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  1. Hi Duck,Since selling my Smart last March - to some friends who already have a high km Smart in the family - I've been driving a 2010 Golf TDI wagon I bought new. I love the car. It is really well finished and free of defects - aside from a recall to update firmware. The fuel economy even for a much heavier, large car, is in the same league as the Smart. I miss waving at other drivers who have the same car as me (there are so many other VWs on the road) .The 2l diesel engine is wonderfully quiet, and there is no black smoke out the rear end thanks to the VW particulate filter. As a matter of fact, the tailpipes are still bare metal on the inside!Cargo carrying capacity is top notch, and the 6 speed manual works like a charm.If you're not considering the car, you may want to put it on your list.Good luck with your car deliberations!Lyle
  2. Hi all,As we now have a weekend place and needed a good hauler to carry our stuff back and forth, we have sold our Smart to some friends. Their 2005 Pulse has over 140,000 kms on it, and they were looking for a good second Smartie. Ours, which had not quite turned 20,000 kms was a good fit - and now Bubble is off to her new home. I can tell you we really had second thoughts - and have never ever identified more with our car than we did with this one.We've ordered and will shortly take delivery of a 2010 Golf TDI Wagon. We chose the Highline model with all the options, except we went for the 6-speed transmission. Although the DSG is a slick gearbox, we like the tactile sensation of shifting our own gears. The new car should arrive next week. The mileage, despite the size and weight of the new car is supposed to be pretty close to what the Smart could achieve - although I've been warned that we won't see those numbers until the engine is broken in. The car is in hot demand here - so we had to pony up with virtually full MSRP here in Toronto :-(We've really enjoyed Club smart car - and plan to stay tuned even though we're not Smarting any more...Thanks to all of you for your kind assistance and advice over the past two-odd years. This is a great club for a great car!BestLyle
  3. Although by the time I got to MB the door for some reason had released and they could open it without forcing it, they took the door apart and changed the lock assembly on warranty. Works good now, but for how long??
  4. Yep... My driver's side door locked and is now jammed shut. Off to MB today!
  5. I had same thing happen about two months ago, right after the car had been in for an A service. The three lights came on one morning and would not go off, despite several restarts during the day. I called and made an appointment to bring the car in, and, in the interim, disconnected the SGII. The next time I started the car, the lights went off, I plugged the SGII back in again, and it's been fine ever since... One of life's mysteries, I suppose...
  6. Awww... Does the serial number on the vehicle identify the colour code? Most car's serial numbers do. If you're planning a technically correct restoration, it'll have to stay white!! I know it's pure self-interest, but there, I've said it! Seriously, Mike T, it looks and sounds like a great project and a worthwhile choice of vehicle.Best of luck!Lyle
  7. Hi Mike T,Thanks to your post, I discovered this thread, which I guess I didn't see when you first posted it. Your 404 is a beautiful car. I remember Peugeots when they were in Canada in the 60's, but don't ever remember seeing one like this. It's gorgeous, and I hope you post some more photos as your restoration progresses. I'm a big fan of white cars (my 240SX is pearl white) so of course I'm partial to the paint on yours...Lyle
  8. Hi all,Some time ago, I remember reading that the covered rear wiper arm from a curren VW Golf would fit the rear of the Smart 450 Coupe. I'm sure I wasn't dreaming it, but I can't seem to find the post with the VW part number. I'm sure I've seen it before.Having now installed Bosch Aero wipers on the front end, and I promise not to make another shameless plug for FastEddy (but boy are they great!), I'm now trying to find something better to replace the stock rear wiper arm and blade, which chatter and make quite a racket.Can anyone point me in the right direction?Lyle
  9. I've been using it since I got the car. Everyone's happy...
  10. Welcome to the new addition!I hope that you're also planning to give the interior a trip to the spa! The former owner appears to have had poor hiegene habits Winter won't be dull.Keep us posted on your progress!Lyle
  11. I'm running Vista Ultimate 64 bit, and at this point, I don't see any real compelling reasons to upgrade - especially considering the high cost. I'll wait until my next hardware upgrade. Aside from minor system changes, some user interface eye candy, and of course built in touch screen capability, I'm not aware of any compelling justifications for the cost of the upgrade (at least over Vista anyway).I think given the age of your current computer, it would be a better idea to go for a new computer with Win7 pre-installed.... Or you could get a Mac ;-)
  12. Not sure if this is your issue or not, but my Smart developed a squeak that sounded like it was somewhere under the passenger floor that happened only on shifts. When MB road-tested the car, they found that the fuel line had for some reason gotten tensed, and was rubbing on something as the engive rocked back and forth as it normally does under strain.The fix was to remove the belly panels and the fuel tank and redirect the fuel line. The problem hasn't been back.Not sure if this is the sound that you're hearing, but I thought I'd mention my experience all the same.Either way, best to have the dealer look at it.
  13. Glenn,I'm really sorry to hear about that. How pointless!I would use the insurance funds to purchase new panels. One of the good things about the Smart is that the panels can be replaced - so aside from the Tridion, the repair is a fairly straightford one. Nonetheless, it's upsetting and it's a huge waste of time!Lyle
  14. I agree with you, and that strategy has worked for us with our two other vehicles - which we maintain well and keep in old age. Where it all falls apart is when the needs change and the vehicle is no longer suitable. We'll soldier on for another year with the Smart, which fortunately is a good car with no problems and we'll see what awaits next year. Maybe one of those wagons will turn up on the used car marketplace all nicely depreciated and ready to buy!
  15. I would avoid Smart in the future if I were you. I was planning on trading my 2006 Passion in on a new VW Golf TDI wagon, and all that the dealer was prepared to offer was $6,000 for my car, which is a cream-puff with less than 18,000 kms on it. They would not put it on their lot, and the prices were from the wholesale market. The low prices on the newer Smarts have resulted in very poor resale value on the earlier vehicles. I paid in the region of 20,000 for my well-equipped Smart, which has depreciated by more than half in two and a half years. Had I bought a VW TDI, I would have been in much better shape. Instead, we have decided to hang onto the Smart for at least another year, and basically "drive it into the ground" as it's intrinsic value to us exceeds its market value. Other factors in our present life also played a role, but all the same, it's sad, given the fact that it's a great little car. Sorry not to be more positive...