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  1. Duck I'm 6'5" and can't sit in a fit to find out of I have enough leg room or not. There isn't enough head room for me to twist around and try my legs. Yet I fit fine in the smart fortwo, mini cooper, New Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Passat, C30, MS3.... but in the Accord, Camry, Civic, Fit... I'm cramped and seriously uncomfortable....
  2. I hate that we can't import the CDi or in all honesty I would buy your smart fortwo. I adore that color combination... if only...
  3. This is straight from the 451 owners manual...
  4. It also wasn't supposed to sound anywhere near that smug.... oops.
  5. The tuning worlds great debate lingers on and on and on and on and on... into infinity and beyond!!!People continually shun my Hot Air Intake on my 1.8T saying that it robs horsepower but repeated dyno runs and real world data using a Vag-Com show that it does indeed make additional hp especially when you start increasing airflow in other areas such as the intake manifold, head, exhaust manifold, turbo inlet pipe, down pipe and exhaust. I have done all those things.Initially I saw a 5% gain on the dyno and a 6% real world gain. Close enough to not matter and in fact could be attributed to change in air pressure outside temp or any number of other variables. Now after extrude honing the head and manifolds. I put the stock intake and associated plumbing back on so I could see just what those modifications attributed to the grand scheme of things and then ran another few runs with the Hot Air Intake. Again noticeable gains but this time in the order of 9%. That can't be written off to just environmental conditions. Again the community moaned and groaned that my findings just could not be accurate and that if I had tried a true cold air intake I'd have seen even greater results. Next came a new turbo , down pipe, larger cat and cat back exhaust. I once again did the back to back runs comparing stock and the HAI. This time I saw a 15% gain showing that the stock airbox was indeed a very large restriction. They moaned more and groaned harder and volunteered a CAI for me to test. So I did... I showed a net loss of 1% ie... so close to stock as to make no difference. They said it was rigged or I was lying. I gave up and just decided that physics are great than man. ;)On a turbo motor it is more important to cool the air AFTER the turbo than BEFORE. The turbo will superheat the air to extrodinarily high temperatures. So high in fact that 10* to even 100* at the intake will have zero affect on that end temperature. On a naturally aspirated car a true cold air intake that can charge cool the air and make more than a couple degree difference will in fact make a substantial difference but only if your computer is programmed to take advantage of both the increased quantity AND increased density. The stock system has a programming wall set up and even if you dumped sub zero air into the intake it won't make a bit of difference since it can't take advantage of the increased density and in fact it may very well actually reduce power because the system can't increase timing enough to burn the fuel properly so you get a computer scrambling to get a complete burn and actually backs things off so now you are getting worse mileage and less power. Obviously not an ideal situation on a daily driver. For daily driving I suggest just getting a freer flowing intake that can increase the quantity but still keep the air warm enough to keep the computer happy. Tom aka Fowvay P.S. I hope this made sense. It's 6:16am and I have been up all night fighting yet another case of insomnia so I may have rambled just a little bit more than usual.
  6. I love this site the most out of all the smart sites out there. However I do wish it intigrated the lower 48 a little bit better. I feel a little left out of the social aspects of this fine forum. That's it really.... lil less Canada and a little more North America.
  7. I'm a used car buyer as a general rule. I like that I can go after the very top of the line vehicle for less than what a new base model goes for. This isn't quite as true on the Mini or the smart fortwo. In fact the resale value on a pure is higher than a passion straight from the factory so guess which way I went when I placed my order? I checked off every option block and am eagerly awaiting my lil smart.
  8. First choice Diesel.Second choice. 84hp Turbo.
  9. All that work and you didn't paint the gas door?
  10. I understand the geometry and reasons. I just want a stiffer rear bar to remove more of the understeer. I don't like plowing through corners and yes I find those limits all too low even on the 451. I want a faster reacting suspension with higher limits. I have spent 7 years fine tuning my New Beetles suspension by adjusting spring rates, dampners, anti roll bars, bushings, camber plates etc. I finally have it at a very neutral spot where I can drive the car with the throttle and brakes in the corners using very small inputs to balance my way out. I'd like to have those same options on a 451 but alas the aftermarket has not caught up to my rather aggressive needs. I know it's utterly absurd to most of you but I actually want to be able to auto-x my 451 on the weekends but to be anywhere near competitive I first need to overcome a few factory designed hurdles. Defeating the traction control is number 1 on my hit list. Then I'll be able to dial in the understeer/oversteer balance using a combination of tire width, bushings, springs and sway bars. I'd love to get this thing a lil tail happy but will settle for neutral or at the very least LESS understeer.
  11. That was pretty cute.
  12. I sincerely appreciate the effort but I would like to make two suggestions. Please post individual auctions for each item instead of stating ''Three in Stock''. It provides the consumer with a more reassuring shopping experience when they can click with confidence knowing they are buying the item pictured. Which brings me to my other suggestion. Larger more detailed pictures of the actual items. If you are posting stock photos because you lack a digital camera I suggest you purchase an inexpensive one off ebay and shoot your own. Other then that I love that you're providing this service it's just a shame that all this stuff is way way way out of my price range. I hope those prices start coming down as competition and after market goodies start trickling in from more than these limited sources.
  13. You are running 195/50 15's on the front with the stock front rims? Did I read that correctly? If thats true.... then.... Oooo that opens up some really good high quality tire options.
