by calling 1-800-smart-USA. This Reservation Confirmation Program is not an offer to sell or a purchase agreement to buy a smart vehicle. You will receive an official purchase agreement only from an authorized smart USA dealer as the final step prior to taking delivery of your smart fortwo. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us. Again, thank you for your continued passion and commitment to smart. Kind regards, Dave Schembri President, smart USA
  2. Razorback,I never attacked nor argued with anyone. I still don't know who aphoenix is or why he/she thought I was speaking directly to him/her in my original post. I *did* respond to aphoenix's reply to my post. That is all. I posted to this thread because I too felt like I had not received information that could have been provided over the months. We aren't all like minded - and there's nothing wrong with that. I have said nothing ugly or mean to anyone. I have certainly *not* attacked or even demanded anything. Go back and read my posts more carefully. You stepped into this exchange, which had pretty much already resolved itself, in part to say we should "argue" elsewhere. I don't understand why you would jump in just to fan the flames - to "argue" with me.As for your "Mr. Matt Morrow", that certainly is not necessary. Please call me Matt. Matt Morrow
  3. rrrucke,Please don't lump me in with every other 'folk' in the USA. I've been waiting patiently since 2000.I've waited very patiently since 06:38 AM EST on March 19, 2007.Thanks,Matt
  4. aphoenix,1st: I have no idea who you are and who you do and do not represent.> I don't share much that isn't already public - what I try to do is provide context and background to what is happening. There are a lot of reasons why there is no official smart USA representative here. But, let's be honest - there is no obligation for them to be present and answering all the questions you want answered. + I never said I wanted information from SmartUSA via this Web forum. In fact, informative emails would be preferable.> As for a dearth of news, let's take a look at the latest newsletter, or sales glossy, as you like to call it. + Since I put myself on the list almost seven months ago, I have received a number of newsletters from Smart USA. In all of those communications, the only information that was meaningful to me - a customer - was the registration and confirmation contained in the last one. The rest was targeted at prospective customers others who might want to attend the road show.> There are over 30k reservations right now and a huge number of registered insiders + All the more reason to appreciate a committed customer base.> I'm sorry your disappointed, but I don't know what more you really want. We've taken a lot of darts from people: - convinced the cars were never coming - convinced the original pricing would never be accurate (and we actually came in under what was originally announced - despite the collapse in the dollar vs the euro) - convinced that the dealers would start gouging - convinced that only a handful of big cities would ever see the dealerships yet we have met everything we have promised. We said we would contact customers to start their configurations in the second half of the year, and despite the obligatory jokes on July 1 about why people haven't heard from us yet, that process started a month ago now. We've delivered on everything we promised. And we will start delivering cars the first quarter of next year. Just as we promised. + You say that you are sorry, but the whole tone sounds contrary to that statement. I've been watching and waiting since 2000. I've been an ambassador of the marque to friends and colleagues alike.I signed up just hours after the list became available.It's not me and you. It's us.> You state: 'The information you provide as well as plenty more can and should come from a SmartUSA representative' What information? Why do you think there is plenty of it? And why do you feel it can and should come? Make an argument for something you think should have been announced, and I'll either try to answer it for you, or explain why it isn't ready for public announcement yet. I guess my point is you are making demands for what you want. But just because you want it doesn't mean you can have it. I try to help, I try to answer questions and explain what is happening and what is coming. If my answers aren't satisfactory, I'm sorry.+ I'm not demanding anything from you. I sincerely hope that you are not in anyway officially associated with SmartUSA.If so, my days as an amabassador are over.I will not promote the marque with this kind of deplorable response.Matt Morrow
  5. Hi,Is there a setting that I can toggle where I can see the most recent posts - within a thread - displayed first?Thanks,Matt
  6. Contracts still aren't complete, so no announcements yet. Keep in mind, this is an incredibly complex process that involves dealing with the bureucracy at the Federal level, in addition to multiple agencies in every single state. Automotive sales are highly regulated and the hoops to jump through for launching a new brand like smart would make your head spin. The last time a new brand with an entirely new dealer network was tried in the US was the launch of Hyundai and Saturn, over twenty years ago (Scion and Mini don't count, since they were add-ons to their parent company's networks). But I can tell you everyone is working as fast they can - no one is holding back information simply because they can. As soon as something is known, it will be put out there. As for accessories, details aren't available yet. You have to go to the GB site because smart usa doesn't have final information available. We've only had final factory pricing for a few weeks now - accessories are further down on the priority list. As soon as the details are known, they will definitely be posted online. The information you provide as well as plenty more can and should come from a SmartUSA representative. Information is cheap and can only help promote their product. I hope this dearth of news and progress is not indicative of future customer service.I'm enthusiastic about the car - but sour on the information flow.The monthly newsletter can be more than just a sales glossy for those who have not yet signed up.No excuse in my mind...Matt
