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  1. Here is the option that I will do on front and an illuminated plate on back with the same style of installation that is on the front. http://www.gominigo.com/NHLPB-Smart.html
  2. http://clubsmartcar.com/index.php?showtopic=9903 POST#19 & #20 are DEAD links.
  3. Count me in.
  4. Although I'm not a professional in tires I would say that if you are riding around on a tire that has ANYTHING in it other than what is supposed to be there there is the possibility of tire failure or catastrophic tire failure which could lead to an automobile accident. It is my recommendation to either fix it yourself if you know how or take it to a tire shop and have the nail removed and hole plugged.You didn't indicate that you had any type of tire damage / wear warranty coverage commonly referred to road hazard warranty here in the States so I'll assume that you don't.
  5. I'm sure that when they release the cruise control that the demand will outstrip supply. I had already placed my order there also but unlike you I negated to post the info here , sorry about that. Like you I'm also awaiting the cruise control and will happily use it everyday back and forth to work 30 Interstate miles each way.
  6. DEAD Link http://www.clubsmartcar.com/index.php?show...9?p=86939#86939
  7. Bravo well done.
  8. I'm not sure I follow your logic. Your saying that we should buy it for $500+ for the footwell lighting then try and see if it works???
  9. Very good point. I was wondering what information a person has to supply to a Dealership so they can provide me a VIN number of my car that is 'on the boat'? any help or information would be appreciated.
  10. Welcome to CsC and looking forward to your next pics.
  11. Perhaps Duck's size... the tranny said 'whoa' I'm gonna need an extra 0.4sec
  12. For a small amount of money 35 CDN and if you were smart and made copies for your own personal use then personally I would have shared the valuable smart knowledge with the smart community instead of one paying person. This way everyone would be able to benefit from your generosity.
  13. You have a nice site. Unfortunately here in the USA I haven't seen this level of dedication to the potential customer base by Dealership personnel. The only downside that I could see might be the constant updating of inventory that wil be required and as such does take some time. Other than that it looks GREAT.
  14. yup... didn't last very long.
  15. I was told my my local smartcenter Dealership Manager that all their smarts come in a fully enclosed trailer. I don't know how big the truck is but they have been only getting at the Dealership in Virginia Beach, Virginia USA only around 15-20 each Month.
  16. Thank you. I have yet to dl and see the video.
  17. hmmm...
  18. I personally never will purchase a factory extended warranty from a Dealership but that's just me. I have read alot of information about the warranty from another forum and the basic consensus is that the smart warranty is really not that great. I would shop for a third party warranty. If you would like to see the smart warranty paperwork a person did scan their paperwork and I have a copy of it on my server found ftp://smart:@a.servegame.com/ in the smart pdf files folder and the pics are numbered smart_warr_1.jpg through smart_warr_5.jpg As a comparison I would look at that and then a warranty company like http://www.warrantydirect.com/ Hope this helps.
  19. My other car has rain sensing wipers and I find that they work well and I like them. The entry and exit delay that the lights are a nice safety feature especially if you happen to be going to your car at night and want to see inside your car BEFORE you get in. Heated leather seats are nice in cold or cool weather.
  20. Overall I'd say that it was good but the door opening was bad.
  21. I'll assume that several factors were/are involved like number of vehicles per area, dealers per area, reservationist per area, yadda, yadda, yadda... I did notice the reserve number 1243 that Schmimbo has... I also have the same number (1243) and his and my estimated delivery dates are pretty different. See my signature for further info.
  22. Sounds like a very nice ride. Will make someone a great car. I've seen some pics of the grandstyle that your talking about and to me they look unique. Good luck with your sale. (If I only had the spare cash lying around collecting dust...)
  23. Updated my signature to reflect Due Date.
  24. If a person breaks the law that has been enacted by their government whether fair or not is no reason to take the law into your own hands. Either change the law, break the law or abide by the law and if you get caught then you deserve what you get! No remorse from me.
  25. I have spent hours HERE