  14. I wish the CDi was legal in the States. I'd so buy it.
  15. I'd reiterate the point that has already been made. Not all bio-fuels are created equally. We are just now in the beginning stages of discovering bio-fuels. The processes and sources are so numerous that citing a singly example or even a few examples is really unfair to the entire concept or idea. There have been several very effective solutions suggested in the past involving algae based bio-diesel. Algae does not require soil to thrive and only requires a very minimal amount of water. However the two biggest advantages are that it has an amazingly short maturity cycle and has the highest oil density of all plant matter. Algae is also a much simpler plant requiring a lot less effort to remove the oil with considerably less waste. I cannot quote the exact ratio at this moment however if I recall correctly an acre of algae grown above ground in glass stacks yeilds something akin to 100x the bio-d compared to an acre of soy with substantially less waste product. This may not be THE solution but it certainly does bring to light a new and exciting possibility for the future of the automobile. Unfortunetly there (as of yet) does not exist a method to produce the same amount or quality of gasoline quality bio-fuel. However I imagine that in the future there will be an alternative. The next leap will be to be able to replace lubricating oils with bio sources ... that one seems much more difficult in my opinion.Tom aka FowvayPS... yes I realize I stated only one source of bio-fuel...
  16. This is only relevant if and only IF your diesel powered motor has a mechanical fuel distributor. These require the fuel to lubricate the mechanisms and keep the seals plump and happy. An ultra low sulfer diesel will not provide the necessary lubricity so you will need to run an additive or switch to bio-diesel to be able to keep driving. Examples of vehicles that fall into this category are older MB diesels such as the old 300Ds, Pre 1997 Volkswagen Diesels, Quite a number of merican' pick up trucks including some pretty modern ones and almost all semi trucks. Your CDi does not require an additive to use ULSD in fact it will only benefit you as it will help keep the EGR valve from clogging and keep your intake and exhaust manifold cleaner for much much longer. For the smart it is nothing but a win win situation... older cars it can be a very expensive lesson indeed.
  17. Saw this in the Canadian brochure and thought it deserved a seperate discussion.When I drove the euro spec 451 my only real interior complaint was that my knee kept trying to knock the shifter to the right and out of gear. This will solve it perfectly!
  18. Only the bravest or most desperate would dare enter a gas station bathroom. Now they are sparkling clean. That's one change I don't mind. I do however miss having a corner do it all station.
  19. Let me start this off with just a little bit of a back story. My very first childhood memory is of me climbing into the back of a brand new Red with cream interior 1970 Volkswagen Bug. I can still very clearly see myself reaching up for the grab handle, stepping on that running board, smelling that unusual (and to me seductive) VW smell, feeling the unique texture on the vinyl seat and hearing the fweeeeeeep of that glorious lil engine. I bought a 74 Super Beetle to appease my need for an old bug and had a pretty good time restoring it but in the back of my mind was that lil 70 gnawing away. I got into the water cooled scene and quickly put to rest those ancient, archaic, unsafe and noisy lil relics from my past. That was untill I joined the Org and starting meeting people addicted to both air cooleds and water cooleds. I started becoming obsessed with the idea of owning an air cooled myself but since most of them have gone to the big junk yard in the sky (at least around here) I satisfied myself with day dreaming and looking at pics of other peoples air cooleds. That was untill April 2004 when one of my wifes coworkers started chatting about "The Bug" and how she has no idea of what to do with it, now that her Dad has passed away. She had encouraged her Father to buy it for her and in turn restore it but after he passed on she didn't have the heart to drive him anymore so he just sat outside for 3 years. Well I of course volunteered to step in and help her to sell "The Bug" (Her name for him). He was pretty rough and neglected after sitting outside for 3 years but he still had a ton of potential and the big selling point to me was that it was a 1970. Finally here was my chance to make that childhood dream come true. So after some quick negotiations and some transferring of money. "The Bug" came home. Don (Don_and_Herbie) eagerly offered to assist me in the restoration process (i.e. he spent the entire summer wrenching on the little guy) The first day we started to dissasemble the little guy it occored to me that "The Bug" was more of a last name (like "The Grouch") so I started to call him "Oscar The Bug". We spent day and night wrenching on him, painting, ordering parts and finally after 3 months he became the pretty lil bug you see in these pics. Thanks for all the hard work you did for Oscar, Don. Thanks Mom for the use of your garage and cough credit card. Tom aka Fowvay [*]1641 Single Port [*]Bosal Pict 30/31 Carb [*]15X5.5 Chrome Steelies [*]185/65 15 Pirelli P400 tires. [*]Blaupunkt Nevada Head Unit [*]2X6.5 Blaupunk speakers (front) [*]2X6X9 Blaupunkt speakers (rear) [*]Ralley seat (drivers side) [*]Bugpack shifter [*]12.5 inch wolfsburg sport steering wheel [*]Corvette competition Yellow paint [*]electronic fuel pump [*]other wise bone stock Pic 1: During the "all metal" restoration. Pic 2: The pan with it's first of 2 coats of RustBullet. Pic 3: The pan all buttoned up, new running boards etc. Pic 4: Inside the fender well. Pic 5: Interior coming along Pic 6: Sitting in the Park. Pic 7: Cruisin' Pic 8: Front View. I still have a few things to finish up. Like finishing the spotty undercoating job I did. Installing a new carpet kit and a couple of pieces of engine dress up pieces. However other then that he is pretty much done. I've put about 3000 miles on him in the last two summers and he has been a tremendous joy. Hope you enjoyed. Cheers! Tom aka Fowvay
  20. I'd love to see the percentages of SUV drivers who actually go mudbogging. Same kind of argument...-Iain Yup... exactly.
  21. Ok... so how is that not the truth? It is capable of much more but that is it's intended mission in life. Anything above and beyond that is a bonus. We all know it can travel cross country, haul lots of stuff and even pull a trailer. Much in the same way that a Ford F450 can be used to commute to work in rush hour traffic.Just because it can do it doesn't mean that was or is it's intended purpose.
  22. It's not that we are ignoring Canada we just don't think it exists. It's a nice fairy tale much like the stories of Santa Claus.