  7. What is CW?Where is the PAG/Smart HQ?
  8. I have waited patiently since 2000 for Daimler Chrysler to wise-up (ahem) and bring the Smart Car into the US. Was annoyed a couple of years back when they considered bringing in a four-seater as the intro...No Thanks. Got on the list (as so many others did) on the first day that the TwoFor was announced. The newsletter provided me the basics: set you up with a dealer in the 2nd half of 2007; take delivery in 1st quarter 2008. As a motorcycle guy, I had been content to ride my 2-wheeler and sit and wait for stuff to happen. However, each Smart USA newsletter seems progressively more like an ad for those not already committed (or should be), and conspicuously absent of cold hard palpable facts - especially for those of us already committed (or should be). Sooooo...Smart Gurus and TwoFor extraordinaires.... 1) Who is now the real mfr since the DaimlerChrysler sell out? 2) I know the name Penske from the periphery of the auto world. Who is he? Who is his group? And why is he involved? 3) When? Yes, When will I be hooked up with a dealer? 4) Umbrella? Whose umbrella will the dealer (and service) network fall under? 5) Updates? Any updates of the latest news about when it all becomes a reality? Note that updates don't include glossy brochure coverage of SmartTours, partnering with potato-chip manufactures or sightings of Smarts near Paris (Hilton that is). Thanks! Matt Reserved 3/19/07: 2008 Light Yellow Passion Cabrio with Black Tridion Other Car: 2006 Royal Enfield Bullet Electra X; 500cc of 75MPG thumpin’ fury
  9. Well with the impending purchase of my Smart Car, I guess I'm an out-ed green.Yes, I was a closet green for a long long time. I cared about the environment and man's mandate to govern it responsibly. But, like so many others, I was not about to let the more-politically-correct-than-thou crowd shove their way of life down my throat!I'll do it on my own terms thank you very much!I don't have anything against tree hugging - I just hate splinters.OK, OK, in case you didn't quite get it, all of the above was said in humor. If you find it offensive, please try to forget that you read ever read it. Also, switch to decaf (naturally decaffeinated of course).Beam Me Up Matt
  10. Growing up in the states in the 70's Moms drove station wagons (when they drove at all) - and that was when Dad didn't have the car at work.The thought of 90% of working soccer-moms (or little-league-moms back then) running around in GARGANTIC SUVs and 4WD Pick-ups that require step ladders to enter would have been laughable. Laughed to scorn actually. Times change. BOY do they change. I think that city cars will soon be a misnomer. They will be everywhere, not just the city. I think that in thirty years from now we will look back and say, "Can you believe we drove those things?!?!"; and the Smart Car will be far from the smallest enclosed passenger vehicle running up and down the road. Tiny is the next BIG thing - mark my words. Matt the Seer
  11. Congratulations - looks great!Regarding the 'Just Kiddin' picture, see attached!
  12. Is anyone else torn between wanting to see these things hugely succeed and yet also remain a member of 'the select few' Smart Car Owners Club? (I remember when Miatas and PT Cruisers were unique....)'Lister' Matt
  13. Many thanks for the warm welcome!To respond to a few posts:I'm in Virginia.The Royal Enfield is a gas burner.I too had an MG Midget (which I stripped down to look like and Austin Healey!)If you owned a Tacoma then you qualify as a gluttonous American ;-)I don't know how the color is applied to the body!I think we need a sub-forum topic just for us 'Listers'. We've got nothing to do but live vicariously through the rest of you while we wait...and wait....and wait...Matt
  14. Hi All, Just wanted to pop in and say, "Hello": Hello! I've been watching the Smart Car since 2001 hoping that it would come to the US. I signed up earlier this year as soon as the list was available. Mine will be a Yellow/Black Cabrio. Over the years my co-workers response has generally been negative: "You'll get squashed like a bug" and "Is it safe???" (to which I reply, It's a lot safer than my motorcycle). Funny, now that gas is on the rise a gain and predicted to set new records this summer, people come buy to ask more serious questions about Smart Cars! (I usually explain that it gets good gas mileage, but nothing like my 75 MPG Royal Enfield Bullet ) My guess is that the American era of SUVs (one of which I own, otherwise I could hardly call myself a true American) and gigantic trucks and vans is on the way out. I think the next - and long-lived - craze is going to be city cars. If the Japanese and Koreans jump on the US market - it will be phenomenal. OK, off the soapbox