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  1. My smart is here. 516 days from reservation to delivery. Or 16 months however you want to look at it. Too long in my books. Didnt expect it the next month after reserving but a normal wait time of maybe a year would have seemed more normal to me. But whatever at this point.No email from smart.No 30 day notice from the dealer.Just got the call from the dealer saying "sorry for not returning your calls from the week previously however your car came in today".I was honestly surprised. Happy and relieved but worried. Happy the wait is over. Worried with the credit crunch and the "economic collapse" that they would not qualify me for my long awaited smart and I would come home empty handed with just plain bad timing. Filled out my application, ran my credit score, no problems, they tried to nail me with a higher % interest rate but negotiated a better rate based on my credit score was better than good. Got a full percentage rate lower, gave my down payment I had saved for and brought her home within 2 hours of my scheduled appointment start time with the smart dealer. Very nice people and I was just happy to see my smart shined and filled up with fuel. Checked for scratches and defects and blemishes etc. Nothing I could spot. Went for a test drive with the dealer to show me how to operate everything. Was a little overwelmed with all the goodies and buttons etc. All I could say is WOW. What a world of difference from test driving at the road show and putt putting around the block to driving my own smart without the limitations etc. This smart can really move. Ive been easy on her for break in purposes but the dealer showed me how it could drive and I was honestly surprised at the performance of my little smart. Amazing. So far I put 92 miles on her on day 1. Im very pleased with my purchase. I Do not regret anything I added at configuration time. Glad I didnt settle. The only thing I might question is the extended warranty I bought for peace of mind. The only reason why was the price and the "Exceptions" to what they do not cover that I read on the contract which I will go into later here on the regular boards. Not too terribly worried since its fully refundable and pro rated should I want a refund. But very pleased with the fit and finish of the car and the drivability and performance of the smart car. Wanted to let everyone know I picked her up on Saturday and my wait is finally over and now maybe I can participate in the boards and having something to talk about here other than dreadful wait. Ill post some pictures of her. Youve already seen smarts but I feel proud to have taken a chance on smart and happy with my purchase.Thanks for reading and allowing me to vent and share my experience.Tim
  2. Just got the call from the dealer. I think it might be in. Ill keep you posted. No 30 day notice, no email no nothin? Amazing.
  3. Thanks guys. Mike your story still always gets me about the 908 wait. I thought my 550 days was bad. In comparision to others here in the USA my 550 seems crazy. I dont think anybody will ever top that wait of yours Mike. Nor would I want anybody to wait that long. 1 year should be about the normal time to wait in my opinion. Smart USA just seems way inconsistant with their reservation holders to geographical areas. Wish they would have said something like this when I reserved or when I test drove the smart at the road show. At least then I would have known going in that It will be 2 years to get a smart. I probably would have then just waited for a fully loaded orphan. Seems like there is enough of them if one is willing to pay the premium for the have it now syndrome. They way Smart pitched it was we would start getting them in Jan (which they did) and it would be delivered by reservation (which they did but failed to tell us about geographical areas). Leading you to believe first come first serve. Nice to see people still look in the USA area of this website. Guess I will have to start participating in the general areas once my car is here and I feel like I actually would have something to chat about.Talk to you soon guys,Tim
