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  1. OK I love this have read it each day this week. yes I am still here and a little slow, but keep up the good work. I haven't found anything profound yet to post. Sadly tardis has been sucked into the black hole other wise known as Jakes workshop where he tardis not Jake is taking a long rest. Thankyou for breathing some life back into club smartcar Karen
  2. oh we were really hoping we would be able to come. but our daughter decided to celebrate Easter on Sat. since we have two daughters one has every one for Thanksgiving the other Easter and I do Christmas it has become a tradition. Hope you will understand, have a great time and Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary oh darn now that song is in my head. Karen &Jake
  3. ATTENDING MEMORIAL ---------------------------- 1 - Bill 2 - Ron & Dot 3 - Dave & Lu 4 - Liz & Glenn 5 - William 6 - Ralph 7 - Don & Janet 8 - Karen & Jake 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 -
  4. Oh this is sad news just read it today Please pass on our condolences to Alberta and we will certainly try our hardest to attend a memorial. We really liked Cliff and he will be missed Karen and Jake
  5. WOW have a safe trip, can't wait to see the video/pictures it sounds like so much fun
  6. Please add Karen and Jake for some unknown reason we couldn't add our names.
  7. Sign up: 1. Liz & Glenn 2. Bill 3. Brenda & Nigel 4. Dot & Ron 5. Steve & Tori 6. Wild! 7. William 8. Alberta & Cliff 9. Ralph & Monica 10. Dave & Lu 11. Phyllis & Terry 12. Candi & Bob +2 13. Todd 14.Karen & Jake 15.
  8. As long as you aren't retiring we love hearing from you! Wait... I heard you had an engine stolen!... sorry I didn't catch it sooner not trying to hijack the thread. Karen
  9. Thanks for posting this...so pretty....and sunny warm... drool.... Karen
  10. Oh, so sad, our condolences, Karen and Jake
  11. Yahoo Dillen good for you good for your company, keep in touch remember if we can help with any embroidery, shirts or jackets let us know, you will get the club discount, see you when it slows down a little. Karen and Jake
  12. We coming but in the Journey, Tardis is still not on the road, can't wait to see everyone. 1. Alberta & Cliff 2. Bill 3. Ish 4. Ron & Dot 5. Liz & Glenn. 6. John 7. Karen and Jake 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  13. of course more the merrier I think we will be there will know for sure Friday
  14. Hey where is the London meet for Sept. and when? we have a bunch of shirts done and thought to kill two birds type of thing and deliver them that night. but has no one arranged any thing? Karen and Jake