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  1. Interesting' date=' but I think that is highly unlikely. The Commissionaires have a smart car which is used on the parking patrols in Victoria. The reports I have heard from my fellow Commissionaires is that this is one great car, for safety, economy, ease of parking etc. I know the training officer and most of the office staff for the Commissionaires in Victoria and I can think of no one that would bad mouth any vehicle and its safety record or lack of. I notice here in Lake Cowichan that there is a smart car usually parked outside the local Ambulance Service office. If an Ambulance Driver vouches for the smart with all the gruesome highweay accidents they see, then thats a pretty good endorsement. I think what you were hearing was a bunch of shit-disturbing innuendo. [/quote']
  2. Was wondering where you had gotten to. Welcome back.
  3. Hey there Princess. Welcome and congrats to our new fearless leader. Now get back to your books and pass your Christmas exams.
  4. Yeh I know. Were still proscrastinating. Lets see what 2006 brings.
  5. Sunday night, coming off the BC Ferry at Swarz Bay, we were pacing a white and black smart car down the Pat Bay Highway into Victoria. Licence Hi-Lo. Just to say, the car looked, well, smart, and quite able to keep up with the ferry traffic. Looking good.
  6. Along the same lines. Didn't DC anticipate selling 800 smart cars in Canada in the first year? I just saw where they delivered their 4000th car in the Toronto area. Kind of blows away their own sales projections doesn't it. On another note, I was up in Nanaimo a couple of days ago, having a coffee in the Rutherford Shopping Centre, which is also the temporary home of the local Mercedes dealer Three Point Motors. A smart car is sitting out on the highway advertising Three Point Motors. Also I counted 9 people all checking out a smart car in their showroom. No one was looking at the Mercedes cars. Maybe the powers that be at DC should get off their corporates asses and start listening to the buying public for a change. They are only damaging themselves and the smart car with all this negative publicity.
  7. Hey Didiki - can you find out anything about it from the "Force" down here? I might have to do some recon out on Glandford to see how many they have. Maybe we can get a photo op or something - Securigard has one too - makes sense since most of the time they are buzzing around solo. Old post fellas. I posted on Friday, 09 Sept that the Commissionaires in Victoria had purchased a smart car for their traffic enforcement division. Actually the City of Victoria, purchased a couple of them. The Mayor drives one. I see nothing wrong with the Commissionaires having a smart car for traffic enforcement. It saves money, and is economical as you know. Some of you guys have really got your shit in a knot about getting parking tickets. If you park in a non parking zone, or block traffic, or exceed your parking meter time, then you are going to get ticketed no matter who issues the ticket. You think the Commissionaires are little tin gods, try not paying your parking tickets with Robbins. Those guys are parking lot Nazis.
  8. Bring your brollies. It's been raining continuously since Wednesday, with no let up in sight. Rust is starting to show up under my summer tan.
  9. Well, Lake Cowichan has two stations that both sell regular and super diesel. Esso and Pay-Less (Shell). Prices here are a penny cheaper than anywhere else. Service stations here are not busy at all on a Sunday.
  10. I wouldn't have expected anything less from our resident tekkie. Very good report Mike. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Molly is quite right. There is a park and pool parking lot just off the LC Highway, by the U Turn route. Many forestry workers use it to park their vehicles and take a crummy into the woods. Shouldn't be that busy on a Sunday. Certainly large enough to handle a bunch of smarts. Just watch out for the loaded logging trucks coming down the highway. They are hauling 7 days a week, a truck every 3 minutes or so. Glasslady. I presume you are coming over from Saltspring Island. Why not try the Vesuvius to Crofton ferry, it might be shorter for you. I was over on Saltspring a couple of weeks ago on my scooter. Saw a smart on the road near Ganges. I waved, but got no response. Sorry, I won't be at your brunch next week. I'll see if Blanca can make it. We live only three blocks from the Riverside Pub.
  12. Welcome to the Lake, Marmots. Glad to see that so many smarties will be coming into my home turf on Sunday 06 November. Unfortunately, my part time job with the Commissionaires is every Saturday and Sunday so I will miss your lunch at the Riverside. After lunch, I don't know where you want to go, but there isn't really much to see beyond LC, this time of year. You could take South Shore Road through Mesachie Lake to Honeymoon Bay, where the pavement ends. Or, take North Shore Road, onto the Youbou Road to Youbou also where the pavement ends. Maybe a side trip for 1 km in to see Teleglobe Canada. Huge array of Telecommunication dishes. If you come up to LC on Hwy 18, I would suggest you head back on the old Lake Cowichan Road. You come out on Tansor Road near Duncan, and you can either head North to Nanaimo or South to Victoria. It's a slower road 60 kph, winding but very scenic. Great fall colours this time of year. A side trip to Skutz Falls on the Cowichan River on Riverbottom Road. . Chinook salmon may or may not be spawning yet Have a great trip.
  13. I debated about answering your tirade against parking tickets and the men and women who give them out. But, you know what, Sheriff of Nottingham. You're not worth my time and effort.