  4. It's been a while since I participated on this board. Kind of lost insterest in participating with no smart to talk about. Not feeling sorry for myself just thought I would let you know I check by every now and then and looks like a ghost town in this section. Im within 60 days of my final DDE from smart and no news. No emails, no phone calls nothing from smart or the dealer. Called serveral times to check in and they dont have any news or VIN or anything on me as of yet. Looks like this will be a real 18+ month wait from reservation to delivery. Lesson learned. Should have bought a smart orphan and been done with it. This reservation first come first served is bull and only works if your in a non populated city. Terrible to wait almost 2 years for a car. I feel like a fool for the wait and buying into the launch of the car with the smart tour. Still look at the car and love the car and want the car still but the experience of waiting and watching others take delivery long after those reserved a year before is a little heart breaking and F'd. Its ruined the buying experience for me and the "fun" of buying a new smart car. Thought I would say hi to everyone and keep you posted. Im sure many others on here reserving around the same time as myself or earlier could still be waiting. Even after the delivery date comes in my opinion, no it will not be worth it in the end after almost 2 years wait. The car will be great and fun to drive and save on gas but the pain of everything before hand leading up oto delivery will not be forgotten trust me.Hope everybody is doing great. Talk to you soon,Tim
  5. Heres my advice. Make your reservation and forget about it all together. Dont think about it, dont dream about it, dont look at smarts at the local dealer, dont partipate in the forums about deliveries or DDE etc. Make your config and then really forget about it. Dont look at the DDE site. This way you have no expectations whatsoever. Its a long wait my friend depending on where you live can be an eternity if you visit this board alot.Sure the car is worth it and probably be a real blast to own and drive. But the wait is torture.Tim
  6. YEAHH!!!!!!!! Amazing. Good for you VinceS. Im thrilled that somebody from this site and forum are got one. Sweet. Post those pictures dude! Enjoy your new ride.
  7. Thats pretty good delivery time for you. Still too long but glad shes almost home to you. Post the pictures when you get her.Tim
  8. I found out today by calling and starting to snoop at my local dealer since my 1 year anniversary is this month to find out what the scoop is. What I feel is a bottle neck in Smart So Cal Deliveries. Dealer says they are only getting 40 smarts a month and 30% are being orphaned and people are not picking up their smarts right away. They still feel the DDE is correct as far as the first part of DDE is more likely your delivery time frame. However they feel that there is no reasoning for the way smart is handling deliveries. They dont understand it and they cant make sence of any of it. Right now they are delivering smarts for people who reserved in April 07. Which isnt that bad considering only a 13 month wait. However they have no clue for me and my May reservation. Said strange things happen all the time. 90 day eta delivery call goes out and then next week the guys car is in. Cars come in early for some and others have to wait much longer than others with no reasoning as to why etc. They tried to give me some gleam of hope but I wasnt buying that false hope.Tim
  9. I think this is very sad news to me about Smarts delivery to the USA not being a priority. I would at least hope for equal priority to the world supply.Very bad news to me. Thank you for sharing.
  10. 15-20 per month in Virginia is not very good anywhere. Gonna be along wait if this is the reality of dealerships.
  11. I know the boat ride quantity of smarts, how many ships inbound and the dealer delivery or pick up/trucking thing is my only thing missing for my guesstamate to semi-accurately pinpoint delivery times. Perhaps the people who have new smarts can look at the door jam and see when the manufacture date was or if it even says it and then tell us when it was delivered. I wonder how close this would be.
