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  1. Makes me feel as id USA and Canada are 2nd rate to Europe? I suppose only time will tell when and if they come over here to NA.
  2. Yes welcome to CsC.
  3. They are about $5.00 USD here at the MB Dealership. I heard a rumor that they were going to discontinue those stickers for one that just said Mercedes in script.
  4. Nice pictures. Do you live on a hillside?
  5. Local MB Dealership.
  6. Since my 08 smart Passion is still new, 2,800 miles on the clock I didn't want to run it bone dry but with 0.4 gal flashing I went to the petrol station and filled it up with exactly 8.7 gallons. I do fill it slightly more than the first auto shut off but not as much to where it is sitting in the top of the gas cap area. In my opinion it is an 8.7 gal tank including reserve with any extra in the filler pipe which looks to be about 0.4 to 0.5 gal. I suppose if a person REALLY wanted an exact quantity the best way would be to remove the fuel tank completely and manually fill it with a calibrated graduated beaker to say precisely how much the fuel tank holds.I don't think it would be good to run the car past 0.0 for ANY length of time. Just think that 0.0 is 0.0 fuel left and start looking for a petrol station when it starts flashing 1.0 gal
  7. I talked to a company about tinting a 451 with v-cool but the price for me was prohibitive at $399.00 USD.
  8. I come here almost every day but don't post everyday. I read what interest me then move on to SCOA and other smart forums "do the same thing there". Yes I agree that it seems to me that SCOA is more commercially and monetarily orientated and yes it does have more active 451 base of people. The forum at SCOA is more restrictive in it's setup for it's membership and offers perks when paid for 'there' that I get here for free. The best thing that I can say about CsC is that it is for people who truly love the smart for what it is and a friendly bunch of folks who are always willing to help other smart enthusiasts with no strings attached.A lot of information can be found here that is related to the 451 and at SCOA members are basically going through the same growing pains and enthusiasm that members of CsC did. One thing I would like to see changed here is the forum structure between the 450 and the 451 I'm not sure what that change should be but I do think a change is needed.I like it here at CsC it's just more like 'Home Sweet Home". Now if the 451 population came here then......
  9. How low does the fuel gage have to read before you get the low fuel light or some kind of how much fuel is left in the tank indication? I have gone as low as 1/8 of a tank (last rectangular black bar) on the display.
  10. Like Mike T I also carry a spare front tire and I'm 5' 7" so I can put mine behind the drivers seat.
  11. Yes it does actually have a pleasing design. Something I wouldn't mind driving.
  12. I'm on the Orphan List at my local smartcenter Dealership and I had gotten a call 25Apr08 around 9am EASTERN USA time from the smartcenter Virginia Beach VA USA and the Dealership Manager ask me if I wanted a Blue/Black Passion and I inquired as to what options the car had as he replied that it was the Passion model with NO other options. On the Orphan list you can specify what "preferences" you want in an Orphan or depending on how desperate you are just take what comes along. My reserved car was the same colors but with ALL options so I thought for a moment and told the Manager I would have to pass on the Orphan offer because at this particular dealership they ask you two times if you want the Orphan that they have available then they continue to the next person on the Orphan list and this was the first call for me. I was number 18 out of 125 people on the list. I sent the Dealership Manager an email as to the exact options that I was looking for as well as my reservation number xxxxxx1243 and what type of vehicle that I had reserved and about an hour or two later he had called me back saying that my car was on the boat!!! Fate maybe I don't know but in a way I'm glad that I chose not to take the offered Orphan and in the process made someone happy down the list. I tried to find out more information so I could track the boat but my Manager could not find the VIN number and I read in another thread that it takes a few days from when the boat leaves that the VIN number "pop-up's " in the dealers super secret 'smart' computer once the boat has left France or whatever port they leave from. I suppose I'll hear something more in a few weeks and hoping that I'll finally get the smart that I've been wanting since I reserved 29May07. to reiterate from another thread and hopefully they don't mind me reposting that if you are trying to track your smart it can be done here: http://www.2wglobal.com/www/wep/index.jsp Tracking a PO number- choose 'Cargo Tracking' then ' Customer Reference Number' Make sure you include the initial zero (ie 0570170000) If you click on 'Cargo id ' (which is your VIN - by the way) you can get more information. Tracking a "stock" number- apparently this is just another version of the PO number. ie 5721331. Remove the initial 5 and add 05701 on the front instead, this should be your PO number. Tracking by VIN number- choose 'Cargo Tracking' then 'Roro cargo' and enter your VIN number. The 'Customer Ref. Nbr.' is your PO number. Tracking a ship by name- choose 'Schedules' then 'Search by Vessel' If the vessel has a 2 word name just enter the first or you get an error message. Oh, and by the way, your number probably won't register for a couple of days after the ship sails. So don't panic.
  13. I do not like it.
  14. To thread starter: Not a realistic comparison without calculating all costs.
  15. small update pun intended. soon oh so very soon... I went back to the smartcenter VirginiaBeach on May 23, 2008 to purchase some accessories. I was told that the date of arrival changed yet again to the 26th of May 2008. Evidently as I know from driving semi trucks in the past, sometimes it's difficult to predict exactly when the driver will arrive at it's destination but also from what I have been told is that once you get a date from the smartcenter dealership it is pretty accurate so... any day now. I will post pictures of my smart soon after I put all those accessories on it and it is ready for public display and then I hope to coordinate some activities with fellow smarts here in the HamptonRoads area and whomever else would like to attena some sort of smart get together. Stay tuned.
  16. I feel sorry for anyone should have to pay that much for insurance.
  17. UPDATE Cargo Status History Cargo Id : WMEEJ31X88K152397 Booking Number : DEBRB646825 Bill Number : MEF813BAL02 Vessel: TAMERLANE Port of origin : BREMERHAVEN Voyage : EF813-TLE Port of Destination : BALTIMORE, MD Priority : Customer Ref. Nbr: 0871610555 This information includes the status, status dates, and location of cargoes during transit with WWL and does not indicate availability of cargoes for delivery. Status Port Time(dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm) BOOKED BREMEN 28/04/2008 11:05 RECEIVED AT TERMINAL BREMERHAVEN 09/05/2008 11:03 LOADED ON VESSEL BREMERHAVEN 09/05/2008 11:04 DISCHARGED BALTIMORE, MD 19/05/2008 00:00 Spoke with smartcenter VirginiaBeach personnel on May 22, 2008 and was told to expect vehicle at Dealership ETA to be Jun 03, 2008.
  18. Thanks for the reply. All of the dealers and pictures I have queried here in the States have the mats with the smaller logo but I want the larger logo. Perhaps FastEddie or you Steven could ship them by Greyhound as an alternate cheaper shipping method?
  19. Anyone happen to know if Steel Wheels from a 450 will properly fit on a 451?
  20. Thank you. I was afraid of that.
  21. Really looks good. Great idea.
  22. Well if I were to go retro my only choice would be either the Nissan Figaro http://www.figarocarsales.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LVygiVFvBo OR Nash Metropolitan http://www.allpar.com/cars/adopted/nash-metropolitan.html NOTE: Nice looking 1961 black one.