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  1. Congrats Regina!! Yippee...finally!!! I'm hoping to get my new baby next month. Oooo...just TRY to wipe the smile off her face...yeah...anybody...just TRY!!!Enjoy...and make sure you tell us ALL about it!! Can't wait to hear.
  2. Not working for me either. I think they may just have an unusual amount of traffic...or are updating or something. This IS the week, y'know.
  3. Well, I thought so, but thanks for the confirmation! (Oooo...don't say 'confirmation' to us Americans!!) LOL!
  4. I searched first, and didn't find anything on this. As an option to painting my panels, I've thought about painting the tridion & the other ''black" parts of my new 451. Someone mentioned that the cell is powdercoated, so it may not paint very well? So, I thought I'd go to the professionals...and as you guys!What's the opinion 'round here? Thanks!!
  5. Harleyduo: My insurance agent also needed a I just went onto the thread here that Mike T. has, where he lists VIN's for the USA cars. I just wrote one down, and gave that one to her. She got me a quote in a couple days. I think any VIN will do, as long as it's a USA 451. Try that.
  6. Thanks so much folks! I'm still kinda new at this 'forum' thing, and I'd struggle with searching. So, I'm assuming that if you have the right wheel, that the tires CAN be the same size. That's what I'm getting out of the other thread. Thanks again. Sorry to duplicate.
  7. I apologize if this has been addressed...but what would happen if one would put the same size tires on front and back?
  8. Thanks folks! I thought it was cool, to see how they are made. Yes...I'm getting quite anxious myself!'s been 9 months already! Could-a had a baby in this time. (er...did I really just SAY that??) Well, you know what I mean.
  9. Apologies if this has already been discovered...but here it is. Hmmm...I've never done a link before. Well, anyway...that's the address. Hope it works.
  10. Thanks!! Yes...I've already had a little fun with it at my holiday gatherings. "I'm an international star!" LOL!! My hubby said I should take a copy of the article & keep it in the car; that way, if I get stopped...I can just say, "Hey, don't you know who I am??" Oh, yes...great fun will be had, I can assure you. I just can't get over it...I mean, really. What are the odds?? All of the tour cities...all of the people...all of the possible magazines in Europe wanting to know how us Americans are receiving the car...and there I am. I'm still in shock. But I have a smile on my face!! I can't help but think this will be an everlasting story in the family. My grandchildren will know about this one! Too funny.German men? Don't they ALL just get it for the articles?? (wink-wink)
  11. Yes, I'm trying to think of someone to translate...but you know what? I think I posted this in the wrong area. I just noticed that this is for "regional events." Whoops...sorry. Moderators...please accept my apologies. You may delete or move at your discretion.
  12. Wow...I can't be the only one in this part of the country! There were plenty of people at the tour! Where's everyone? Well...some of you may remember my story of the invitational drive here in Kansas City...when a reporter & his photographer followed me around for a story they were doing for...(drum roll)...Playboy Germany. Well, guess what I got in the mail yesterday?? An envelope from Germany...with a Playboy January edition inside. And guess what? There I am...mouth open in the test drive!! Of course, I'm reduced to just looking at the pictures (LOL!) since I can't read German. It's so cool, because I know the story is about me...german-german-german-Anita-german-german. HAHA!! Anyway...just thought I'd give you an update. It sounded so "yeah, right" at the time!
  13. Yes...KC as in Kansas City. USA Sorry...I forgot what forum I was in! I'll go back to the USA forum.
  14. (insert pouty-lip here)Man!!! Now that's just cruel. I've had mine on reservation since 4/4/07...and probably won't get delivery until March or April 2008. Anyone else want to rub it in, how FAST they are getting THEIR baby cars??? (LOL!!)Anita
  15. Wow...yeah, he DOES really rip it! But I have to commend you, Dan, on YOUR comment! It was logical & fair. Something your average comment-leaver knows nothing about!I agree Gortok...I figured out almost instantly in my first test drive that manual was the ONLY way to go! I think if one has experience with manual transmissions, it's just a natural inclination to drive it that way. Especially when it's in auto & it goes, "MMMMM....pause...MMMMM...pause...MMMM..." ( have to just BE here to HEAR my sound effects! LOL!!) Anita