  12. I've been coming here every night since I joined and commenting in areas that I felt compelled to contribute something to. However it seems that nobody is around here anymore posting in this section. Seems like as soon as the smarts were being delivered in the USA everybody jumped ship and bailed out of this section. Kind of sad to me about this forum. I know not everybody has taken delivery of their smarts yet so I don’t know where everybody went. I am still waiting for my smart and probably will for quite sometime. Don't quite understand smarts delays with delivery and why they are doing a non first come first serve delivery deal with the reservations.Here are my thoughts and please don’t blast me if I’m completely off. This is only me thinking out loud based on what I’ve read and seen on Youtube from smart executives etc. I don’t know maybe somebody has already done the math like this in the forum. Probably needs to be done in some kind of spreadsheet and then reposted like Ohio Smart does his magic with the reservation codes here. Here is my best estimate.25,000 smarts scheduled for delivery first year at least that’s what I was told or heard from Penske group (PAG) at the beginning of all this craziness.600 smarts per day being built and out of 600 smarts per day 200 are for the USA customers 400 for the rest of the world.200 smarts per day being built each day x 5 days a week = 1000 USA smarts ready to ship each week.1000 smarts ready for shipment each week + 1 month boat ride (How many Smarts fit on a boat ride?) (How Many Different boats ship smarts?)4 weeks per month (some months 5 weeks) = 4000 USA smarts made each month ready to ship 1 month boat ride on ship give or take weather condtions, pirates, refugee boats, drug runners and US Coast Guard etc. 2 approximate weeks for customs give or take the drug/bomb/contraband sniffing dogs. (Estimate Based on my Customs Experience)6 weeks total from France completed smart to USA any port and ready for a truck ride to the local dealers.1 week at dealer to prep and service car and make sure good to go and call potential buyer.7 weeks total time from France production completion to USA dealer delivery by truck.8 weeks worse case scenario and to give them the benefit of the whatever I’ve missed factor. :)1000 smarts per week, 4000 smarts per month + 8 weeks delivery time.25000 smarts manufactured for the USA divided by 4000 smarts per month is 6.25 months total build time for USA smarts. Lets say 7 months.7 months total build time for 08 USA smarts.Next equationPeople who live in France get about 8 weeks off for holidays and summer breaks etc during the year. 2 months off! Mandatory got it.(Wish I lived there now looking at this timetable)First smarts delivery here in the USA was January 15 here at my local dealer or close to it. They were here at customs the first of January.Counting backwards now. January delivery - 2 weeks customs, 1 month boat ride, = 6 weeks puts us at November 15th 2007 these smarts were being loaded at the port in France. Just a guesstamate. 25 weeks manufacture time for 25,000 smarts made for USA and construction started for the 08 model back in 07 but for the sake of this thread lets say they started in September even though they were taking reservations from us as early as March 07 correct? Minus holidays, gearing up for the new model from 450 to 451 etc and using the ramp up to production effect. I am sure we can fine-tune this. But here is my best guess.August 0 smarts France Summer BreakSeptember 1500 smarts = Holding at smartvilleOctober 1500 smarts = Holding at smartvilleNovember 4000 smarts = January Delivery according to the above time tableDecember (Holidays?) 3000 smarts (from earlier production from Sept-Oct?) = February Delivery January 4000 smarts = March deliveryFebruary 4000 smarts = April deliveryMarch 4000 smarts = May deliveryApril 4000 smarts = June deliveryMay 4000 smarts = July deliveryJune 4000 smarts = August deliveryJuly 4000 smarts = September delivery FINAL DELIVER FOR 08sAugust France Summer BreakSeptember start over for 09 451 smart production startsSo why is there such the hold up in delivery and why such the long wait and so many delays for a regular delivery time frame for so many that reserved early in the program?Anyway that’s my two cents for the USA smart group.Please don’t blast me this is just my thoughts on an accurate timetable for delivery for us still waiting and what the major malfunction seems to be.Tim
  13. OMG. I think Im gonna puke over this story. After all this time waiting, hunting, pining for your smart. This is the outcome?U N R E A L! Amazing to me how this happends. Surely the wife must have given you signals about buying it when you reserved.Note to self: "Listen to your dad Tim, Do Not Get Married, Repeat, Do Not Get Married!Im sorry for your loss.
  14. Hey this is cool.You can get one of these super great air compress cars in early 2010.If you place your $99.00 reservation of your smart today you can get your Air Compres car that doesnt even have a plant yet before smartcan deliver yours. NICE!
  15. Yup,This is the crap Im talking about and preaching about since they started delivering. If it wasnt your brother nobody would care or believe you like other reservation holders that you hear about or read about that reserve after you taking delivery. It makes no sence at all to me at why they are doing what they are doing. Ive given up trying to figure it out and throw my hands up in the air. Whevever my smart gets here it will get here. I just hope executives read these blogs and forums about the level of frustration reservation holders are going through. I ultimately dont think people would mind waiting if it was truly first come first served. But its not anywhere close.